Mouthpiece Toothbrush Alternative Reviews

There are many types of mouthpiece toothbrushes on the market, including mouthguard toothbrushes, full mouth toothbrushes, and 10-second brushes. Easy to use due to its size and shape, the electric brush only needs to be inserted into your mouth and left there until the brushing cycle is completed. Dentists and doctors also use the mouthpiece toothbrush because of its simplicity and because it is an effective alternative to brushing teeth. This brush has nylon bristles that are exceptionally soft, won’t tear up gums, and are positioned so that they reach all sides of the mouth.

Since the mouthpiece toothbrush is a relatively new invention, many people are unsure whether it works as well as a regular electric toothbrush. A mouthpiece toothbrush is very expensive to the matter of price. so, we created a mouthpiece toothbrush alternative reviews guide so that you can choose from it.

Our Favourite Mouthpiece Toothbrush Alternative

Top 10 Best Mouthpiece Toothbrush Alternative Reviews- 2022

1. V-White Electric Toothbrush Adults 

V-White Electric Toothbrush Adults - Ultrasonic U-Shaped Toothbrushes for Teeth Whitening - 360° Mouth Cleansing, Hands free Gums Protection - Wireless Charging & LED Light - Waterproof IPX7 Certified

This Electric Toothbrush for Adults features an ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip and a toothbrush head that is angled to clean your teeth effectively. It has a U-shape brush head which enables it to clean and whiten your teeth 360 degrees even along the gum line leaving you with a refreshingly clean and healthy mouth. The brush head rotates 31000 times/min, drives away plaque on teeth surfaces and gums, and provides a deep cleaning in your mouth! 

Why Choose it?

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40,000 VPM Smart Toothbrush: The V-White Smart removes 300 percent more plaque along the gum line than a regular manual brush and brings your teeth to an amazing polish. It’s specially designed seals and gaskets make it water-tolerant so you can easily switch from brushing to rinsing mode, giving you a much deeper clean.  

Long-lasting Battery: This superior, feature-packed toothbrush is designed to meet your needs. It’s equipped with a long-lasting battery and fast wireless charging and can be used for up to 10 days on just 30 minutes of charge time. The advanced brush head is capable of properly cleaning every surface of your teeth as well as orthodontic braces.

IPX7 Waterproof: The U-shape brush head is equipped with 40,000 micro-brushes and soft bristles that protect your teeth, gums and health. IPX7 waterproof design allows you to use the electric toothbrush in the bathtub or shower at ease. It’s a good choice for people who wear braces, have implants, or who lost their teeth.

3 High-performance Brushing Modes: “Strong” mode is designed to scrub teeth effectively, “Medium” mode is designed to make brushing more comfortable, and “Whitening” mode is designed to whiten teeth, so you can select the mode that best fits your needs.

U-Shaped Design: Electric Toothbrush is inspired by the U-shaped automatic snap fit design for optimum cleaning performance. It is a brush that is made from “food-grade silicone” material, highly water repellent and washable, and reusable to ensure good hygiene and health at all times. The Adult Electric Toothbrush has a “no clean” structure that saves you valuable time.

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2. Geiserailie 4 Pack Kids U Shaped Toothbrush

These u-shaped toothbrushes will fit perfectly in your mouth, even if it’s very small. With these amazing dental care tools, you will also avoid halitosis, stained teeth and other diseases. The ergonomic one-piece design allows for easy grip babies. The unique brush head design minimizes pressure on sensitive teeth and gums due to its rounded tip hairs, so the silicone bristles gently massage gums with ease while brushing. Its super soft bristles reach every corner of the mouth to clean away plaque and food debris!

Why Choose it?


U-shaped Brush Head: The soft U-shaped brush head is made from high-quality silicone, which can brush and clean the teeth in 360 degrees. This toothbrush is specially designed for children’s tender and sensitive teeth. The handles are non-slip so kids can easily grip the brush for a thorough clean.

Comfortable handle: This Toothbrush is very lightweight and comfortable to apply. It can also be firmly grasped when brushing teeth. It’s easy to replace with a new brush head when necessary. The lovely toothbrush handle is made of quality plastic, strong and durable; It can be firmly grasped when brushing teeth and is designed in a proper size for kids’ hands.

Gentle for Sensitive Teeth: Whitening Massage Toothbrush is a non-oral sensory integration intervention and toothbrush, which can gently stimulate and massage gums with safe, soft bristles (after running in warm water) to stop sensory overload and oral defensiveness. Good for those who are overly sensitive to brushing and have issues with oral motor.

Safe and Reliable for Kids: The U-shape toothbrush with an extra soft bristle, is ergonomically designed to fit the shape of your children’s mouth. It can go into hard-to-reach areas and achieve a more thorough cleaning of children’s oral cavities. So parents don’t have to worry about their little one swallowing plastic bristles.

3. Sunartec Original Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush

Sunartec Original Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush Newly Generation 360° U-Shaped Toothbrushes Teeth Whitening Kit Gel for Adults Portable Purplr-Light Cleaning and Air-Drying Powerful Charger IPX7

The Sonartec Original Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush Newly Generation 360° U-Shaped Toothbrushes Teeth Whitening Kit Gel for Adults Portable Purplr-Light Cleaning and Air-Drying Powerful Charger IPX7 is a great way to help you get the most out of your oral hygiene routine. With the 360° U-shaped design, this electric toothbrush will have your teeth completely covered from all angles. The ultrasonic vibrations that it provides cover up to 30,000 times per minute, which will thoroughly brush away any plaque and bacteria in your mouth. Your teeth will be left feeling cleaner than ever before with this sleek and effective toothbrush.

Why Choose it?

360° cleaning: The Original Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush with its U-shaped design helps clean your teeth deeply. With its 360° cleaning, it can remove the dirt between your teeth and improve gum health.  The softer toothbrush hair than traditional toothbrushes will not damage the enamel of your teeth nor harm your gums. It is safe for long term use and makes you feel confident with a nice smile.

Authority Certification: Scientists at Harvard University recommend that we brush our teeth with a small, circular motion, called the BASS technique. This Original Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush was the first U-shaped electric toothbrush to use the BASS brushing method and is clinically proven to be superior to ordinary sonic toothbrushes that don’t clean teeth in a circular motion.

Brushing and Whitening: This electric toothbrush is perfect for sensitive teeth and adults in particular. It can offer gum massage, whiten your teeth and reduce gingival bleeding to make your gums healthier. With 4 different modes, it can solve almost all your problems from the original toothbrush. Allow this ultrasonic smart toothbrush to get rid of oral infections in your mouth and offer you fresh breath every day.

Convenient and independent: This rechargeable toothbrush is designed to be lightweight and compact, ideal for travel. It features a rechargeable, independently powered charging station and a detachable travel cap. Fully charged, it is ready for use at home or on the go. The battery will last up to 10 days of regular use and the charging socket can be used to store power for up to 3-4 additional uses.

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4. V-White Electric Toothbrush

V-White Electric Toothbrush - Ultrasonic U-Shaped Toothbrushes for Teeth Whitening - 360° Mouth Cleansing, Hands Free Gums Protection, Wireless Charging, LED Light - Waterproof IPX7 Certified (White)

This electric toothbrush for adults comes with an ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip and an angled brush head that is designed to help clean your teeth properly. As a result of its U-shaped brush head, it has the ability to clean and whiten your teeth 360 degrees, even along the gum line, leaving you with a thoroughly clean and healthy mouth. During the rotation of the brush head, 40,000 times per minute, plaque is removed from tooth surfaces and gum surfaces, as well as deep cleaning of your oral cavity.

Why Choose it?

360 toothbrush, automatic toothbrush, ultrasonic teeth cleaner, electric toothbrushes

40,000 VPM Smart Toothbrush: This brush removes 300 percent more plaque below the gum line than a traditional manual brush and leaves your teeth looking new. Due to its specially designed gaskets and seals, it can easily switch between brushing and rinsing mode for more thorough cleaning.

Long-lasting Battery: This toothbrush provides you with many useful features that will satisfy your needs. The battery lasts up to ten days on a single charge and it is equipped with fast wireless charging. It cleans every surface of your teeth and orthodontic braces with its advanced brush head.

IPX7 Waterproof: This U-shaped toothbrush comes with 40,000 micro-brushes and soft bristles designed to help protect your teeth, gums, and health. Using the electric toothbrush while bathing or showering is a breeze thanks to its IPX7 waterproof design. These braces are excellent for people with braces, implants, or those who have lost their teeth.

3 High-performance Brushing Modes: “Strong” mode scrubs teeth effectively, “Medium” mode provides more comfort while brushing, and “Whitening” mode whitens teeth, so you can choose which mode is right for you.

U-Shaped Design: This electric toothbrush features an automatic snap-fit design to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency. A food-grade silicone toothbrush designed to ensure maximum hygiene and health. The brush is highly water-repellent, washable, and reusable. You can save time and effort by using the “no-clean” structure on this Electric Toothbrush for Adults.

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5. Iseuj Home Cute Cat U Shaped Toothbrush for Kids

Cute Cat U Shaped Toothbrush for Kids Sonic Toothbrush Self Brushing Mouthpiece for Children Boys Girls Age 1-15, USB Charging (Age 1-7 Pink)

A cute cat design, small size, and lightweight make it the perfect fit for a child’s hand. The familiar shape of a soft-bristled brush makes it easy for parents to help younger children brush their teeth with water. With three speed modes (clean, sensitive, and massage), you can help clean your teeth and gently massage your gums. Each brushing cycle is about thirty seconds long, which is recommended by dental professionals. The rotating cleaning cup helps keep your teeth and gum clean.

Why Choose it?

Intelligent Timer: The cute rotating cat body of this toothbrush will have your child grinning from ear to ear. Your child will love the 45s intelligent timing reminder because it helps make brushing their teeth fun. Thanks to the soft-bristled brush head, you don’t need to worry about gingival damage. Hurry and get yours for your kid today!”

Modes: The cute cat toothbrush is broad-spectrum ultraviolet sterilization and supports four modes: daily brushing, deep cleaning, gum massage and relaxed brushing. The purpose is to brush your teeth comprehensively and thoroughly. UV sterilization 30 seconds automatic power off, no need to manually turn off the power, let the children learn good hygiene habits.

360 degrees Brushing: Small, soft, and cute, our Cat Shaped toothbrush is designed to naturally adjust to the shape of your child’s gums and teeth. The 360° ‑shaped toothbrush head is made of food‑grade material that’s gentle on even the most sensitive gums. With a non‑slip handle, it’s our favorite toothbrush for kids between the ages of 3 and 7.

Safe Materials: This adorable cat-shaped, non-toxic toothbrush is designed specifically to fit children’s mouths. Made of medical-grade silicone, this BPA and PVC free toothbrush safely massages gums and cleans baby teeth thoroughly. The soft, flexible bristles are gentle on tiny gums, while the unique design ensures thorough cleaning.

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6. EzzyBrush Ultrasonic Toothbrush for Kids

The EzzyBrush Ultrasonic Toothbrush uses a patent pending aquasonic cleaning technology, to deliver the most effective way of brushing your teeth. The Result? A thoroughly cleaned mouth and a naturally whiter smile. Embedded with a 2-min timer and 6 types of sounds (all sound files are voice recorded by real children) to make tooth brushing full of fun, so that kids would love to use it every time they brush their teeth and develop a healthy habit of brushing teeth.

Why Choose it?

With the Ultrasonic Toothbrush for Kids, your smile will be clean and white. An innovative toothbrush head, which is designed with a u-shaped shape and more than 1000 bristles made of silicone and angled at 45 degrees to ensure efficient plaque removal.

This brush is designed as a cute panda toy to attract kids to the bathroom. It works to get your kid to brush his/her teeth with a smile and laughter, while he/she is watching a favorite cartoon. Your kid will eventually want to brush his teeth while he sees his favorite cartoon character brushing his own! This toothbrush can also be used as a timer, which is great for picking up one of those bad habits – i.e., not brushing long enough!!!

Our electric toothbrush for kids is best for toddler and kid tooth brushing. Featuring two new modes, UV Teeth Whitening and Gum Massage Mode, this electronic toothbrush can clean even the most finicky teeth in only 2 minutes per brushing. It is our goal to make every little smile shine bright!

The Ezzybrush ultrasonic toothbrush is packed with features to keep your child smiling. This fully waterproof kid electric toothbrush has a replaceable brush-head, holds up to 50% more charge compared to other kids toothbrushes, and vibrates at 15000Hz per minute.

7. Snefe ultrasonic electric toothbrush

Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush, U Shaped Automatic Toothbrush for Adults 360° Whole Mouth Toothbrush Whitening Wireless Charging IPX7 Waterproof

The Snefe ultrasonic electric toothbrush is a new-generation U shape all-around teeth care toothbrush with ultrasonic cleaning, a 360° whole mouth care, 4 brushing modes automatic recognition IPX7 waterproof, and wireless charging. Our toothbrush can make your teeth healthier and more beautiful. Come on, let’s start the world’s most advanced teeth care together!

Why Choose it?

U Shape Design: Unlike most electric toothbrushes, the charging base of this Ultrasonic Toothbrush lets you stand it up in between uses, so it’s ready to go when you are. The brush head has a patented shape that gives you 360-degree coverage around teeth and gums, creating cleaner surfaces in less time. It’s powered by ultrasonic waves that give you the cleanest mouth possible.

4 Brushing Modes: Designed to make tooth brushing easier, this four-mode brush is tailored to your teeth. Opt for the built-in blue LED light and teeth whitening gel to get a brighter smile, or try the comfortable and strong modes if you have sensitive gums. The massage setting provides a gentle clean, while the brush charges via the included USB cable.

Wireless Charging: Quickly and efficiently recharge your toothbrush with the ultra-fast wireless charging system. With a large capacity battery, one hour of charging gives you 7 days of normal usage. Simply place the toothbrush onto the mirror’s charging stand to charge; our simple and convenient design works perfectly with any bathroom setup!

Waterproof: Upgraded IPX7 waterproof, Can be used in the shower, but do not soak it in water. Smart Sonic Toothbrush has a compact body with a beautiful appearance and lasting battery. Intuitive touch screen uses the responsive smart chip to make brushing teeth easier than ever

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8. Sunartec Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush for Adults

Sunartec Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush for Adults ,2-in-1 360 U-Shape Automatic Toothbrush &Teeth Whitening Kit with Profession Cold-Light, IPX7 Waterproof, Wireless-Charger Base,4 Mode

Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush 2-in-1 360 U-Shape Automatic Toothbrush & Teeth Whitening Kit with Profession Cold-Light, IPX7 Waterproof 100% waterproof. Safely use in the shower. Ultra-light and easy to hold design, suitable for adults and children over 13 years old. Convenient USB rechargeable. The toothbrush can be used with an inductive charging base or a dual USB charging cable.

Why Choose it?

4 Optional Modes: Cleaning teeth is the most important step in oral hygiene. Ultrasonic toothbrushes help you achieve professional-standard tooth whitening and polish, remove cigarette stains and other colorant stains. With 4 modes including 3 vibrating brushing modes and a unique waterproof design, you can choose a comfortable mode to clean your teeth.

Smart timer & memory function: No more hassle of remembering to switch your toothbrush off—the Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush has an automatic power-off function, which means it will automatically stop brushing after 55 seconds / 2 minutes—no need to worry about over-brushing and damaging your teeth.

Thoughtful Design:  This Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush has a PVC smooth shell and is comfortable to touch, making it easy to use. The toothbrush has an indicator so you know exactly when it needs charging. The brush was designed with built-in power storage and simple one-key control. It can be used for 10 days when fully charged.

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9. Oralrex Electric Toothbrush Adults

Oralrex Electric Toothbrush Adults-Ultrasonic U-Shaped Toothbrushes for Teeth Whitening-360°Mouth Cleansing,Hands Free Gums Protection-Wireless Charging & LED Light(Black, Water Cup)

Fight plaque and improve your gum health with Oralrex U-Shaped Electric Toothbrush. With 40,000 brushstrokes per minute, our toothbrush can help remove stains and improve gum health in 7 days. It also comes with a waterproof sensor to ensure proper cleaning. Powered by an ultrasonic charging system, our toothbrush is convenient for travel, and no battery replacement is required.

Why Choose it?

40,000 VPM Smart Toothbrush: This toothbrush features an ultrasonic motor which generates up to 670 brush movements per second and a water-resistant design. Oralrex Smart Toothbrush uses ultra-sonic vibrations to gently remove 300% more plaque than a standard manual toothbrush. With premium design and water tolerant materials, this toothbrush will last.

Battery Capacity: The toothbrush has a battery capacity of 10 days which is the largest available on the market. All you need is 30 minutes of charging to enjoy a mobile-like brush. You just need to put your toothbrush under running water or wipe it with a wet cloth to keep it clean. You should not store your toothbrush in a damp place after brushing as water may damage or short circuit its internal components, causing safety hazards and even fire risk.

3 High-performance Brushing Modes: This is the perfect toothbrush if you’re looking to experience powerful teeth brushing, gum care, and teeth whitening with a single product! It features three different modes: strong, medium, and whitening so you can rotate modes according to your personal needs.

U-shaped Design: This new innovative U-shaped automatic toothbrush fits the mouth perfectly, so you can clean the surface & internal orientation of teeth at the same time. Now you can remove up to 100% more plaque from your teeth, giving you a much cleaner and healthier smile. This U-shaped automatic toothbrush with Snap Fit design is tailored made to fit the mouth.

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10. Snefe ultrasonic electric toothbrush

Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush Adults, Automatic Toothbrush U Shaped Whole Mouth 360° Cleaning Teeth Whitening Hands Free Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof

This toothbrush comes with 4 different brushing mode, the automatic mode is designed for those who don’t care about the details of brushing but want a quick and effective cleaning. It only needs to press the unique start button and it will automatically brush in 2 minutes. The sensitive mode is the most popular one, the gentle vibration makes the brushing so comfortable that you will like it very much. While whiten mode can help enhance the gum blood circulation. You will experience this advanced personal care technology with Ultrasonic Toothbrush by now!

Why Choose it?

360 Degree Cleaning: This ultrasonic electric toothbrush can help you protect your oral health, remove plaque and whiten your teeth. It contains five smart brushing modes, that can help remove stains and prevent tooth decay. With a 360-degree toothbrush head, the waterproof ultrasonic design can clean all surfaces at the same time.

4 Brushing Modes: the ultrasonic electric toothbrush features 4 Brushing Modes- Strong, comfortable, massage, whitening modes to suit different oral needs. The dark grey and brown handle is designed with a high-quality non-slip matte coating for more comfort and control in your hand while brushing.

Waterproof & USB Charging: Easy to charge with the enclosed USB cable, the included charging station is not just a charging stand, it’s also a holder for your toothbrush heads. Also featuring smart timing for both brushing and charging, IPX7 waterproof so it can be used even in the bath or shower, and a stylish sleek design, this toothbrush is not just functional but also fashionable.

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Buyers Guide

Mouthpiece Toothbrush Alternative

The present situation with this type of toothbrush has been described quite clearly. It is likely that these products will become more common in the coming years as technology and design improvements to make them effective. In order to avoid getting overly bogged down in detail, we’ve provided the information we think you will find most useful.

Toothbrushes with mouthpieces (auto brushes) explained

What is a mouthpiece toothbrush?

There is a new type of toothbrush that cleans all the teeth at once, called a mouthpiece toothbrush. It consists of a part that is molded from silicone and placed in the mouth. You bite into it as if you were biting into a mouthguard when participating in sports.

There is an attachment on the outside of the mouth to a handle or handpiece.  The motor in the handpiece is responsible for the movement of the bristles in the mouthpiece while it is cleaning your teeth.

How do they work?

There are several different mouthpiece toothbrushes available, and each operates differently depending on how it was developed and manufactured.

Principles and theories are similar to those found in regular electric toothbrushes.

The brush will be powered by the battery when the switch is flipped on.  Located inside the mouthpiece are a series of brush heads/bristles driven by the motor.

It works similarly to a regular electric toothbrush, cleaning the teeth by sweeping along the gum line and tooth surfaces. The toothbrush design ensures that all three surfaces of your teeth are cleaned at the same time so that you can use less brushing time.

Fewer Brushing Errors – the Human Element Removed

You can have the most feature-rich, most capable electric toothbrush you can find, but if you aren’t positioning and moving it around the mouth correctly, you’re not doing yourself any good. It’s one thing to brush for two minutes, but it’s quite another to have the right technique.

The easiest way to brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush is to move and position it so the bristles can sweep away plaque and bacteria, and there are recommended ways to do this. However, you, the person controlling the toothbrush, must move and position it in such a way that the bristles can remove bacteria and plaque.

It is possible to approach the mouth in an inconsistent way, causing small areas of the mouth to be missed.  This is natural. In theory, a mouthpiece toothbrush minimizes the possibility of error. Unlike a toothbrush, the mouthpiece is shaped and sized in a fixed manner, and the bristles are strategically placed to clean the teeth and gums.

A mouthguard brush head, on the other hand, reduces the possibility of variation in clean techniques and positioning.  Consequently, your teeth and gums can become healthier over time because you receive a better clean. But the fact of the matter is that currently there is no mouthpiece toothbrush that achieves a standard of cleanliness that can even be considered satisfactory. Performance in this regard is far below the expected level.

Reduce brushing time

Even though using a mouthpiece toothbrush cuts down on total brushing time, every tooth is actually cleaned longer using a mouthpiece brush. When using a mouthpiece toothbrush, you only need to use it for three seconds to clean your teeth, but most of the time, it actually takes 10 seconds.

When you brush your teeth with a 10 second electric toothbrush, that’s 110 seconds faster than with a regular manual toothbrush. Just cutting the brushing time to 10 seconds would save you 48 days in your lifetime.

What features do they have?

  • Currently, it is not a direct like-for-like replacement for regular electric toothbrushes, however there are similarities with the addition of features like Bluetooth and wireless charging.
  • According to the manufacturer, the toothbrush has the ability to clean teeth faster and more effectively than a conventional manual or electric toothbrush.
  • Compact, portable, and generally easy to use are other benefits of most.
  • The features that make a brand/product unique differ from one another.
  • Cute Cat U Shaped Toothbrush, for example, has been designed with the primary users being children in mind.  To make the mouthpieces more ‘fun’ and enjoyable to use, different sized mouthpieces are available as well as stickers.
  • The battery is the only one that can be removed.
  • A feature of AutoBrush is that it features various animal characters on the handpiece and plays soothing sounds to help engage the child.
  • This failed Kickstarter project was supposed to offer different sized mouthpieces along with a modular storage system with UV sanitizer and a smartphone app.  The toothpaste dispenser would also have been part of the project.
  • As a result of the high level of funding they received, Amabrush radically changed their product and range of accessories.
  • Smartphone apps and Bluetooth connectivity did become a reality.  The company expected to release a wireless charging stand, a travel case, a UV sanitizer, and several other accessories. In 2019, however, the company went out of business.


Do the mouthpiece toothbrushes work?

Are Mouthpiece Toothbrushes Effective? A mouthpiece brush is not effective in removing dental plaque, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. The study does not demonstrate any statistically notable difference between the use of a mouthpiece brush and not brushing at all.

Are whole mouth toothbrushes good?

An extensive review of the literature shows that electric toothbrushes can remove bacterial plaque more effectively than manual ones. A new United States-shaped electric toothbrush with silicone bristles has recently been released. The toothbrush possesses a fully automatic and simultaneous action covering both arches simultaneously.

Do Autobrushes really work?

It is evident that the AutoBrush does not function as effectively as a traditional toothbrush. Unless you are seeking an “easier way” and your child already brushes twice each day, then this is not the solution for you.

How long does the AutoBrush last?

The brush head should be replaced every 3 months, just like a regular manual or electric toothbrush. If you wish to use this, you must apply a small amount of foaming toothpaste purchased from AutoBrush.

Final Words

In the end, if you’re looking for a way to improve your oral health, it seems the Wall Street Journal is right: mouthpiece toothbrushes are worth consideration. It’s not a perfect replacement for traditional toothbrushes, and it certainly won’t provide the same degree of dental hygiene as flossing or using interdental aids. But if you don’t like the idea of those options, a mouthpiece toothbrush might just be the right toothbrush for you.

All in all, if you are looking for a good alternative to tooth brushing then a mouthpiece brush is the way to go. It’s easy, painless, and takes just a few weeks of moderate use to get a clean mouth.

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