Coach Madison Avenue New York

6,500 Square Feet

This flagship boutique, located at the base of the prestigious landmark Fuller building, occupies New York’s premier retail corner at 57th Street and Madison Avenue. A clean, modern space, it combines a dramatic spatial sequence with crisp detailing.

Inspired by the 1940 industrial aesthetic of Coach’s original factory, SRG sought to update their retail image while maintaining the brand’s position as a classic American leather goods house. In addition, new display standards and techniques were required to address the needs of the expanding range of additional merchandise categories such as home, watches, and accessories.

To create a seamless juncture between the store’s three levels, a 20’ x 20’ section from each floor was removed. The resulting triple-height atrium links the entire scheme with a dramatic sixty-foot tall light-filled volume. Spanning the complete height, a textured white glazed brick wall creates a dramatic backdrop for product display.

Finally, stainless steel, ribbed glass, concrete, and end-block wood flooring, as well as indigenous American materials such as milk-painted pine, and mahogany, were employed to provide a modern yet nostalgic vintage touch.

Coach Madison Avenue New York