“Groves has managed to evoke a sense of material indulgence—luxury even—within a frame that is spare, lean, and economic. It is a sensibility that has earned him ample recognition.”

Akiko Busch, Wallpaper*

Groves and Co. combines a fresh modern aesthetic with sophisticated materials and luxurious finishes—bringing together the best of contemporary design, comfort and style. This dramatic combination produces sophisticated, elegant environments infused with warmth and ease.

An effortless assemblage of architecture, interior design and art creates unique settings that reflect each client’s taste, vision and individual needs.

Our talented team and collective knowledge transcends the conventional boundaries of design and construction; close interaction with engineers, artisans and craftspeople generates both innovative methods and exceptional results.

Our wide-ranging expertise creates a cohesive vision that begins with intelligent planning and culminates in a visually dynamic experience—endowing each commission with timeless beauty.