West 90th Street Townhouse New York

5,500 Square Feet

This landmarked nineteenth-century townhouse, located on the Upper West Side, was re-envisioned as an intimate, yet glamorous salon of cultural and social exchange for a third-generation family of art connoisseurs.

A study of opposites, traditional architecture juxtaposed against an exceptional art collection, is carefully balanced through the use of a blissful warm palette, rich textures and iconic furnishings. Rooms overflow with works by visionaries such as Picasso, Basquiat, Leger, and Klos–mingling together in striking accompaniment.

The entry level is conceived as a gallery, and reveals the main design motifs used throughout the residence–significant works of the 20th and 21st centuries are displayed in an almost casual fashion. A more formal, yet decidedly comfortable living room, houses an assemblage of mid-century furnishings designed by Knoll, Prober and Robsjohn-Gibbings alongside modern sculptural pieces by Jeff Koons and Matisse.

Leading to the master suite, the third floor hallway features an array of modern, abstract and surreal works centered by an artisan glass globe chandelier. Over-scaled paintings–hung salon-style–are housed in the subdued bedroom, nestled in a lush palette of silks and velvets. A vintage Danish modern bed, Robsjohn-Gibbings table and custom faceted sofa, give the room a sense of sophistication and distilled comfort.

On the upper floors, the home undergoes an architectural shift. Sleek transparent glass railings mark the children’s level, brimming with colorful furniture and brilliant pieces by Matisse and Picasso–emblematic of the spirited theme. The fifth floor hosts a cozy family room injected with lively textures and upholstered pieces, emphasized by a bright blue felt rug, rare angled Dunbar sectional and aerodynamic Herman Miller chairs flanking the fireplace.

The end result is an exemplary combination of sophisticated ambiance and carefully exhibited artistic sensibility, culminating in a welcoming family home that has been brought to life through flawless execution.

West 90th Street Townhouse New York