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A mouth guard prevents your teeth from grinding together during sleep and can help reduce the damage that regular snoring may cause. When you grind your teeth, you make small cracks in the enamel, leaving the tooth vulnerable to decay. A mouth guard will fit directly over your teeth and cover your gums; it is a very simple solution to save your teeth from further damage.

Select the right mouthpiece for those who suffer from sleep apnea and snoring. There are so many different types of mouthpieces. This article will guide you in selecting the right one by comparing seven popular brands of mouth guards.

Top Picks: 5 Best Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece

Top 7 Best Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece Reviews- 2022

1. Tranquility PRO 2.0 Dental Mouth Guard

Tranquility PRO 2.0 Dental Mouth Guard - Grinding Mouthpiece - Night Time Teeth Mouthguard & Sleeping Bite Guard for Bruxism - Custom Molding & Adjustability
  • MAX. BRUXISM SUPPORT // Prevents teeth grinding at night 7. Mouth guard should feel custom snug into your mouth!
  • PRECISION // Automold to your bite, just boil in water and then bite down on the moutpiece to form a comfortable mouthpiece customized to your bite a. Heat water and place hot water in a container large enough to be able to submerge mouth piece;1b. Have another container with reg. temp tap water.
  • CLEAR MEASUREMENT // Reading to easily calibrate the mouthpiece to your desired setting 5. If mold feels snug, secure, and tight, then take out of mouth and place in other container of water.6. Take out of other container and place in your mouth to test.
  • UNIQUE LOCK TECH // Precision lock technology, locks the mouthpiece in place at your desired setting, this can be changed at any time 2. Make sure soft plastic is secure into hard plastic (check all nipples are secure). Only submerge for 60 - 90 seconds. 3. Shake off any excess hot water, and place in your mouth;
  • NEW DESIGN // Makes the mouth guard the most effective mouthpiece on the market 4a. Bite down hard and suck out all the air. Also, press firmly on your lips so that the soft gel portion molds even better.4b. When biting down, remember not to bite too hard where your teeth bite through the soft gel and are now touching the hard plastic.

The Tranquility PRO 2.0 Dental Mouth Guard provides an alternative to the traditional mouthpieces that have become outdated and ineffective. The slim, sleek design allows for greater comfort, an enhanced fit, and better overall oral health.

Precision Adjustability

Our PRO model allows you to custom micro calibrate the setting. 10 one millimeter calibrations ensure a custom, comfortable fit with maximum effectiveness. Most other mouthpieces don’t give you that degree of adjustment if any at all.

One Piece Dental Device

Sleep experts recommend a quality dental mouthpiece as an effective initial therapy for Bruxism. Our guard has a unique locking mechanism that will keep the mouthpiece in place, exactly where you set it, without moving. Set it at the desired increment and sleep with confidence.

Easy Custom Molding

Tranquility is made of a soft gel material that enables you to mold the mouthguard on both the top and bottom teeth for the perfect fit. Easy to follow directions help you achieve a precision mold for effective relief of symptoms and pain due to grinding, gnashing, and clenching – otherwise known as Bruxism.

2. ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Solution

ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Solution - Introductory Starter Kit (Two Sizes Included) - Made in USA Snoring Solution for a Better Night’s Sleep (Blue)
  • INTRODUCTORY SET FOR NEW CUSTOMERS: Includes TWO mouthpieces: Comfort Size #1 (+2mm jaw adjustment) and Comfort Size #2 (+6mm jaw adjustment); TRY BOTH TO DETERMINE THE MOST EFFECTIVE FIT; also includes a protective STORAGE CASE
  • EFFECTIVE SOLUTION: Prevents snoring by STABILIZING and advancing the jaw forward to CREATE AN OPEN AIRWAY with an oral mouthpiece while you sleep; affordable, reliable treatment TRUSTED BY MILLIONS of satisfied customers over the past 10 years!
  • EASY TO USE: Ready out of the box with NO BOILING and NO MOLDING; soft, NON-BULKY material and FLEXIBLE HINGES for FREE JAW MOVEMENT and NATURAL BREATHING THROUGH NOSE OR MOUTH; for the best success, commit to an adjustment period
  • A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST: Founded by Dan and Trina Webster to help Dan’s snoring problem and give Trina a chance to sleep! They are proud to share that relationship-mending success to everyone! Better Sleep = Better Life

Stops snoring and promote a restful sleep with ZQuiet by SleepRight. Use at night to prevent snoring while you’re awake as a jaw exerciser designed to increase strength in your jaw muscles and improve your ability to hold your mouth open.

Cause of Snoring

Muscles and tissue relax during sleep; the tongue falls back into the airway, the airway narrows, and airflow is partially blocked, causing vibrating tissue to make the snoring noise. Snoring is increased by: obesity, nasal obstruction, alcohol, and smoking (also pregnancy)

How We Treat It

ZQuiet Mouthpiece advances the lower jaw and prevents the tongue and soft tissue from collapsing in the airway, increasing the airway’s diameter. It is designed to be comfortable, easy to use, and enables freedom of jaw movement.

Safe and Effective

  • Dentist Designed
  • Clinically Proven
  • Made in the USA
  • Soft Material, Latex & BPA Free
  • FDA Registered

3. PureSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

PureSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece – Helps Stop Snoring – The Original Anti-Snoring Solution – Comfortable & Adjustable – Over a Million Units Sold – Made in The USA
  • First snoring mouthpiece available without prescription. Over a million units sold,
  • OTC-cleared by FDA so it’s safe and actually works. Competitors? Not so much!
  • Patented design adapts to almost everyone’s jaw size and shape with minimal bulkiness.
  • Some soreness is normal for first 3 to 4 nights, then it’s very comfortable.
  • Made and supported in USA. We’ll work with you to get promised results or your money back.

The patented design of the PureSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece adapts to nearly everyone’s jaw size and shape with minimal bulkiness. It has also been tested in a clinical study and proven to be reliable and effective against snoring.

Don’t be fooled by imitators that claim to do what PureSleep does!

  • GET THE ORIGINAL: PureSleep was the first device of its kind, with well over a million units sold over the last twenty years. Don’t be fooled by imitators.
  • COMFORTABLE: PureSleep’s patented adaptable dual-polymer design accommodates all types and sizes of bites without being bulky or obtrusive, so it’s more comfortable.
  • BASED ON REAL SCIENCE: Designed and used by dentists and physicians, PureSleep is based on the clinically proven mandibular repositioning technique, so it’s a solution you can trust.
  • MADE IN THE USA with 100% American materials. This is a genuine, authentic PureSleep device.

Why You Snore

The soft tissue at the back of the throat relaxes during sleep, partially blocking the airway. As air rushes through this narrowed opening, it causes the tissue to “flutter” like a flag in the wind. This vibration causes the unmistakable sound of snoring.

How It Works

PureSleep works by a technique called ‘mandibular repositioning’ whereby the device gently holds your lower jaw forward, opening the upper airway, allowing air to flow freely, and eliminating the vibrations that cause snoring.

4. Tranquillam Sleep Custom Molded Night Mouth Guard

Our mouthguard is incredibly easy to use. Simply place the guard into your mouth and bite down. Tighten the straps behind and around your head, then let go. Within a few seconds, it will form a perfect fit for you. There’s no need to boil it or adjust it every time you want to use it; simply wear it as often as needed, and our advanced material will always keep its shape.


Tranquillam Sleep night guards are made with quality thermoplastics – no more melted plastic and uncomfortable fitting mouth guards!

Our devices are designed to be molded to have a custom fit that will provide you with a comfortable night of sleep.

Highlighted Features

  • Great for all ages that are having difficulty sleeping or staying asleep at night
  • Easy to Use 1-Step Process to Custom Fit
  • Great for Eliminating Sleep Related Noise
  • Works as a Bite Guard for Playing Sports
  • Heavy Duty – Built for Multiple Uses

5. ZYPPAH Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

ZYPPAH Anti Snoring Hybrid Oral Appliance Mouthpiece Stop Snoring Solution Snore Stopper Mouth Guard Device - Made in USA, FDA Cleared - Original
  • GUARANTEED RESULTS: ZYPPAH Anti Snoring Mouthpiece is guaranteed to work, it succeeds by controlling your tongue and opening the airway, which are two main causes of snoring. By wearing ZYPPAH, your brain gets the oxygen it needs so that you wake up feeling refreshed, energetic and healthy.
  • ADVANCED AND INNOVATIVE DESIGN: ZYPPAH is the only snoring solution with a tongue strap that acts as a seatbelt and prevents your tongue from blocking your airway, which makes ZYPPAH different than every other stop snoring product on the market. Invented by Dr. Greenburg, a dentist who is also a bioengineer, ZYPPAH snore mouthpiece is customizable to fit your mouth ensuring maximum results.
  • COMFORTABLE, SAFE & EFFECTIVE: ZYPPAH snore stopper has a snoring strap that provides superior comfort while advancing your lower jaw. Our patented Tongue Elastic is proven in an independent clinical trial to stop snoring by addressing the root cause which is your tongue. All ZYPPAH anti snoring devices are made in the USA and are cleared by the FDA.
  • WIDELY ACCLAIMED AND ENDORSED BY CELEBS: ZYPPAH is the only anti-snoring mouthpiece proven to work on NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, DR. Oz, Bloomberg and endorsed by celebrities, including Shaquille O’Neal (SHAQ), Steven A. Smith, Bob Eubanks and others.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, it’s essential to control your tongue while sleeping. Zyppah Anti Snoring Hybrid Oral Appliance stops snoring and improves sleep apnea. It works by controlling your tongue and keeping the airway open.


Wear your ZYPPAH one hour before sleeping the first night, but take your time to get used to it, and the experience will gradually improve. The more you wear your mouthpiece while awake, the faster you’ll become accustomed to it.


If you’re having trouble sleeping, just remove your ZYPPAH and go back to sleep. Each night that goes by should allow you to sleep longer with the appliance; you’ll get used to it after a few weeks.


You may experience excess salivation because your brain thinks you just put a lot of food in your mouth. If so, wear your ZYPPAH one hour before bed and get distracted; your brain will realize that this isn’t food, and the salivation will eventually stop.

6. Bright Guard 2.0 Night Sleep Mouthpiece

Bright Guard 2.0 Adjustable Night Sleep Aid Bruxism Mouthpiece Mouth Guard
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY - AFFORDABLE PRICING Customers are raving about a mouthguard that works without breaking the bank. Has all the features of a product ten times the price. Custom mold to your teeth, then utilize ten adjustable settings. Small, thin, and comfortable.
  • THE SLEEP SOLUTION If you or your partner are loosing sleep due to breathing issues, or if you grind and clench your teeth at night and suffer the resulting pain and discomfort, our dental mouth guard may be the solution you have been looking for. Effective and Affordable.
  • 10 ADJUSTMENT SETTINGS The upper and lower trays work together to hold the jaw slightly forward using this dental device. These adjustments to the jaw help clear the airway to improve nighttime breathing and sleep.
  • PRECISION LOCK TECHNOLOGY With 10 one mm adjustments available, you can lock the mouthpiece at your desired setting, and change it at anytime. Perfect for satisfying individual needs. Once setting is made, no slipping or readjustment needed until you decide on a different setting for yourself.
  • EASY TO USE INSTRUCTIONS With our added guide, you can easily mold your Brightgaurd 2.0 to your teeth for a completely custom fit. Our small, thin, comfortable, gel mouthpiece can then be adjusted for your comfort and to fit your needs. Affordable & easy to use, yet extremely effective.

Bright Guard 2.0 is an adjustable mouth guard that has been customized to fit your teeth and muscles, providing a maximum level of comfort and effectiveness. The custom-molded nighttime adjustable bruxism mouthpiece can be trimmed to fit your specific bruxism needs, eliminating pressure points and providing a comfortable night’s sleep for sufferers of bruxism and TMJ problems in their mouth.

Lightweight & Comfortable

Our small, thin, and comfortable gel mouthpiece can be adjusted for your comfort and to fit your needs. Many mouth guards are big and feel bulky in your mouth, but Bright Guard promotes comfort, which increases wearability.

Custom Mold for the Perfect Fit

Our soft, flexible gel material allows for quick molding so that the guard fits your mouth just as it should. Easy to follow directions for precision molding right in your own home.

Multiple Micro Adjustments

Our dental mouth guard is effective because instead of just one or two different settings, Bright Guard has 10 incremental settings of 1 millimeter each. Some people will need to increase adjustments over time, and the level of needed adjustment will vary from person to person. This just isn’t possible with other mouthpieces on the market.

7. VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece, Adjustable Jaw Positioning, Custom Teeth Impressions, USA Made & FDA Cleared Snore Solution Mouth Guard
  • STOPS SNORING AT THE SOURCE: Sleep soundly through the night with our proven snore solution. The USA-made VitalSleep anti-snoring device opens your airway and reduces the sound of snoring by gently holding the jaw and tongue forward. Unlike other devices, this anti-snoring mouthpiece molds to your teeth for a personalized and comfortable fit.
  • COSTS LESS THAN COUPLES THERAPY: Waking up in the middle of the night due to snoring has the effect of disrupting your sleep pattern and disturbing your bed partner. Treat yourself to a full night’s rest and a pleasant morning with our mouthpiece for snoring. Our snoring product makes quiet sleep an achievable relationship goal.
  • PATENTED ADJUSTMENT MECHANISM: The VitalSleep mandibular advancement device features an adjustable lower tray that allows you to advance the jaw up to 8mm to open the airway based on the severity of snoring. Custom teeth impressions provide a comfortable fit using an easy boil-and-bite fitting process to ensure a restful, snore-free night of sleep.
  • 60-NIGHT GUARANTEE: We are confident our American made snoring device will improve your sleep, and offer a satisfaction guarantee including a 1-year warranty. We want you to experience the best sleep possible. VitalSleep fits most users however in some cases it may not be suitable for a user.
  • FDA-CLEARED: This innovative anti-snoring mouthpiece is FDA cleared to reduce snoring. The patented device is made of hypoallergenic medical-grade materials. It's also BPA and latex-free. Breathe easily and quietly throughout the night and wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the day.

The VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is a one-of-a-kind sleep apnea solution. Proven to improve your sleep quality and stop snoring, this simple mouthpiece offers a cost-effective alternative to CPAP therapy for those who suffer from sleep apnea. Designed to fit comfortably in the mouth and gently hold the tongue, it’s an effective treatment that helps you sleep soundly through the night.

Accu-Adjust System

VitalSleep patented design targets the cause of snoring and advances the jaw to open the airway based on your snoring intensity for quiet breathing. This unique functionality is not available with many other snoring devices.

Molds For A Personalized Fit

An easy-to-mold boil-and-bite fitting process allows VitalSleep to mold to each tooth for comfort and effectiveness. This can be completed at home in 3 minutes so you can stop snoring the first night.

Used by Professionals

The VitalSleep anti-snoring device is used by sleep and dental professionals. It’s one of the top snoring devices on the market without the costly office visits.

Buying Guide

sleep apnea mouth device


More customizing options are available with MADs. The majority of these mouthpieces are boil-and-bite types with thermoplastic trays that let you mold your teeth to your liking. This level of personalization isn’t required or available with TRDs. Although most are universal fit, certain versions are available in numerous sizes to accommodate different sleepers.

Material of Excellent Quality

Silicone resin, plastic, or a combination of these materials are used to make the majority of MADs and TRDs. The moldable thermoplastic may be used wholly or in layers in the upper and lower trays of boil-and-bite MADs. Latex and BPA plastic are no longer used in most anti-snoring mouthpieces. Most devices will need to be replaced every 6 to 2 years.


Some sleepers prefer the jaw-advancing feel of a MAD over the tongue-retaining suction of a TRD. Others, on the other hand, believe the exact reverse. If you want to figure out which gadget is most comfortable, you should look into models with sleep trials. The final line is to talk to your doctor about MADs and TRDs to find out what your best alternatives are and then go from there.


You can control how far the MAD advances your jaw with various MADs. Adjustments are commonly made in 1mm increments on these devices. The other MADs, on the other hand, are not adjustable manually. Hinge mechanisms in these gadgets frequently adjust to the user’s mouth automatically. TRDs are not adjustable by default.

Easy to clean

We recommend cleaning your anti-snoring mouthpiece after using hot water for maximum effects. To prevent bacterial accumulation in a MAD, you should regularly scrub the upper and bottom trays. Cleaning solutions for MADs are available from some companies. Toothpaste and a toothbrush could also be useful. Clean the interior of the tongue opening if you use a TRD. If your anti-snoring mouthpiece doesn’t come with a protective case, make sure it’s kept clean when not in use.


Does mouthpiece work for sleep apnea?

By moving the jaw forward, sleep apnea mouthpieces usually work. By increasing the airway size, these sleep apnea mouthguards reduce the resistance that results in snoring and sleep apnea.

What is sleep apnea?

Basically, sleep apnea happens when your airway regularly closes as you sleep, causing you to be deprived of oxygen until you wake up gasping for air. Leaving the condition untreated can lead to serious health complications.

How do I know if I have sleep apnea?

Those with sleep apnea often complain about loud snoring with periodic choking noises, having sore throats or headaches in the morning, being tired the next day, having difficulty concentrating, and affecting moods.

Final Words

When choosing a mouthpiece, you want to choose one that is well-made and will be comfortable to wear as you sleep. The design should fit snugly in your mouth without slipping over time. This will ensure effectiveness without sacrificing comfort.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll have a better idea of what to look for in a sleep apnea mouthpiece. Now that you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s time to find the right one.

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