Scarpetta New York

2,300 Square Feet

Excited by the unique combination of rich textural materials contrasted with retrained modernism inherent in the work of our studio, Scott Conant, well-known chef of L’Impero and Alto, approached S. Russell Groves to design his new restaurant Scarpetta; he saw in our work the perfect complement to his vision –  “Urban Milan meets Tuscany”.

Located on the edge of Manhattan’s uber-trendy meatpacking district, the space reflects Conant’s honest and personal approach to Italian cuisine: equally grounded in tradition and modern interpretation.

This theme of old versus new is echoed in the design through unique custom panels located in key areas. Thin slices of aged, tawny beechwood veneer are sandwiched between sleek sheets of clear glass.  The contrast of the warm wood and the cool glass is further highlighted by backlighting the materials to create a sparkling divider.

The first of two distinct areas, the front café features a long mahogany bar and seating for twenty. The bar itself, a turn-of-the-century antique, was ebonized to give it a contemporary edge and topped with classic white carrera marble. The sleek marble is repeated on the floor, and is offset by soft white-washed brick, reclaimed wood paneling, and mercury glass pendants, which add a silver glow.

The main dining room features a retractable glass roof offset by warm rough hewn timber beams. White cork, used in a random grid pattern, is complemented by elongated ochre-hued banquettes and period inspired adjustable light sconces. Taught wall mirrors are hung by orange belted straps that add an industrial note and splash of color.

Finally, a network of small, dim bulbs, used both in glass framed box fixtures and individually, reflects their glow in the panes of the skylight and cast a soft twinkle upon the scene.

Scarpetta has been featured in New York, Elle Décor, The New Yorker, The New York Times and The Daily News. In addition, it made its television debut on Reservations Required, on October 9th, and was featured in the October issue of Esquire, “Best New Restaurants of 2008.”

Scarpetta New York