7 Best Pill Crusher On The Market In 2022

There are a wide variety of tablets available, and the demands of the people who take them vary widely. It may be necessary for some people to take larger tablets, while others may require smaller pills, or even more than one sort of drug at a time. In addition, a variety of pill crushers are available to help consumers get the most out of their medication regimens.

Tablet crushers are among the many types of pill crushers. To facilitate oral or rectal administration, this tablet crusher breaks tablets down into their component pieces. The powder or capsule crusher is yet another variety of pill crusher to consider. Crushing capsules into little fragments so that they can be absorbed orally or through the rectum is the purpose of this sort of crusher.

The advantages and cons of each of these pill crushers may be found in the table below. The powder or capsule crusher is better for smashing up capsules into little bits so that they can be taken orally or through the rectum, whereas the tablet crusher is better for breaking down tablets into their component parts.

7 Best Pill Crushers Reviews

1. Pill Grinder – Stainless Steel Tablet & Vitamin Crusher

Pill Grinder - Stainless Steel Tablet & Vitamin Crusher - Grind and Pulverize Multiple Pills, Medicine to Fine Powder - Use for Feeding Tube, Kids or Pets

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The Pill Grinder is made of 100% stainless steel and will last you a lifetime. Its unique 4-step grinding and pulverization works on any traditional pill, vitamin, tablet and herb. Use it for the family or for your pet, who needs to take pills. The Pill Grinder is a piece of easy to clean solid stainless steel construction with a wide top opening. This grinder can be used for almost anything that grinds up pills and tablets – herbs, spices, pet food and medications.

Elongated Handle

The grinder has been crafted with an elongated handle allowing you to grind your pills, vitamins and medicine with minimal effort. The grinder is designed to be compact and comfortable to hold by the user. It features a durable construction that will provide long lasting use for years to come, perfect for personal use or as a gift!

Built For The Future

This product is made to last a lifetime. It’s equipped with the highest quality stainless steel and ceramic burr, which will consistently and effortlessly crush your pills and medicine into fine powder throughout the life of the product.

Ultimate Pill Crusher

With the ultimate pill crusher, you no longer need to struggle when taking your medication. The pill grinder is essential for grinding pills to FINE POWDER and making it easy to crush multiple pills at once so you can take them more effectively. This unique and durable design makes it simple to grind your medicine, helping you take it more effectively while leaving less room for error.


Their pill grinder is uniquely engineered to collapse down easily allowing for ease of travel. Effortlessly stow away your pill grinder in your suitcase or toiletry bag. This product is perfect for those who have a hard time opening bottles, traveling frequently, and/or taking pills on the go.

2. AUVON Mini Pill Crusher (Easy to Clean, Easy to Use)

AUVON Mini Pill Crusher (Easy to Clean, Easy to Use), 2nd Gen Porcelain Mortar & Pestle Pill Grinder Explicitly Designed for Crushing Pills, Medicine, and Medications (Patent Registered)

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The AUVON Mini Pill Crusher (Easy to Clean, Easy to Use), 2nd Gen Porcelain Mortar & Pestle Pill Grinder Explicitly Designed for Crushing Pills, Medicine, and Medications (Patent Registered) is the professional and environmental way to crush your pills. Whether you have an allergy to gluten or have a lot of medication you are taking this pill crusher will easily be able to help. This mini pill crusher is portable and convenient so it makes it easy to go where you need too. The Mini Pill Crusher comes with a detachable tray that can be taken off for easy cleaning. Quartz crushing wheel, 1oz capacity.


This double-layer porcelain mortar & pestle is made with high quality, extra thick porcelain. The thickness of this porcelain crusher is doubled compared to normal ceramic mortar & pestle to avoid it being broken when pulverizing medications. While crushing, please watch out for keeping things from jumping out.

2nd Gen Pill Crusher

Let’s face it, breaking down pills into smaller bits can be a hassle. However, with the AUVON 2nd Gen Pill Crusher, popping those pills will never be a problem again. Just put them into the box and watch as they are crushed down to fine powder in no time. The second generation of this popular crushing device is now more efficient than ever, with a wider area that allows you to crush down even the largest pills with ease.

Easy To Grind

The Easy Grinder provides patients with a safe, effective and hassle-free way to grind up their medication. Its ergonomic design is great for people who suffer from arthritis in their hands or wrists, making it easy to use with only one hand. With its pop-top lid and built-in storage compartment, it’s ideal for travel. It also includes a hard plastic travel case for maximum protection when flying.

Easy to Clean

It is possible that using this mortar and pestle will save you time and effort because it does not require any disassembly prior to cleaning, and the porcelain surface is easier to clean and dries up more rapidly than plastic would be. (Here are some helpful hints: wash it after each use, allow it to dry before storing it, and keep it away from anything acidic or detergent-based.)

3. Apex Pill Crusher Pulverizer Grinder, Medicine Crusher and Pill Pulverizer for Large Pills

Apex Pill Crusher Pulverizer Grinder, Medicine Crusher and Pill Pulverizer for Large Pills, Small Pills, Tablets, Vitamins

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Are you tired of busting your muscles to open up your pills, tablets and vitamins? Have you tried using other pill grinder tools, but was disappointed by the quality? Are you looking for a reliable, long lasting and easy to use pill and tablet crusher, pill pulverizer and medication crusher? Apex Pill Crusher is the perfect tool for crushing (pills, tablets and vitamins), blending (smoothies) and mincing ingredients with 3 different size grinding plates. It’s a tool with a lot of potential.

Tablets and pill crusher

This simple to use, yet effective pill crusher is a multi-purpose pill pulverizer that not only crushes big pills, but also those with time release coating. Crushing medications will increase absorption and reduce side effects! Use with their Caplet™ Pill Organizers and Tablet Defense™ They all know medicine tastes bad, so don’t swallow these pills whole! Trust Apex, the leader in medicine crushers and pill organizers.

Pill Grinder

This pill grinder is a perfect way to grind your pills into a fine powder. You can grind small pills and large pills, vitamins, tablets, or anything else you have. The grinder works for humans and can also be used as a pill crusher for pets. There is an adjustable cap to control the size of the pieces that come out of this tablet crusher.


Portable pill crusher with strong steel blades that can crush any tablet quickly. This is a great medicine grinder for those on the go, and safe to use at home or away from home. A perfect gift for someone hard to shop for!

Fine Powder

The Unused Pill Powder Storage Container is the perfect way to store unused or expired prescription and non-prescription medication. The handy, easy-to-use Pill Crusher has a patent pending design that makes crushing pills simple with one downward motion. The Pill Crusher uses standard OTC vitamin bottles and can also be used as a tablet crusher, pill crusher, and vitamin crusher.

4. EZY DOSE Crush Pill, Vitamins, Tablets Crusher and Grinder

EZY DOSE Crush Pill, Vitamins, Tablets Crusher and Grinder, Storage Compartment, Assorted Colors, Large

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For some people, getting their medications in pill form is just too easy. They enjoy the crunch of breaking open a pill and chewing it for that extra bit of texture in their mouth. You know who you are. The EZY DOSE Crusher and Grinder stores all of your medication in a single pill organizer, so you can carry only one container with you at all times. Three different compartments for different colors and sizes of your medications. Each compartment holds up to 4 pills each. Pop out the cap compartment for vitamins, capsules or supplements without the need to find a separate container. Made of durable food-grade plastic with zinc-alloy Stainless Steel blade. This is the bomb!

Pill Capacity

The pill capacity  holds up to 4 pills (aspirin-sized) and can accommodate medications, vitamins or supplements. Pop open the lid to access your daily dose and keep track of what’s in there. This pill box can be utilized by children, seniors and those with dexterity issues.


Not only is their Compartment Pill Box discreetly hidden, but it also includes a built- in pill storage compartment so you can separate your pills.

Living Healthy

ezy dose products make living healthier simply easier, Many products endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation. Such as the Healthy Living Kit and the ezy dose Pill Organizer which can easily help you manage your pills. The Easy Lift Kitchen Tool provides comfortable grip and control for those who need extra support when lifting objects.

Built to Last

Built to withstand repeated use, the Anvil is tough enough to stand up to the demands of extended stays in extreme weather conditions.

5. Electric Pill Crusher Grinder

Electric Pill Crusher Grinder - Grind and Pulverize Small and Large Medication and Vitamin Tablets to Fine Powder - Electronic Pulverizer to Crush Multiple Pills - Use for Feeding Tube, Kids or Pets

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The Electric Pill Crusher Grinder – Crush and Pulverize Small and Large Medication and Vitamin Tablets to Fine Powder – Electronic Pulverizer to Crush Multiple Pills – Use for Feeding Tube, Kids or Pets is a small electronic pill crusher grinder that crushes pills, tablets and capsules down to fine powder. The Electric Pill Crusher Grinder pulverizes multiple pills at one time into smaller particles making it easier to swallow, mix in foods or liquids and make it easier on the stomach. Heavy duty high speed motor can crush entire medication bottles with ease! It is ideal for individuals who have trouble swallowing pills or anyone suffering from chewing problems.

Pours Over 100 Tablets Of Any Size

Their large pill pulverizer is the perfect solution for safe, easy and efficient management of pills of any size or shape. Able to pulverize both whole tablets and capsules, this pill crusher will handle more than 100 tablets at one time. The large capacity makes it ideal for taking medications on an empty stomach. Plus, it features a clear compartment so you can see when it needs to be emptied.

Manual Grinding

Their Electronic pill grinder is great for the elderly, people with arthritis, or people with weak grips. It has stainless steel blades that can grind pills in seconds. Just put your big pills and tablets in the medicine crusher cup, replace the lids, and press down to crush them into a single dose that is easier to take.

Safety Design, Easy To Clean

The med crusher cup is made of smooth stainless steel and has an inner lid to keep the fine powder from escaping. It is designed to give the right amount of medicine. The metal pill grinder comes with a spoon, a small brush, and a cleaning cloth for getting the fine powder out of the grinder and wiping away any leftover powder.

Easy One-Button Operation

With a simple push-down-power operation with the lid utilized as a switch, the grinder will start grinding and only stop until you lift your hand from the lid. You can also maintain pushing the lid for varied lengths of time to regulate the coarse, medium, and fine grinding stages. In addition, the grinder is more secure, as the blade will only begin to rotate when the lid is on the cup and pressed down on it..

6. Silent Knight Pill Crusher

New Silent Knight Pill Crusher + 100 Free Pouches

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Silent Knight Pill Crusher Pouches are an innovative, cost effective and easy to use solution to prevent cross contamination when crushing pills. The Silent Knight pill crusher machine offers a convenient, quiet way to prepare your medications and is the perfect fit for busy households that take multiple medications daily. Silent Knight pill crusher pouches are a convenient way to ensure consistent dosing by reducing crumbling and spillage of pills during the crushing process.

Safely Contains

Safely contains pills during the crushing process, thus eliminating cross contamination and unnecessary clean up. When it’s time to crush, just flip the Pill Crusher over, load your pills and press down. The pill crusher is designed with a thick foam pad that won’t scratch or damage your pills and will stop them from falling out during crushing sessions.

Storage Compartment

This pill crusher features a storage compartment on the top, where you can store the pouches below. This allows you to separate your ingredients as you need them without having to dig through the drawer or plastic container.

Clear Plastic Pouches

Clear plastic pouches are a great way to keep your products safe. When displayed on a shelf or stored in a box, including clear plastic pouches increases visibility and ensures that customers select the right product every time. These clear plastic pouches come with 2″ x 4 1/2″ dimensions and 7 mil thickness.

7. Pill Crusher and Grinder – Crush Multiple Tablets and Vitamins to a Fine Powder

Pill Crusher and Grinder - Crush Multiple Tablets and Vitamins to a Fine Powder - Stainless Steel Shaft with Clear Plastic Collection Cup - Folding Handle and Ceramic Burr by Kraftura

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The Kraftura Pill Crusher and Grinder is a simple and easy way to crush your medications and vitamins into a fine powder. The bowl is made from durable stainless steel, so it is sturdy and long lasting. The clear plastic collection cup allows you to see how much of your medication you’ve already crushed, with the bottom compartment where you can put the rest of your pills that you want to crush.

Pill Grinder

If you find it difficult to swallow tablets and pills, or find that crushing medicine is easier to take, then you need their stainless-steel pill crusher. It has a simple design that allows you to easily crush your medication into a fine powder concentration. The edges are rounded so it won’t scratch anything while in use.

Folding Handle, Easy-access Lid

Fully detachable handle and easy access lid so you can remove the lid without having to unscrew the elongated handle making it quick and easy to load up the kettle. The handle itself folds down to make it compact and easy to store, ideal for traveling.

Long Lasting Ceramic Burr

Don’t settle for anything less than their Long Lasting Ceramic Burr. Unlike other medicine crusher products available, they have made their own with a ceramic burr that is far stronger than plastic. It has the ability to crush multiple tablets in one go with ongoing consistency and reliability.

Convenient And Lightweight

Safer, easier and quicker to use than the standard pill crusher. This product produces a fine powder finish, regardless of the pill size. The crushing mechanism in their pill splitter crusher makes light work of grinding down pills. If you have mobility issues or suffer with arthritis you will still be able to use it and receive a fine powder finish.

What To Consider When Buying Best Pill Crusher

Best Pill Crusher

Most of the products listed are not selected hand to hand. We used artificial intelligence to make the list. But we can assure you all the products listed here are of superior quality as they are already tested by real users, rated by expert reviewers, and recommended by real humans.

Key decision-making factors you should consider to select the products:


To have fun, you should not have to put up with any discomfort or limitations. When deciding whether or not to use a pill crusher for a feeding tube, comfort is an important consideration. There are a variety of pill crushers for feeding tubes that offer stability and control while still allowing for a smooth and comfortable operation. A fishing kayak, for example, should be comfortable enough that you don’t spend the entire trip wishing you could get out of the boat because your back or feet are sore.


Be certain that the product you’re considering purchasing has all the features you require before you proceed to the checkout.

When purchasing a product, product details are critical. They are the ones who decide what the product is capable of and what it is not. There are a lot of goods out there, so it’s vital to pick the best one for your needs.

Choose a pill crusher for feeding tubes constructed from only the finest materials and precisely engineered to match your requirements. It’s a great investment.

Performance, features, and price are three of the most important factors to consider when comparing different products. Your final decision will be influenced by each of these elements. You may be confident that you got the finest value for your money if you take into account all of them.

Brand Value

Consider buying your tube-feeding pill crusher from a company known for its high-quality products and attentive customer support. You can count on good brand products to be created with the utmost care and precision, and they’ll always be there to answer your questions and fix any problems with the products, or even refund your money if any damage is discovered.


The design and construction of a pill crusher for a feeding tube, as well as the material it is constructed of, are important factors in determining how long it will last. It is important to choose a pill crusher for feeding tubes that can handle pressure, wear and damage.

In addition, ensure that it has a streamlined appearance that will look fantastic wherever. A robust product is a must-have for everybody, be they a busy mother or a construction worker.

Control and Consistency

A Purpose Celadon’s stability and control are critical to how well it operates, and this score was weighted accordingly. When using the product, think about how much stability and control you require.

For example, we consider how this product will affect our daily lives and how we will feel when we use it.


When shopping for a pill crusher for a feeding tube, keep in mind that price and quality are oftentimes inseparable. Quality and high-performance options for pill crushers for feeding tubes rise as more businesses enter the market. Just because a pill crusher for feeding tube is the most expensive does not mean it’s the best choice for you and your hard-earned dollar. In terms of performance and comfort, there are a number of lower-priced options available.

Best Pill Crusher-FAQs

How do pill crushers work?

The purpose of pill crushers is to pulverize pills so that they can be easily dissolved in liquids or sprinkled over food…. Just give it a little bit of pressure, and in a few moments, your pill will turn into powder.

Are pill crushers covered by Medicare?

Items and medications connected to health that can be obtained without a doctor’s prescription but are not covered by Medicare Part A, Part B, or Part D are considered over-the-counter (OTC). In addition, they are making it clear that assistive gadgets are allowed. These devices include pill cutters, pill crushers, pill bottle openers, and personal electronic activity trackers.

Is a pill crusher FSA eligible?

It is possible to get compensation for pill cutters, boxes, sorters, and organizers if you have a flexible spending account (FSA), a health savings account (HSA), or a health reimbursement agreement (HRA) .

Similarly, are pill crushers good?

Although pill crushers are particularly useful for the elderly, the addition of such a powerful and practical tool to one’s medicine cabinet is beneficial for a great number of other people as well. When it comes to consuming drugs, pill crushers are an absolute requirement for those who have feeding tubes.


A feeding tube pill crusher is a fun and easy way to get the job done.

Let’s face it, we all like to believe that the money we spent was well spent. However, the number of choices is staggering! Is there a way to tell which one is a feeding tube pill crusher? Drive Celadon has your back, so don’t stress about it. You can count on their experienced staff to walk you through every step of the way and discover a solution that works best for you. If you have any questions or concerns before making a final decision, you can take advantage of their free consultations. Buying home audio equipment can be a daunting task if you don’t have someone knowledgeable to guide you through the process.

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