Many natural forms evoke memories or feelings, but perhaps none quite like the icicle. Demonstrating precision and randomness, strength and fragility – all in one beautiful form – icicles illustrate the dichotomy of nature. They are frequently a shimmering backdrop in magical imagery and bring to mind places that exist on the cusp of reality.

Inspired by the delicate geometry of icicles and stalactites, Crystalline Icicles is a new lighting collection designed by S. Russell Groves for Swarovski. Crystalline Icicles evokes the fragile and glistening nature of these beautiful formations, and are presented for the home in a way that allows the user to create a luxurious and customized experience.

Elongated Swarovski crystals are arranged dramatically, strand by strand, on sheets along a linear pattern, and any number of these sheets can be configured to create a variety of arrangements and moods. Illuminated by a concealed light source, each layer appears as a lustrous veil. Gathered closely, they become torrents of shimmering brilliance; spaced farther apart, they create a flickering aurora.

The result of this innovatively versatile and sophisticated design is both contemporary and organic in feeling, making it suitable for a variety of interiors. The linear geometry of the fixtures gives them strong architectural character, yet the delicate nature of the crystal strands provides a graceful air.

Paired with the history, quality and reputation of Swarovski, the Crystalline Icicles line is a perfect expression of the aesthetic vision of architect and designer S. Russell Groves. Known for his refined, serene designs that defy period or classification, Russell’s work expresses a sensibility that is simultaneously opulent and restrained.

The Crystalline Icicles line of fixtures will be available in a range of sizes and styles to suit numerous applications. In the pendant and semi-flush styles, the single strand fixture can be used in smaller spaces, such as entry foyers, corridors, and powder rooms. The larger, three-strand fixture can be used in bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms. With both styles, the standard-size strands can be grouped together to create an even more luxurious, dramatic effect. The wall sconce version is available in a single, standard size, and is designed for use in corridors and dining rooms. The stainless steel finish on the canopy is standard, with an alternate polished nickel finish available. A custom recessed version – where the fixture’s entire housing is hidden within the ceiling – represents the purest expression of the design; it is the most versatile of the line, and due to its flexibility, can be used in spaces of almost any size.

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