Quip Toothbrush Review

Cleaning your teeth is supposed to be something you can do blindfolded, but converting that statement into actual practice is easier said than done. Electronics company Quip has come up with one of the more unique and innovative ways to approach the market and test customer loyalty with the introduction of its new electric toothbrush. It is affordable, stylish, and comes with a nice array of features that will surely appeal to users and make their oral health routine that much easier.

What is Quip?

Quip is an electric toothbrush brand that packs a variety of useful features into a stylish yet affordable package.

It separates itself from other oral care brands by focusing on convenience and simplicity to help users build good oral health habits. 

Quip does this in several ways:

  • Comfortable and attractive brush you want to use
  • Timer to encourage effective brushing
  • Cordless, non-rechargeable AAA battery that lasts for three months
  • Gentle sonic vibrations and softer bristles for a gentler clean
  • Convenient subscription service — New brush head and battery delivered every three months, plus options for other supplies as well
  • Smart Brush rewards app 

In contrast to other electric toothbrush brands, quip toothbrushes are designed for both style and convenience. 

The toothbrush is smaller than competitors, making it travel-friendly. The complimentary travel case also doubles as a holder that can adhere to mirrors and other flat surfaces, saving counter space.

And while some other brands can look clunky, the quip sports a sleek, minimalist aesthetic, making it welcome in any bathroom (or on Instagram). It’s also available in a variety of colors, with both plastic and metal models.

For those dissatisfied with conventional electric brushes, the quip electric toothbrush is a stylish yet affordable alternative.

How Effective are Quip Toothbrushes?

Quip’s toothbrush has a Seal of Acceptance from the American Dental Association. This means it has been proven to reduce plaque and prevent gingivitis.

Complete Review of Quip Products

Based on our research, here are the products NewMouth recommends from Quip:

1. Quip Adult Electric Toothbrush

quip Adult Electric Toothbrush - Sonic Toothbrush with Travel Cover & Mirror Mount, Soft Bristles, Timer, and Metal Handle - Silver
Power SourceBattery Powered
Age Range (Description)Adult
Handle MaterialAluminum

Quip Adult Electric Toothbrush is designed to help remove plaque, prevent and reduce gingivitis symptoms, and whiten teeth. With the Q-Swift flex brush head, the Quip is the safest electric toothbrush to use. Not only is this toothbrush more effective at removing plaque but it also has a 2 minute timer that signals the end of each brushing cycle with a gentle tone so you can stop when your complete. (The soft brush head prevents brushing too hard too often.) It has 30 second pulse times which are a timed combination of short bursts of intense vibration (called pulsed sonic vibrations) to clean deep into teeth. It has a 3 month charge that works great on planes or in cars and once charged lasts for up to 3 months. You can even get the Quip for travel because it comes with an adjustable travel case with room for accessories like charger, travel case, and toothbrush head replacement.

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2. quip Kids Electric Toothbrush

quip Kids Electric Toothbrush - Sonic Toothbrush with Small Brush Head, Travel Cover & Mirror Mount, Soft Bristles, Timer, and Rubber Handle - Pink
Age Range (Description)Kid
Handle MaterialRubber
Target AudienceUnisex-Kids

Quip’s electric toothbrush comes complete with a battery and charger. It’s a smart, safe alternative to toothbrushes that use more harmful chemicals. If you worry about your kids putting their mouths on electrical cords, this brush hopefully makes that less of an issue. It also comes with 2 brush heads which allow you to replace the bristles when necessary.

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3. Quip Adult Smart Electric Toothbrush

quip Adult Smart Electric Toothbrush - Sonic Toothbrush with Bluetooth & Rewards App, Travel Cover & Mirror Mount, Soft Bristles, Timer, and Metal Handle - All-Black
Power SourceCorded Electric, Battery Powered
Age Range (Description)Adult
Number of settings1

Today we will be talking about the quip Adult Smart Electric Toothbrush. The quip brand is a subsidiary of Colgate-Palmolive and was Founded by Alan Nederlander, who was inspired at the ripe old age of 5 years old by his uncle.

Throughout his childhood he would first use the toothbrushing mitt that was provided with the grocery store toothpaste and then later on in life, after going to college using his family’s dental hygienist as a model. He also started working with zen ideas, such as “simplify your life” and “simplicity is key.” This has led him to creating the quip brand.

During the process of development, they continue to develop new features such as this vibrating massaging feature that allows you to start your brush with less effort. This is what makes it the best toothbrush for those who have trouble starting a brush or those just getting into it for their whole life (you know, millennials).

It also has a pulsing mode that gives gentle pulses twice every 10 seconds. Quip has been a well-known leader in the toothbrush market for many years now and that speaks volumes about its quality and efficiency. You can learn more

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4. Quip Adult Electric Sonic Toothbrush

quip Adult Electric Toothbrush - Sonic Toothbrush with Travel Cover & Mirror Mount, Soft Bristles, Timer, and Plastic Handle - Blue
Power SourceCorded Electric, Battery Powered
Age Range (Description)Adult
Handle MaterialPlastic

Quip Adult Electric Sonic Toothbrush has three basic functions: cleaning, whitening, and massaging. Its sonic vibrations help remove plaque from hard-to-reach areas of your teeth. Its no-pressure oscillations and two-minute timer let you brush for two minutes, before the toothbrush automatically beeps to signal you’re finished. The toothbrush comes with three attachments—a small cleaning tip, a small whitening tip, and a medium oral irrigator/massager tip. These all fit on Quip’s unique handle, so you can treat each part of your mouth individually.

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5. Quip Electric Electric and Travel Cover Mount Toothbrush

Quip Electric Toothbrush - Green Color - Electric Brush and Travel Cover Mount - Frustration Free Packaging
Power SourceCorded Electric, Battery Powered
Handle MaterialPlastic
Number of settings1
Operation ModeSemi-Automatic

The quip electric toothbrush gives you all the features teeth need (and removes the gimmicks they don’t) to make better brushing simple and affordable. It’s one of the first electric toothbrushes accepted by the American Dental Association and is proven to help remove plaque and help prevent and reduce gingivitis. The lightweight, compact design features sensitive sonic vibrations and a built-in timer with 30-second pulses that guide an effective 2-minute routine. quip includes a convenient travel cover (that doubles as a stand and mirror mount) and a slim plastic handle that’s waterproof and shower-safe. The soft-bristle brush head is powered by a single AAA battery that lasts 3 months (no wires, no clunky charger).

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Comparison of the Quip, Philips Sonicare, and Oral-B

The biggest differences between quip and Sonicare or Oral-B electric toothbrushes are the power they offer.

Quip uses sonic technology pulsating at 15,000 vibrations per minute. The lowest tier of Philips Sonicare brushes start at 31,000 vibrations per minute, and more expensive models top out around 62,000 vibrations each minute.

Oral-B is different, as an oscillating brush (it spins rather than vibrating), but boasts 22,500-48,800 rotations each minute (depending on price point).

Quip has only two brush heads and they are exactly the same except for size. Conversely, both Sonicare and Oral-B offer a large variety of toothbrush heads for different use cases that are compatible with most or all of their brushes.

Finally, quip sticks to just one design in two sizes — its features and style are identical between the sizes, and there are no “upgraded” features available for a larger price tag.

Sonicare and Oral-B offer “premium” toothbrushes that cost up to $300 with features like Bluetooth connectivity, charging travel cases, multiple brushing modes, and more.

However, while many brands of Sonicare and Oral-B are approved by the American Dental Association, their lowest tier brushes at the same price as quip are not ADA-approved. Quip’s $25 model is ADA-approved.

Quip vs. Other Electric Toothbrushes

How does quip compare to other electric toothbrushes? Here’s how they match up with other electric toothbrushes around the same price point.

quipSonicare DailyCleanOral-B Vitality Pro 500Arm & Hammer SpinbrushColgate 360
Brush TypeSonicSonicOscillatingOscillatingSonic
Starting Cost$25$25$25$6$7
Vibrations per Minute15,00031,00022,5003,70020,000
Battery Type1 AAA2 AARechargeable2 AA2 AAA
2-Minute TimerYesYesYesNoNo
Brush Head SubscriptionYesYesYesNoNo
Brush Heads Available2ManyMany31
Available on AmazonNoYesYesYesYes

Quip’s price is higher than two popular budget brushes, the Arm & Hammer Spinbrush and Colgate 360, but on par with the Philips Sonicare DailyClean and the Oral-B Vitality Pro 500.

At 15,000 vibrations per minute, quip is in the middle of the pack compared to similarly priced models, which vibrate anywhere from 3,700-31,000 times per minute.

Quip is the only electric toothbrush in its price point that’s approved by the American Dental Association.

Quip vs. Other Toothbrush Brands 

Quip is designed around convenience and accessibility. You can brush your teeth with a quip toothbrush using the same technique as with a manual brush. This is often not the case for electric brushes.

It also features a subscription service that provides replacement brush heads, floss, toothpaste, and batteries every three months. Essentially, buying your dental care products is one less thing you have to think about.

How Much is a Quip Subscription?

The subscription can run anywhere between $5 and $55 every three months, depending on what’s ordered. The big-ticket items seem to be the gum and mouthwash, which cost $20 and $15, respectively. 

For a replacement brush head and battery, the cost is $5. Adding floss and toothpaste to that brings it to $15. 

If you order a starter set of a large plastic brush and toothpaste, it’s $10 every three months.

Pros and Cons of Quip Toothbrushes


  • A lot of features for an affordable price
  • Attractive and intuitive design
  • Travel-friendly
  • Lower frequency vibrations are ideal for electric toothbrush newbies
  • Timer ensures good brushing habits


  • Tongue scraper on back of the head not as effective as other brands
  • Manual toothbrushes are cheaper and just as effective (as long as you practice proper technique)
  • Adult brush head is somewhat on the large side which may be uncomfortable for smaller mouths.

FAQ’S: Quip Toothbrush

Is the Quip toothbrush any good?

The Quip toothbrush tends to get an especially good review from those who, above all, require their toothbrush to not only clean your teeth but also look good while doing it.

Are Quip toothbrushes soft?

Yes, and for two reasons. They have silicone bristles in between their normal bristles—silicone is a very soft plastic material. These brushes use very gentle vibrations to clean your teeth.

What’s so good about the quip toothbrush?

If you’ve never made the leap to electric brushes, Quip is a good starting place. The brush is easy to use, looks nice in your bathroom and doesn’t require charging. It works well to clean your teeth, gums and tongue, and it’s inexpensive.

Is Quip good for receding gums?

I have receding gums, and using this brush has improved their health markedly. My teeth feel clean and smooth all the time. My teeth are whiter, and my breath is fresher than when I was using a manual. There are many varieties of the Sonicare toothbrush; I own the Diamond Clean Classic.

Is Quip good for sensitive gums?

Something that interested me about Quip was that the bristles vibrate, instead of rotating like traditional electric toothbrushes. The vibrations still help break up plaque but are easier on the teeth and gums. Several of my patients reported less sore gums while using Quip.


There’s no doubt that Quip has a sleek design, but the toothbrush doesn’t really stand out from other manual brushes we’ve reviewed. It’s average when it comes to the cleansing experience, and its electric counterpart is underwhelming as well. Moreover, although we love the packaging – it looks great sitting on a bathroom counter – we found that the handle tends to break fairly easily…which is true of the regular brush as well. So if you’re looking for an effective toothbrush, Quip isn’t it. Once again – perhaps this will change in the future, but for now, Quip seems like a missed opportunity. More research is clearly needed in this area.

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