Kors Residence New York City

4,500 Square Feet

Internationally renowned fashion designer Michael Kors and husband, Lance Le Pere turned to Groves & Co.  to assist with their sprawling New York City Penthouse, marking the fifth project the client and firm have completed together.

The discerning clients desired a casual formality; “that tug-of-war between practicality and indulgence, comfort and rigor” – a tall task, but one perfectly achieved through the deft use of restrained detail and rich materials, that provide the space with a lush warm feel.

Stepping off the elevator, guests enter a compact vestibule that immediately leads to an expansive entry hall, lined with iconic fashion photography, a rare Charlotte Periand daybed upholstered in a degrade charcoal linen, and Hermes leather side tables.

This hall forms lynchpin of the residence: both linking, and concurrently, separating the public and private sectors with the artful use of oversized sliding doors—employed throughout the space, these doors allow for an open loft setting, while permitting the owners the necessary privacy with the ease of a simple touch.

Opposite the entry hall, a symmetrical framed doorway opens to the generously expansive living room; high ceilings and lush furnishings, both restrained and opulent, create a soothing and sophisticated salon. From this stately tableau,  three pair of French doors open to the outdoor terrace—offering spectacular views of lower Manhattan: the Freedom Tower, the Statue of Liberty and Atlantic Ocean, all beckon creates an elegant formal procession.

Personal touches and trinkets from far off travels abound throughout, including the powder room, a delightful surprise, showcasing vintage Polaroids of the scintillating days of Studio 54 and 1970’s New York social life.

The master bedroom suite carries the theme of the house—not unlike a presidential suite in a modern luxe hotel, it is replete with an intimate siting room, library and home gym. The adjoining spacious closet is outfitted with bespoke floor-to-ceiling cabinetry and holds the couples’ capacious wardrobe. Finally, the master bath houses a monolithic marble tub centered on a large picture window, framing views of the West Village below and the Hudson River beyond.

A combination of clean and simple, yet opulent, touches of warmth and texture, was used throughout the Penthouse to achieve a high-flying, yet down-to-earth style—one both luxurious and earthy.

Kors Residence New York City