10 Best Surgical Caps To Buy In 2022

Surgical caps are a necessity in the healthcare industry. Whether it be for physicians, surgeons, operating room nurses, or lab professionals, surgical caps make life easier for medical staff and aid in the prevention of cross-contamination between patients.

As surgical caps are a crucial component of your operating room attire. They serve as the final protective barrier between you and the environment, so they must be chosen very carefully.

Types of Surgical Caps

Ponytail Surgical caps:

Ponytail surgical caps are a great way to help maintain proper hygiene during your hospital visit. If you have ever had surgery before, you know that there is often a need for extra attention to detail to get patient hair away from the surgical area in order to avoid contamination and infection. Traditional caps do not always do an effective job of holding a ponytail in place, which can make it hard for your worker to truly use both hands at once. Ponytail scrub hats are the best alternative for this problem.

Bouffant Surgical caps:

Bouffant Surgical caps are used by surgeons, practitioners, and emergency response individuals. The surgical cap is close fitting and extends out 4-6 inches on each side of the wearer’s face, giving the appearance that a pair of giant ears are growing out of his or her skull. This is an excellent tool for keeping hair and tissue samples together. If you need to complete a look that will lend credibility to your role in a movie or play, this is it.

Pixie Surgical caps:

Pixie surgical caps are crafted for the highest comfort and fit. They are designed by a seasoned apparel designer who also designs for some of the biggest leaders in the World. You get beauty and function all in one cap. Surgi-Lytes colors were inspired by nature and named to describe how they glow in the dark. The mission is to provide every nurse with a cap that makes her feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident.

Disposable Surgical caps:

Disposable Surgical caps provide a comfortable, hands-free scrubbing solution for busy facilities managers, healthcare staff, and other workers in the health industry. Made of washable fabric and designed to fit over any hat or helmet, this disposable cap provides hospital staff with added protection from chemical spills and hazardous materials found in the workplace.

Benefits Of Surgical Caps

There are many choices in surgical caps. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Many options could confuse customers when they are looking for the best fit for their budget. This article will guide you in choosing the best fitted, appropriate and affordable surgical caps for your needs.

Surgical caps are a great asset to any healthcare worker. Whether you’re a nurse, doctor, or surgeon these reliable surgical caps are a wonderful solution to keeping hair adequately secured. It is recommended that everyone keep their hair in place while working in a healthcare environment. This is due to the fact that hair has the potential to be contaminated with harmful bacteria and viruses which can easily be spread from one patient to another. These caps help contain hair and prevent it from falling into areas that could cause contamination with other patients.

Surgical caps are also a great way to keep your hair from becoming damaged during work hours. Hair can become easily damaged by heavy chemicals, so this cap helps keep it protected from the damaging effects of chemicals and other agents, such as hydrogen peroxide or ammonia. The majority of these caps are made out of latex, making them an ideal choice for those who have latex allergies. Most caps have elastic bands or ties which allow for an adjustable fit so this cap will fit most people comfortably without causing any discomfort or irritation.

Many types of caps come with a built-in ventilation system that allows airflow through the cap while keeping hair securely inside. These ventilation holes keep the head cool and comfortable during long hours of working.

If you are looking for the perfect surgical cap, we’ve got you covered. This list was put together with all of your requirements in mind. We have tried and tested each product and will provide our honest opinion on each item.

Top 10 Best Surgical Caps

Do you need a surgical cap that will guarantee a high level of protection and comfort? We compared 10 hot surgical caps and recommended the best surgical caps.

1. WonderWink Men’s Wonderwork Unisex Surgical Cap

WonderWink Men's Wonderwork Unisex Scrub Cap

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WonderWink Men’s Wonderwork Unisex Surgical caps is the ideal cap for industrial enWonderWink Men’s Wonderwork Unisex Scrub Capthusiasts. The cap is designed in such a way to keep your hair from getting messy. It has a longer bill that can be worn flipped up and provides a great fit, as well as being made with a sturdy design. Cleanliness can sometimes be sacrificed for convenience, but with this cap, you do not have to worry about that.

65% Polyester, 35% Cotton :

 Polyester and cotton blend is more stretchable, and lighter weight and you won’t feel as hot.

Drawstring closure :

These Surgical Caps offer the revolutionary drawstring closure that makes their caps the best choice in surgical headwear.

Machine Wash :

These surgical caps have a pre-washed soft, breathable cotton/polyester fabric that gets cleaner faster and lasts longer than most other caps available.

Unisex Surgical Cap :

Unisex surgical cap is comfortable and breathable, providing both a surgical and non-surgical look.

Covered Elastic band in the back :

These Surgical Caps enhance performance and grace with a specially covered elastic band in the back. They stay securely during surgery so you can concentrate on what matters most—your work.

Terry Cloth Sweat Band inside :

These surgical caps feature a no-itch easy to adjust Velcro strap, a cooling fabric band at the sweatband and a unique snap-back for ultimate comfort and adjustability.

WonderWink logo at center back :

WonderWink has matching fabrics and stitching because safety matters for these. So work with a uniform cap, like WonderWink.

2. QBA Adjustable Working Cap

QBA Adjustable Working Cap with Button, Cotton Working Hat Sweatband, Elastic Bandage Tie Back Hats for Women & Men, One Size

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QBA Adjustable Working Cap 100% brand new and high quality.QBA Adjustable Working Cap with Button, Cotton Working Hat Sweatband, Elastic Bandage Tie Back Hats for Women & Men, One Size. Good elasticity and durability, don’t lose their original shape in a very long time. It is the best choice for daily wearing, working out, hiking, camping, fishing, and more sports activities.

100% Cotton :

 Made from 100% cotton, these caps are ideal for surgical procedures.

Elastic closure :

They use elastic to keep the surgical caps secure, giving you the peace of mind that they won’t fall off while in surgery.

Premium Cotton Material :

100% high-grade cotton fabric, It is super soft, breathable and comfortable; Good for indoor and outdoor activities.

Upgraded Design with Button : 

It’s an Upgraded Design with Button, you can wear these hats without the straps. It’s a good choice for you, the elastic design is convenient to adjust the size of the cap and well fits on your head. With its cozy and nice material and delicate design, you will feel like to enjoying it.

Moisture Wicking Sweatband : 

This unique sweatband can keep your forehead clean and dry, and reduce the risk of affecting people’s performance.

Well Adjustment : 

This cap with an elastic bandage and button design on the backside can adjust the tightness to fit in different head shapes and hair types of men and women.

3. ABAMERICA Working Caps

ABAMERICA Working Caps with Button and Sweatband, Adjustable Working Hats for Women Men, One Size(Tie Back or Toggle)

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ABAMERICA Surgical Caps are used for protecting your head from the sun, your ears from cold, and your neck from exposure to wind. The special feature of these caps is their ability to fold flat into a tiny packet and still offer protection. ABAMERICA Surgical Caps are used in hospitals and on construction sites by professionals worldwide.

Exclusive Design with 4 Buttons : 

Exclusive Design with 4 Buttons, you can hang your mask at your best level of comfort.A smart ear pain solution designed by nurses for nurses.

Quality Cotton Fabric with Designer Print:

Cotton Lightweight Fabric of 100% cotton is the best quality fabric for cool comfort, tight woven, and durable using.


The fabric can be washed several times at low temperature and can be ironed at very low temperature, keeping the vibrant color and pattern of a stylish and vibrant look. It is perfect to wear in either summer or winter seasons in any season to bring you maximum comfort.

Built-in Sweatband on Forehead:

The soft and absorbent terry cloth sweatband keeps you cool and dry during extended wear and secures your fit for long hours of work.

4. First Lifesaver Working Cap

First Lifesaver Working Cap with Buttons and Ribbon Tie for Women, Long Hair

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This is the First Lifesaver Surgical Cap with Buttons and Ribbon Tie for Women, Long Hair is a great choice for Halloween costume parties, theme-related events, or just because. It’s made to look like the familiar blue hat worn by physicians during surgery, so you may want to wear it whenever you need some added confidence during stressful situations.

Ponytail Pouch : 

The extra space in the back of the pouch fits ponytails and longer hair without pinching or pulling.

Ribbon Ties :

With Ribbon, you don’t have to worry about ponytail holders snapping, or your hair coming out. 

Universal Fits :

You can make it fit your head freely, carry it easily and work without worrying about your hair getting dirty.

Care Instructions :

Preserves the color and quality of the hat. – Hand washing prevents the hat from getting misshapen in the wash. – Reducing stains and residue that happen while throwing the hat into a laundry bag with other products.

5.GUOER Hat Bouffant Cap One Size Multi Color

GUOER Hat Bouffant Cap One Size Multi Color

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Get the GUOER Hat Bouffant Cap One Size Multi-Color to stay in style this season. This hat is comfortable to wear with its soft and stretchy material. Made of polyester fiber, it’s durable and easy to clean. The stylish color makes it perfect for everyday use or special occasions.


  • The elastic band is convenient for you to adjust the cap according to your head type and hairstyle.
  • With triangle cutting and sewing processing, the head cap is more beautiful and the hair will not drop.
  • No more sweat stains on your forehead, no more headache, and itching from material cutting into your skin.
  • This cap is made from a premium blend of surgical-grade cotton, designed for a comfortable fit and exceptional breathability.

6.ABAMERICA Working Cap with Button Long Hair

ABAMERICA Working Cap with Button Long Hair, Adjustable Working Hat Ponytail Holder, Tie Back Hats for Women, One Size

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This Cap Keeps your hairstyle under control even in the most intense situations. The adjustable straps allow you to wear it as a hat or a ponytail holder. It has a button closure on the back of the cap and the perfect blend of comfort and style that makes anyone a winner.


  • These caps give you an amazing look without damage. This cap sits comfortably on your head and does not tug or pull at your hair. The wide straps make sure no hair gets in the way of your vision.
  • The other side of the sweatband is made with a soft plush towel fabric to wipe away perspiration.
  • These Best Surgical Caps are lightweight for comfort, and tightly woven for durability.
  • The hair on your head is the only one you’re born with – make sure it stays safe by protecting it under an Abamerica surgical cap.

7. ABAMERICA Bouffant Caps

ABAMERICA Bouffant Caps with Button and Sweatband,Adjustable Working Hats for Women Men,One Size Fits All

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The ABAMERICA Bouffant Cap is an all-season working hat, with a button and sweatband to adjust the cap to the right size. Featuring high-quality material and is made with durable stitching to ensure years of enjoyment.


  • The fabric is light, breathable, and fast dry. It will make you comfortable to wear even for a long time.
  • Do you feel pain when wearing a medical plastic mask? This bouffant surgical cap with two sides buttons and an elastic band will make your surgery become more comfortable.
  • These surgical caps have an excellent elastic bandage on the backside, with toggle design, so you can simply adjust the tightness to fit in different head shapes and hair types.

8. Cherokee Unisex Surgical Cap

Cherokee Unisex Scrubs Hat 2506

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Cherokee’s Unisex Surgical Cap 2506 is a classic, cotton-padded cap that protects against scalp injuries and helps to keep hair clean during surgeries. This unisex surgical cap offers embroidered Cherokee wordmark on the front panel and an adjustable cotton/polyester webbing closure in the back. This surgical cap is designed to be worn by either gender with complete comfort.


  • Lightweight and comfortable wind and moisture resistant surgical cap for one size fits all.
  • The cap is lightweight, soft, and has stretch beaded elastic to fit all sizes.
  • The cap has a patent-pending sewing technique that allows the cushion to remain securely attached.

9. Big Hair Women’s Medical Surgical Caps

Big Hair Women's Medical Scrub Caps Surgical Caps - Heartbeats on Navy

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Big Hair Women’s Medical-Surgical Caps are strong and functional. The soft-touch, non-skid fabric provides all-day comfort. The medical-grade vinyl provides comfort and protection for sensitive skin, hair and scalp during chemotherapy or other treatments. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, cancer or heart patient, or just looking for stylish head coverings – this high-quality cotton blend caps are right for you!


These caps are made in the USA with pride, great selection to choose from, and most are FREE SHIPPING.

You get the softness, drape and durability of 100% cotton fabric at a great value.

During intense procedures, the sweatband absorbs sweat keeping your forehead dry.

10. CHUANGLI Cute Printed Surgical Cap

CHUANGLI Cute Printed Working Cap with Sweatband Adjustable Tie Back Hats for Women/Men

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CHUANGLI Cute Printed Surgical Cap with Sweatband Adjustable Tie Back Caps for Women/Men.  The surgical cap is made of cotton, highly breathable and light-weighted. It can effectively protect your forehead and ears from cold wind and make you feel warm after surgery.  It is designed to complement the surgical gown to keep the head comfortable during the surgery.


  • Company confident about the quality and performance of work gloves offer a refund without return service in 3 months If the item has any quality problems.
  • Friendly for Men/Women, keeping hair completely covered, maintaining your hairstyle during working and keeping your head clean and neat. Can use as bleach driendly hat, chef caps, sanitary hats, beauty spa caps, chemo hats, cleaning caps for hair loss etc.
  • The adjustable strap makes it ideal for anyone, guys, girls, men and women with long hair. The lace-up back design gives you an easy way to put it on.

How To Choose The Best Surgical Caps

Best Surgical Caps

There are a variety of surgical caps to choose from. These include skullcaps, skid-lids, visitor caps, nursing pillboxes and more. While choosing the right one can be quite challenging and confusing, the following factors will certainly aid you when making choices and help you end up with the best surgical cap that perfectly suits your needs.

As surgeons say: don’t risk your life for a cap. We can say that choosing the right surgical cap is very important for safety. Therefore the one which provides comfort, flexibility and protection at the same time.

Style & Design

Surgical caps come in many styles, from practical and functional to elegant and chic. No matter your budget, you will be able to find a design that fits your unique personality. These surgical caps are made with 100% cotton and boast a signature, hidden-button closure. Cap types include slouch caps (also called mandarin or bouffant types), square-shaped caps and others. In addition, you’ll also have a choice of three sizes: small, medium and large.


Surgical caps are an essential part of your attire and look. But if you’re a girl who likes to keep her locks long, they can get in the way, which ends up spoiling your overall look. So if you have the same problem, here are some surgical caps to consider. They come in different shapes and sizes and match most head sizes. All you have to do is take a close look at the features, read the reviews placed by real users, compare prices and select the one that looks like it will serve you best.


Your surgical cap can be made of cotton, polyester, nylon, or any other fabric you desire. But the question is: what material should you choose for your surgical caps? There is a wide range of fabrics and materials available when it comes to surgical caps. While cotton is great when you want a comfortable, soft, and breathable fabric, a blend of polyester and spandex will keep you cool and dry with its sweat-absorbing quality. Pick a fabric that is easy to wash and maintain, and gives you all-day comfort.

Best Surgical Cap- FAQs 

How do I protect my hair under a surgical cap?

If you’re a hairstylist, and you wear a “surgical cap” during your work day – then this is an important topic for you. Though your head covering may be free of particles and debris, there’s always the possibility that lint can be pulled into your hair during the course of the day. The result? Dirty scalp + dirty ends = bad news bears! With all the blood and hair oils found on the floor in salons, and with the obvious lack of protection against poisonous chemicals, it’s no surprise that we sometimes inadvertently gather dirty stuff in our hair.  To help protect yourself, here are some suggestions for protecting your hair beneath a scrub cap.

What happens if you wear a cap too much?

Wearing a cap for too long may cause hair loss. If you wear a cap constantly, the constant heat and perspiration can have an adverse effect on your hair follicles and the hair growth process.

Are surgical caps reusable?

You often hear that surgical caps are not reusable, as they need to be sterile right after surgery. However, there are special caps known as surgical caps or bonnets that can be used 2 – 3 times.

Surgical Caps PROS

  • Suitable for all-day wear
  • Durable and functional
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Mask-friendly design
  • Washable and reusable
  • Breathable and quick-drying
  • Modern, classic fit
  • Quick-drying and easy-to-maintain

Final Words

A surgical cap is a must-have part of the surgical attire. The presence of the surgical cap on the head of a physician prevents them from any form of contamination while at surgery. And, it is their counterparts that share the same area with respect to have their own caps in place, thereby protecting themselves and their patients against any form of contamination that could lead to infections or other health risks.

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