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Dental bite blocks can be difficult to select, since there are many brands to choose from, like Practicon, ANNWAH, Anson Dental, Annhua, Impresive Smile. For your convenience, we have researched and also compiled a list of the top 10 Best Dental Bite Blocks available on the market today.

If you’re looking for dental bite blocks, you’ve come to the right place. There are many options to choose from, so it might be a little confusing. To help you find the best dental bite block for your situation, we have put this guide together for you. We hope you find it helpful!

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Top 10 Dental Bite Blocks Reviews- 2022

1. PlastCare USA Assorted Autoclave Dental Silicone Bite Blocks

Assorted Autoclave Mouth Props Dental Silicone Bite Blocks, Bag of 6

PlastCare USA Dental Silicone Bite Blocks allow for soft tissue protection when using an autoclave, ensuring complete sterility in the chamber. These bite blocks will not fall apart or degrade during sterilization, nor will they provide any type of cross-contamination to surfaces exposed during sterilization. Mouth Props by PlastCare USA are made of 100% pure medical silicone and are available in a large assortment of sizes. With their wide range of sizes and colors, itís easy for healthcare professionals to provide the most appropriate bite block to each patient.

Why Choose This Block?

Autoclavable: These bite blocks are made of silicone and are designed to comfortably fit the patient’s mouth by simply trimming to the appropriate size with a scissor (silicone will not fray). This dental silicone bite blocks have been updated and now they are Autoclavable up to 121 degrees. With the bite block, the patient’s tongue is held down and out of the way, allowing the dentist access to the back teeth, and greatly reducing discomfort for both the patient and the dentist. The bite block fits between the lower lip and the chin or the upper lip and the nose, allowing each to see well while working on the teeth.

Steady Positioning: In dentistry, bite blocks are used to the upper and lower arches of the patient’s mouth to remain steady and stable while the procedure is being performed. The patient’s fatigue will be prevented as well, which could result in the patient’s jaw dropping open during long procedures. The dentist or hygienist may be unable to access the areas that need to be worked on due to insufficient access. The use of bite blocks will save time and enable the dentist or dental hygienist to perform their work more efficiently and accurately.

Three Sizes: Dentists and patients can choose from three sizes of dental silicone mouth props, each of which comes in a different color. These bite blocks are designed to fit comfortably into the mouth, keeping it open during procedures. Their soft silicone construction is gentle on gums and won’t cause discomfort.

Quality: Latex-free and made with silicone rubber. The mouth props are flexible and provide comfort to the patient. Their flexibility allows the mouth prop to mold to each patient’s mouth for a more comfortable fit. These dental bite blocks are designed for use with chewing motion for procedures that require a patient to hold their mouth open or immobilize their jaw.

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2. Practicon 7102411 M E-Prop Mouth Props

Practicon 7102411 M E-Prop Mouth Props, Medium

The 7102411 M E-Prop mouth props can hold a standard saliva ejector in the optimum position while maintaining an open field. Furthermore, these E-Props hold a standard saliva ejector in the perfect position while providing an open field of view, and are ideal for use during lengthy dental procedures such as scaling and root planing. Providing patients with optimum comfort and eliminating cross-contamination during multiple uses, they are fully autoclavable and latex-free.

Why Choose This Block?

Saliva Ejector: The E-Prop Mouth Prop is a simple, disposable device that offers an innovative solution to the common problem of holding open a patient’s mouth during dental procedures.

They hold a standard saliva ejector in the optimal position for maximum effectiveness while maintaining an open field. No more hand fatigue from holding the patient’s lower jaw down, freeing your leading hand to work more efficiently and comfortably.

Ideal: Dental silicone bite blocks are designed to keep patients’ mouths open wide during dental procedures. E-Prop is ideal for use in lengthy procedures such as scaling and root planning, and can also be used for patients with a higher risk of aspiration. The bite block is made of 100% solid silicone, making it completely safe for the patient.

Autoclavable: Latex-free E-Prop is fully autoclavable, with a high-level of detail and accuracy in reproduction. Two types of bite blocks are available, one for upper and lower impressions, and a second for upper impressions only. The upper and lower block is designed to be used for full set impressions, allowing for the purposeful opening of the patient’s mouth to avoid unintentional overlap between upper and lower teeth. The upper impression only is designed for use when making partial impressions or when taking individual tooth impressions.

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3. Angzhili Dental Mouth Prop Plastic Dental Bite Block

Angzhili Dental Mouth Prop Plastic Dental Bite Block Orthodontic Bite Blocks Dentistry Accessories (3 Pcs/Set)

The Angzhili Dental and Orthodontic Bite Blocks are made of high quality, non-toxic, eco-friendly and food grade plastic, can be used as a Class II bite block or an ortho bite block. With these 3 adjustable sizes, it is the perfect choice for both children and adults with the gap between the upper teeth and Lower Arch. They come in an assortment of sizes to ensure proper fitting for your teeth. Made from sturdy plastic, they have a textured surface that promotes ease in cleaning.

Why Choose This Block?

Ideal: For the opening of the upper and lower arches, the tongue guard kit is ideal. These Dental Bite Blocks are made from the highest quality plastic and can be easily trimmed to fit your needs. They are also available in different sizes, fractions, and millimeters. The bite block is placed between the teeth and the lip to prevent teeth from occluding or biting on one another.

Perfect fit: The plastic dental bite block is available in three different sizes. The small, medium and large versions accommodate patients with different body sizes. The bite blocks are made of elastic-plastic that can be individually adjusted. This avoids unnecessary pressure on the jaws and teeth during treatment.

Non-Autoclavable: This is a plastic dental bite block, also known as a dental cheek retractor. The item is non-autoclavable and is composed of plastic. Disinfect with cold water and immerse only. This dental bite block is used to keep the mouth open during dental procedures, such as cleaning teeth. These dental cheek retractors are disposable, latex-free, and individually packaged.

Relax Treatment: The use of dental mouth props makes patients relax during their dental treatment. The bite block can be used for both the upper and lower jaw, and can also be used together with the headrest. Can help to achieve an ideal occlusion and mouth opening during dental treatment.

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4. ANNWAH 9PCS Dental Bite Blocks

ANNWAH 9PCS Dental Bite Blocks, Dental Silicone Mouth Prop Help for Open Mouth Comfortable, One Set Include Large, Medium, and Small(3 Set/Pack)

ANNWAH has developed this 9pcs dental bite block set to help you to train your open mouth in order to get the best exam result. This product can be widely used, such as the player of bite mouth prop, a moment of biting equipment; we recommend that you do not induce crying or motion in a dental treatment by yourself. The use is optional when you have any other ideas.

Why Choose This Block?

Application: The use of silicone bite blocks is a common practice in dentistry. The purpose of bite blocks is to keep the upper and lower teeth in position so that the patient’s mouth can be opened comfortably so the dentist can operate comfortably and the patient feels less anxious.  The silicone dental bite block has a certain flexibility, suitable for children and adults, and has no reaction with the oral cavity.

Matching Tongue Baffle: When you are performing oral surgery, the dental bite block is an important tool in your arsenal. It can be used with a tongue baffle to prevent the tongue from moving and avoid injury during the treatment. The bite block is made of safe and durable silicone material, which will last for years. The dental silicone mouth prop can be used with a tongue baffle to prevent the tongue from moving and avoid injury during the treatment.

Different Sizes: There are three sizes of teeth guards, each of which has a different use. The large size is suitable for men with a large jaw, while the medium size is suitable for women with a medium jaw. For children and adults with small jaws, you can use the small-sized mouth guard. In addition to the above, it is also suitable for people with gap teeth, crooked teeth or missing teeth.

Materials: Silicone is characterized by softness and flexibility in order to ensure patients’ comfort. It is also harmless to the human body. Silicone rubber is used for the bite blocks, which are non-deforming, odorless, and radiation-free. They are not easily deformed or damaged and have a long service life.

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5. Airgoesin 5pcs Silicone Kid Size Dental Bite Blocks 

Airgoesin 5pcs Silicone Mouth Prop, Small Size Child Kid Size Dental Bite Blocks Oral Opener 135 Degree Centigrade Autoclavable Latex Free

Airgoesin 5pcs Dental Bite Blocks, Small Size Child Kid Size Dental Bite Blocks Oral Opener 135 degree Centigrade Autoclavable Oral Protectors. Made from high quality food-grade silicone, our dental bite blocks are safe to use, easy to clean and long lasting. These bite blocks are used in dental care and orthodontics as an aid during treatment such as bite registration, mouth opening or bite adjustment.

Why Choose This Block?

Autoclavable: Patients who are undergoing oral cavity and maxillofacial surgery are prevented from biting their cheeks or tongues with dental bite blocks. Patients can use them easily since they are made with high-quality silicone. This dental bite block is 100% brand new, in excellent condition, autoclavable at 135 degrees centigrade, and 100% brand new.

Materials: These dental bite blocks have a soft silicone mouth prop for easy placement. Oval shape for an unobstructed view of the oral cavity. These latex-free dental mouth props are autoclavable and reusable.

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6. RZJZGZ Dental Oral Silicone Mouth Prop Bite Blocks

RZJZGZ Dental Oral Silicone Mouth Prop Bite Blocks Latex Free Cheek Retractor (6 Count/pack)

These bite blocks are perfect for dental and orthodontic use. This kit includes large, medium, and small bite blocks. This device is made from a comfortable, elastic plastic material that is non-toxic and doesn’t emit any strange smell. This kit is designed to open the upper and lower arches of the teeth. Patient fatigue can be avoided, making it convenient for doctors to treat. The instrument is reusable after disinfection with alcohol.

Why Choose This Block?

Quality: There are many different types of dental bite blocks available for general practice use, as well as those that are used for more specialized procedures such as root canals and implants. The most common type of dental bite block is one that has a rubber or plastic tip at the bottom that rests against your tongue when you open your mouth. A second type of dental bite block, which is becoming more popular, is one that has a thin layer of latex over the top of the plastic or rubber tip so that it can slide smoothly over your tongue as you open and close your mouth.

Steady positioning: A bite block is a soft plastic device that can be placed in the mouth of a patient to provide assistance with opening and closing their jaws during a dental procedure. While a patient undergoes a dental procedure, bite blocks are used to stabilize the upper and lower arch of their mouth. Additionally, they prevent patients from becoming fatigued.

Multi Size: These dental bite blocks come in assorted bags of 6 blocks or individual bags containing 6 of one color block. Each bag contains two green (small), two yellow (medium), and two red (large) dental mouth props. These dental mouth props are flexible enough to conform to almost any mouth but sturdy enough to last through many procedures without breaking down.

Materials: Each Bite block is made from silicone rubber. They are latex-free. Patient comfort is ensured by the flexible nature of the mouth props. The dental bite block is designed to support the jaw and keep the mouth open during treatment. It also prevents tongue, cheek, gingival or tooth injuries. The bite block holds the tongue away from the field of vision in front of the dentist.

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7. Impressive Smile Autoclave Dental Silicone Bite Blocks

Impressive Smile Autoclave Mouth Props Dental Silicone Bite Blocks, Bag of 6 (Large (Purple))

Impress your friends with this new dental accessories set. Support your jaw, teeth and mouth with these powerful bite blocks that fit into your mouth and keep it open. These bite blocks are made with soft and flexible silicone that is comfortable to use and chew on. Bite down on the center of the bite block like a teething ring while keeping your mouth open so that you can breathe correctly and reduce the frustration of putting off dental work. You will need to talk with your dentist to make sure that he or she gives you permission to use these before scheduling an appointment or getting a procedure done.

Why Choose This Block?

Comfort: Dental bite block is an oral patient positioning device for dentists. It enables easy access to the oral cavity and keeps the patient’s mouth open. This silicone bite block helps to keep patients comfortable while preventing exhaustion and enabling dentists to easily access the mouth. It will keep the patient’s teeth apart without placing unnecessary stress on their facial muscles. Silicone dental bite block provides more comfort than regular bite blocks.

Versatility: The bite blocks in this package are available in different sizes; they’re suitable for children and adults of all ages. Adults can choose the Purple large bite block. Kids also have the option of the Green medium bite block. Pediatricians can use the yellow small bite block.

Quality: These silicone bite blocks are free of latex and manufactured from the highest quality materials. Their lightness, flexibility, and comfort make them very appealing to patients. The sizes of bite blocks vary to accommodate the mouth openings of various patients. During dental radiography, a patient who is not wearing a bite block may be exposed to too much radiation. This is due to the fact that a bite block prevents cross-contamination.

Autoclavable: Impressive Smile silicone bite blocks are autoclavable and come in a variety of colors. Soft and flexible silicone is used to create these mouth props, which can easily be cleaned and autoclaved. In addition to being radiographic, this dental bite block can be used for a number of dental procedures. This dental product can be used for patients with a gag reflex or limited opening.

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8. Anson Dental 2pk Dental Tongue Piercing Silicone Bite Blocks

2pk Dental Tongue Piercing Silicone Mouth Props Bite Blocks Medium Child

The Anson Tongue Piercing Silicone Stabilizer Bite Blocks or Dental Props are an essential aid for patients undergoing orthodontic, restorative and surgical procedures of the oral and maxillofacial region. The rigid, silicone material is highly tear-resistant and saliva resistant making it the ideal product for home use. Bite block provides protection against sharp teeth during teething. Durable and safe material is easy for babies to bite, chew, play and learn. Provide comfort for the baby when biting, training or playing with toys.

Why Choose This Block?

Effective: Dental bite blocks are used to hold the patient’s mouth open during the procedure. By gently placing the product in between the front teeth, the clinician is able to easily perform a variety of procedures without interruption. This ensures that the treatment will be efficient and effective.

Comfort: Dental bite blocks are designed with a soft, pliable plastic that can be easily inserted into the patient’s mouth. They are very comfortable and will not cause any irritation or discomfort to the patient. These dental products are made out of silicone, which is a type of plastic that is extremely durable and safe for use in medical applications.

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9. Springsky Black Dental Mouth Props Bite Blocks

1 Box(2pcs) Black Dental Mouth Props Bite Blocks ChiIld Silicone Latex Free Strong Vision 135℃

Silicone Bite Block is great for any dental hygiene work, including crown and bridgework, restorative dentistry and orthodontic work. SpringSky Bite Blocks are made from 100% natural latex-free food grade material that offers a more secure fit and softness. Our bite blocks come with a stainless steel inner frame for longer life time. These bite blocks are flossed on both sides for easy access to all areas in the mouth during treatment.

Why Choose This Block?

Materials: This is a Dental Silicone Bite Block. An inner frame made of stainless steel and an outer frame made of silicone makes this product durable and more functional. The silicone outer is latex-free and can be sterilized with a steam autoclave or by using an autoclave bag.

Strong Vision: Easy to clean and use. The silicone bite block will provide a high degree of comfort for the patient and increase their level of satisfaction during treatment. The ergonomic design ensures optimum fit for every patient’s mouth shape and size, as well as convenient access for the dentist to all areas of the oral cavity.

Autoclave: Disposable Bite Blocks are used to stabilize and immobilize the patients’ heads during dental implant or prosthodontic procedures. They are made of a high-quality soft silicone material, which is odorless and tasteless. Autoclave 135℃. They are packed in pairs, sterilized by EO gas, individually packed in a medical-grade paper & peel pouch.

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10. Annhua 9PCS Dental Bite Blocks

9PCS Dental Bite Blocks, Oral Silicone Mouth Prop Cheek Retrackors (3Pcs/Set, 3Sets/Pack)

These Black Dental Mouth Props Bite Blocks are made of black silicone rubber, which is again latex free and food grade. It’s an ideal Bite block for dental checkup, orthodontic treatment, Orthodontic examination, Dental examination, Oral and maxillofacial surgery, dental extraction. In addition it can protect your pets’ teeth from biting and chewing. Its high deformability makes it easy to fit.

Why Choose This Block?

Good Quality: They are made from great rubber, which is autoclavable or chemiclavable for repeated use, does not deform easily, and has no odor. The bite block has a new design which can be used with all standard dental burs and teeth whitening lamps. The three-point contact design ensures the stability of the bite block to prevent it from rolling in the mouth.

Ideal for Dentist: There are many benefits of using bite blocks in the dental chair, not least of which is preventing patient fatigue. Keeping your mouth open during an appointment can be exhausting and will increase patient fatigue, which can make it impossible for some patients to complete their treatment. Using a mouth opener like a bite block makes it easier to avoid this kind of patient discomfort, which means they’ll be able to enjoy more relaxing treatment.

Steady Positioning: Dental bite blocks are an integral part of your dental visit. As you sit in the dental chair, your dentist will place a mouth prop between your teeth to hold your tongue out of the way and keep your mouth open throughout the treatment procedure. Dental mouth props prevent tongue movement during treatment to avoid injury.

3 Size: Three different sizes of dental bite blocks are available: S, M, L size. S size is for kids with small mouths and teeth; M size is for teenagers; L size is for adults with big mouths.

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How to Choose the Dental Bite Blocks

Dental Bite Blocks


The cost and performance of dental bite blocks are often linked, so they must be taken into consideration. As more companies enter the dental bite block market, the range of options for performance and quality will expand. The most expensive dental bite block does not necessarily imply that it is the best choice for you and your money. There are many affordable models available that provide excellent comfort and performance.

Brand Value

Make sure you choose a dental bite block brand that provides quality and excellent customer service in addition to the best value. They’ll always respond to your queries and solve any faults found on the products or even refund your money if any damage is found on the product. Good-quality products are made with the utmost care and accuracy, and they’ll always reply to your queries and resolve any problems found with the products.


  • It is very important that you ensure this product meets all the specifications you need before clicking on the buy now button.
  • Selecting the right product requires knowledge of its specifications. It determines what functions the product can perform. The market is flooded with a lot of products, so choosing the right one is imperative.
  • Designed with only the best materials, and precision-engineered to fit your mouth, the dental bite blocks are perfect for you.
  • Three factors are important to consider when evaluating different specifications: performance, features, and price. Considering these factors will help you to make an informed decision. When you take into consideration all of them, you can be sure that you got the best deal.


It can be difficult to decide which dental bite block to purchase when there are so many amazing options. Taking a look at the design can help you decide. Material selection, color scheme, and even visual weight are some of the factors that contribute to an overall product’s design. Finding the right product for your tastes and needs can be a little more straightforward if you know these things.

Customer Ratings

Consumer ratings play a significant role in the decision-making process when it comes to purchasing. It makes sense- after all, who knows a product better than those who have used it themselves? The customer ratings can provide a good indication of how other people have felt about the product when they have purchased it. As you’re trying to choose which product to buy, you may want to consider reading the customer reviews. It is always advisable to interpret reviews with caution- not everyone will like every product, and some people will be more likely to do so than others. The fact that people rate products is a pretty good indication of how satisfied they are with a particular product. 

Stability and Control

Several factors influence a Drive Celadon’s performance, including its stability and control, and we weighed this factor heavily during our evaluation. Consider how stable or controlled you wish the item to be when in use. Among the factors to consider is the impact of this product on our lives and our feelings after using it.


There is no point in enjoying the things you love when there is discomfort or constraints. It’s important to consider how comfortable dental bite blocks will be when you consider using them. Dental bite blocks come in many types that provide a smooth, comfortable feel along with stability and control. In purchasing a fishing kayak, for example, you want to ensure you do not spend your entire trip contemplating how much you want to get out of your kayak due to sore feet or aching backs.


A dental bite block’s design and manufacture, and the material it is made of, both determine its durability. Make sure you choose dental bite blocks with the right strength and durability to withstand pressure, wear, and damage. 

A great design should also be able to be used anywhere. Construction workers and busy parents alike will appreciate the sturdy design of this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bite block in dentistry?

A bite block is also known as a ramp or turbo. It is used to prevent your upper and lower teeth from touching during orthodontic treatment. This prevents the brackets from becoming broken when you bite into them. Bite blocks are used by Northwest Orthodontics to facilitate the treatment process and improve your bite.

Can bite blocks damage teeth?

A bite block is placed on your teeth by your orthodontist because the way your teeth interact with each other can either slow down or damage your teeth’s straightening process.

Can you eat with bite blocks?

How do I eat with those? Your teeth will be protected from the pressure of being repeatedly bitten down upon by bite blocks and turbos, which will help you correct your bite. It will help you get used to your braces if you only eat soft food after receiving them.

What is the price range for dental bite blocks?

Based on their functions as well as designs, dental bite blocks are available in a wide range of prices. The cost of a product is difficult to predict in today’s world. The price range for something can differ greatly, so it is usually impossible to determine how much something costs. The price of a pair of jeans could range from $20 to $200, depending on where you buy them and who you buy them from. The same is true for dental bite blocks and other products. 

Are dental bite blocks worth the money?

The disposable nature of our society is undeniable. Dental bite blocks constantly make their way onto the market, which is constantly bombarded with advertising. However, should we devote our hard-earned money to dental bite blocks? Yes, some of them are if they are chosen carefully! However, others may not be.

Final Words

It’s pretty obvious that we all want to feel that what we’re purchasing is a good investment. The problem is that there are so many options! Which bite block should you choose? The good news is that Drive Celadon will take care of it for you. Throughout the entire process, we’re here to help you find what works for you based on the expertise of our staff. Additionally, our free consultations are available to answer any questions or concerns before a final decision is made. Having an expert on your side every step of the way can make shopping for something so important as home audio equipment so much easier.

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