Best Non-Electric Toothbrush

To maintain oral hygiene, it is important to make use of the best non electric toothbrush or manual toothbrush available on the market. Our mouth can become infected with bacteria from the food we eat to energize our body, which will de-energize us. Having an incredible dental routine helps you achieve a bright, confident smile, and has a positive impact on your relationships. The routine keeps bad breath at bay, which can be embarrassing and unattractive.

Although, a manual toothbrush or non electric toothbrush may not be as effective and efficient as an electric one. That is why we decided to do a bit of research on finding the best non-electric toothbrush available on the market. This article will cover everything that you need to know about non-electric toothbrushes. The article covers the factors which we must keep in mind before purchasing one.

Top Picks: Best Non-Electric Toothbrush

Top 10 Best Non-Electric Toothbrush Reviews- 2022

1. Oral-B Pulsar 3d White Advanced Vivid Soft Toothbrush

Oral-B Pulsar 3d White Advanced Vivid Soft Toothbrush Twin Pack (Colors May Vary)

The Oral-B 3D White Advanced Vivid Soft Bristle Manual Toothbrush whitens your teeth by removing surface stains and gives you an amazing, healthy smile. The special polishing cups gently remove surface stains and polish away on the enamel, leaving a clean surface that looks like it’s glowing from within. The brush features softer bristles that gently clean, polish, and removes plaque on the surface of teeth, leaving you with a bright white smile. 

Why Choose this?

MicroPulse Bristles: Oral-B Pulsar 3d White Advanced Vivid Soft Toothbrush is a revolutionary toothbrush that leaves you looking as great as you feel. The MicroPulse bristles vibrate back and forth to sweep away plaque and remove stains. You get whiter, brighter teeth in less than a week’s time.

Split Head Design: The Oral B Pulsar 3D White Advanced Vivid Soft Toothbrush is the most advanced battery toothbrush on the market. The unique split head design adjusts to the contours of your teeth to massage your gums as you brush. And with a 3D cleaning action, this toothbrush delivers best plaque removal.

Soft Bristles: The Oral-B Pulsar 3D White toothbrush features Deep Clean action to slide deep between teeth and along the gumline. The soft bristles, rounded profile and powerful rotation of the pulsating head all work together to remove plaque.

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2. Colgate 360 Toothbrush

Colgate 360 Toothbrush, Soft, 4 Count

The Colgate 360° Toothbrush with tongue and cheek cleaner is designed to make you feel like you just left the dentist’s office. Its proprietary All-Around Clean bristle system removes 151% more plaque than an ordinary flat-trim toothbrush plus it helps keep your lips soft and healthy, removes odor-causing bacteria and thoroughly cleans your cheeks, tongue, and teeth. Do a good job of taking care of yourself by using the Colgate 360° Toothbrush with tongue and cheek cleaner after every meal or snack, or at least twice a day. It’s also available in an Optic White toothbrush variety to help remove surface stains and give you whiter teeth!

Why Choose this?

Remove More Plaque: The Colgate 360° Total Advanced Floss-Tip Bristles toothbrush helps remove more plaque for a superior clean vs. an ordinary flat-trim toothbrush. There are polishing cups on the outer bristles that help remove surface stains, and floss-tip bristles on the inner bristles to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Clean Cheek & Tongue: The Colgate 360° Toothbrush helps you brush your teeth with a unique cheek and tongue cleaner. Its multi-angled bristles sweep your cheeks, tongue, and teeth clean to help remove more odor-causing bacteria for increased freshness.

Ergonomic Handle Design: Colgate’s toothbrush contains a 360-Surround design that cleans and whitens teeth by gently polishing away surface stains. Micro-cleaning bristles also help with effective plaque removal throughout the mouth. The brush’s end-rounded bristles help protect your gums, while the ergonomic handle design is comfortable to grip.

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3. Colgate 360 Adult Toothbrush

Colgate 360 Adult Toothbrush, Medium (4 Count)

Designed to make you feel like you just left the dentist’s office, the Colgate 360° Toothbrush with tongue and cheek cleaner cleans your teeth and tongue and cheeks. The All-Around Clean bristles on the toothbrush remove 151% more plaque than a standard flat-trim toothbrush. It also removes odor-causing bacteria and thoroughly cleans your cheeks, tongue, and teeth. You can take care of yourself by brushing your teeth after every meal or snack or at least twice a day with the Colgate 360° Toothbrush with tongue and cheek cleaner. You can also choose an Optic White toothbrush to help whiten your teeth and remove surface stains!

Why Choose this?

Remove More Plaque: With Colgate 360° Total Advanced Floss-Tip Bristles, you will be able to remove more plaque than your ordinary flat-trim toothbrush for superior cleaning. Polishing cups are located at the tips of the outer bristles that help remove surface stains. Floss-tip bristles are located at the tips of the inner bristles that clean hard-to-reach places.

Clean Cheek & Tongue: Colgate 360° Toothbrush offers a unique cheek and tongue cleaner that helps you brush your teeth. Your tongue, teeth, and cheeks will be cleaner thanks to the multi-angled bristles, which help remove more bacteria that can cause odor.

Ergonomic Handle Design: Colgate’s toothbrush incorporates a 360-Surround design, which gently polishes away surface stains to clean and whiten teeth. Plaque can be effectively removed throughout the mouth with the use of micro-cleaning bristles. While the brush’s ergonomic handle design provides a comfortable grip, the bristles’ rounded ends protect gums.

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4. Colgate 360° Advanced Optic White Toothbrush

Colgate 360° Advanced Optic White Toothbrush (Color May Vary), Medium, 2 Count

Colgate 360° Advanced Optic White is a premium toothbrush that gently whitens teeth with micro-cleaning bristles. With a unique tongue and cheek cleaner to help remove odor-causing germs, the 360° Optic White toothbrush surrounds each tooth for an all-around clean. The unique angled neck offers an improved ergonomic design to easily reach back teeth, while the advanced multi-action bristle pattern provides a deep clean. 

Why Choose this?

Spiral Polishing Bristles: The Colgate 360° Advanced Optic White toothbrush with spiral polishing bristles is designed to help remove surface stains while it whitens your teeth. This manual toothbrush has specially designed cheek and tongue cleaner to leave your whole mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Advanced: Colgate 360° Advanced Optic White toothbrush acts as a stain remover that is gentle on enamel, has a tongue and cheek cleaner, and softly polishes away surface stains for a whiter smile. The advanced multi-action bristle design provides superior cleaning vs. an ordinary flat trim toothbrush.

Removes Bacteria: It’s time to put your best smile forward with the Colgate 360° Advanced Optic White toothbrush. Its whitening bristles and built-in whitening pen remove bacteria from teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums for a sparkling white smile. Plus, you’ll also enjoy a fresh feeling you’re sure to love.

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5. Oral-B CrossAction All In One Manual Toothbrush

Oral-B CrossAction All In One Manual Toothbrush, Soft, 4 count

This Oral-B manual toothbrush has angled bristles at 16 degrees so you brush at the optimal cleaning angle for your teeth and gums. The CrossAction toothbrush head is uniquely designed to cut plaque in hard-to-reach areas, with ultra-thin bristles angled in opposing directions to surround each tooth. The precision tip bristles easily clean hard to reach places, including around braces or along the gumline.

Why Choose this?

Remove Up to 99% of Plaque: Oral-B CrossAction toothbrush features specially engineered bristles that are designed for optimal tooth coverage. These bristles go deep between teeth to remove up to 99% of plaque in hard-to-reach areas and leave your whole mouth cleaner than a regular manual toothbrush.

Power Tip Bristles: The Oral-B CrossAction All In One Manual Toothbrush is the perfect toothbrush for everyone in your family, with powerful cleaning action. It has 550 power tip bristles that help clean hard to reach places, plus angled crisscross bristles that clean and remove dental plaque more effectively than a regular manual toothbrush

CrossAction bristles: The Oral-B CrossAction is a manual toothbrush with unique bristles that are angled in opposing directions to lift out and sweep away plaque. This brush features a power tip for hard-to-reach areas and a cheek and tongue cleaner for complete oral care.

Indicator Bristles: The Oral-B CrossAction All In One toothbrush offers a thorough and pampering clean with soft, flexible bristles that glide between teeth, an angled brush head neck, rubber grip for comfort, a tongue and cheek cleaner, and Indicator Bristles that fade halfway to let you know when to replace your brush.

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6. Oral-B Clic Manual Toothbrush

Oral-B Clic Manual Toothbrush, Matte Black, with 1 Bonus Replacement Brush Head and Magnetic Toothbrush Holder

Oral-B® Clic Manual Toothbrush, you can brush and freshen up anywhere with this upgrade to your standard toothbrush. The modern matte-black design allows you to brush in style, and the matching magnetic holder lets your toothbrush stand out on any bathroom sink. The sleek handle easily fits in your hand, and the removable head allows for easy replacement of the brush head just by clicking in a new one. When you’re done brushing, use the magnetic holder to keep it safe between uses.

Why Choose this?

Oral-B Clic Manual Toothbrush new standard of clean no batteries required

Modern Design: The Oral-B Clic Manual toothbrush combines modern design with excellent cleaning performance, to deliver a superior clean that lasts. The 360-degree rotating handle allows you to maneuver the brush head in hard-to-reach places for confident and convenient handling, perfect for those with dexterity issues.

Uses 60% Less Plastic: Looking for a great manual toothbrush? Look no further than the new Oral-B Clic manual toothbrush. It features a replaceable brush head so it uses up to 60% less plastic over 3 years vs. a regular manual toothbrush changed every 3 months as per dentist recommendation. Not only is this better for the environment but it also means more consistency in brushing that you can trust.

Magnetic Holder: A magnetic holder allows you to keep your toothbrush clean and hygienic in your bathroom by sticking it to the wall. The ultra-slim shape and rubberized finish make it easy to clean and were created by an award-winning British designer.

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7. Greenzla Bamboo Toothbrushes

Greenzla Bamboo Toothbrushes (12 Pack) | BPA Free Soft Bristles Toothbrushes | Eco-Friendly, Natural Bamboo Toothbrush Set | Biodegradable & Compostable Charcoal Wooden Toothbrushes

Want something new to add to your oral health routine? You will love this 4 pack of soft bristle bamboo toothbrushes that are eco-friendly and all natural. Its extra soft bristles gently glide across your teeth to keep them clean and help protect sensitive gums. This eco friendly toothbrush is made of sustainable materials, bamboo and charcoal, which are completely biodegradable and compostable. Like other wooden products, they can be re-used when they show signs of wear.

Why Choose this?

bamboo toothbrushes Charcoal toothbrushes Organic zero-waste Natural adult zero-waste soft medium
bamboo toothbrush wooden toothbrushes soft bristles medium Green Wood zero waste eco Organic soft
bamboo toothbrush wooden toothbrushes soft bristles Environmental adult eco Organic wood Natural
Charcoal toothbrush wooden toothbrushes Green Wood adult eco Environmental extra soft medium bristle

Eco-friendly: The zero-waste design and natural materials of these toothbrushes allow you to clean your teeth with a clear conscience every day. Both the toothbrushes and packaging are eco-friendly, allowing you to enjoy a natural, oral product with premium bamboo handles and BPA-free soft nylon bristles.

Durable Toothbrushes: This pack of 12 eco-friendly toothbrushes is great for the whole family and a fantastic way to help keep your carbon footprint down. With each bamboo toothbrush lasting up to 6 months, they’re not only kind to the planet but kind to your wallet, too. This pack features a variety of colors and soft bristles, perfectly crafted for children and adults. 

Soft Bristles: These bamboo toothbrushes are made for adults and kids. The soft, charcoal infused bristles will clean your teeth and gums. We only use premium quality materials that are sustainably sourced, so you know you’re getting a high quality, eco-friendly product. Greenzla products are also biodegradable and compostable, so you can even brush for the environment!

Smooth and Natural Bamboo Handle: Bamboo toothbrushes are not just soft on your teeth but also in your hands. The comfortable handle fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for added convenience. With their ultra-soft bristles, these toothbrushes are great for sensitive gums and can keep your teeth in tip-top shape. No more needing to replace toothbrushes on the reg.

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8. Colgate Limited Edition Soft toothbrush

Colgate Soft toothbrush comfortably cleans teeth and gums for an exceptional clean. It features soft, circular power bristles to help effectively clean teeth and easy-to-grip handles to provide comfort and control while brushing. Colgate toothbrushes are designed by dental professionals for a superior clean: gentle on teeth & gums with effective, top-quality bristles for stain removal and plaque build-up. Circular power bristles are specifically designed to reach, surround, and clean in between teeth. 

Why Choose this?

Soft Circular Bristles: A toothbrush is one of the easiest and most important ways to maintain your oral health. Soft circular bristles are positioned in a circle to prevent plaque buildup and help clean teeth effectively. The blue indicator bristles fade halfway so you know when to replace your brush, helping to ensure your most effective clean.

Easy Grip Handles: Get the ultimate brushing experience with Colgate’s Limited Edition Soft Toothbrush. Designed with easy-to-grip handles to provide comfort and control while brushing, you won’t have to worry about your brush slipping around in your hand. If you are looking for a high-quality toothbrush, look no further.

Cleaning Tip Bristles: Ensure that the back of your teeth is sparkly clean without sacrificing comfort by using the Colgate Limited Edition Soft Toothbrush. This toothbrush features an ultra-soft brush head and a grip design that comfortably fits in the palm of your hand. It also has cleaning tip bristles to effectively reach and clean back teeth and between teeth for a fresh, clean mouth every time.

Remove Tooth Stains: Designed with a unique stain-removing head, this brush removes more stains than an ordinary flat trim toothbrush. With its custom smart flex bristles that can flex independently to adjust to the contours of each tooth and gum line, the brush cleans both tooth surfaces and gum line gently.

9. Colgate Max Fresh Wisp Disposable Mini Toothbrush

Colgate Max Fresh Wisp Disposable Mini Toothbrush, Peppermint - 24 Count

Small and compact, the Colgate Wisp disposable mini-brush max provides a convenient clean when you can’t brush. With the freshening bead that delivers a burst of minty fresh flavor, the Colgate wisp disposable mini-brush can be used effectively without water or rinsing for on-the-go oral care. Perfect for travel, after eating out at a restaurant, after coffee, or an afternoon snack. Brush on the go with confidence using the Colgate wisp disposable mini-brush.

Why Choose this?

Good for travelUse in the officeCompact sizeSave for everyone

Prepasted: Brush your teeth clean anywhere – no water or rinsing necessary. Colgate Wisp Portable Mini-Brushes provide a fresher, cleaner mouth feeling anytime, anywhere. With its unique brush head design, you’ll experience a whole new level of freshness when you are away from home.

Removes Surface Stains: This convenient, disposable, mini toothbrush is perfect for on-the-go brushing. It comes in a compact case that fits discreetly into a pocket or purse, and the minty flavor freshens breath instantly. It removes surface stains for whiter teeth and makes your mouth feel clean and refreshed.

Disposable: Colgate Wisps are mini disposable toothbrushes pre-loaded with fluoride toothpaste that makes it easy to brush on the go. The portable brush deep cleans and removes surface stains, while releasing a burst of freshness in your mouth. No water or rinsing is necessary.

Peppermint Flavor: It’s designed for people who want to keep their mouth clean and fresh anytime, anywhere. The bristles provide a rapid burst of freshness upfront. The handle has a built-in breath freshening peppermint bead.

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10. Amazon Brand – Solimo Clean Plus Toothbrushes

Amazon Brand - Solimo Clean Plus Toothbrushes, Pack of 10

Solimo Clean Plus Toothbrushes offer a combination of soft bristles, comfortable grip handles and tongue, and cheek cleaners. These easy-grip toothbrushes were designed to help you reach all areas of your mouth for a thorough clean. Reach all the way to the back with the unique angled end tuft which also easily reaches deep between your teeth. The textured tongue cleaner removes odor-causing bacteria from the tongue and the cheek cleaner sweeps away debris from along the gum line.

Why Choose this?

Less packagingLess air in containerMore efficient shapeWaterless technology

Soft Bristles: Solimo Clean Plus toothbrushes have soft bristles, which help clean teeth effectively and gently. The angled end-tuft is great for reaching back teeth and getting deep between teeth. Its ADA accepted and has an ergonomic handle to help provide optimal control while brushing.

Remove Odor-causing Bacteria: Solimo Clean Plus Toothbrushes are soft bristle brushes made with extra long bristles to reach all of your teeth. They feature a textured tongue and cheek cleaner to remove odor-causing bacteria, and an eraser tip for cleaning hard-to-reach spaces in your mouth.

Easy Grip Handle: Solimo Clean Plus toothbrush has extra soft bristles and a multi-level bristle design. The easy grip handle is designed for better control. Dentists recommend that you replace your toothbrush every 3 months. A great value pack of toothbrushes at a great price.

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Pick The Best Non Electric Toothbrushes Based On Your Needs

Are Non Electric Toothbrushes Better?

Brushing your teeth regularly is essential for good oral health. Plaque that causes decay can be removed in this way, and it has been shown to prevent dental diseases. Electric and manual toothbrushes can both effectively remove dental plaque, according to the American Dental Association.

Are Non Electric Toothbrushes as Good as Electric?

While electric toothbrushes do clean teeth better, they still require some elbow grease to use properly. An electric toothbrush with an oscillating head is the most effective morning and night toothbrush. Be sure to ask your dentist for one.

Where Do You Pay Attention to Buying the Best Non Electric Toothbrush?

Best Non-Electric Toothbrush

Before purchasing a toothbrush, make sure you check out a few features. The process of buying a toothbrush might seem straightforward, but it’s actually quite tricky. The following information explains each feature in detail.

Brush Head 

The size of your mouth should be taken into account when choosing a toothbrush head. In cases where you have a large mouth and can easily open all of it, you may consider purchasing a large one. However, it is preferable to use a toothbrush with a small head, as it will be easier to access all of the areas of your mouth. In general, a toothbrush covering three or more teeth at a time is about the right size and a good choice for the price. In the marketplace, there are separate toothbrushes available for children.

Kind of Bristles

Plastic threads on a toothbrush are known as bristles. They clean your teeth and mouth. A toothbrush usually has three types of bristles: ultra-soft, medium, and hard nylon bristles. The best toothbrushes for most people are those with soft bristles. In addition to those with sensitive gums, kids and the elderly will also benefit from soft-bristled toothbrushes. Depending on the force with which you brush your teeth and the ability of your teeth to resist force, you should select this feature. Make sure you choose it carefully since it could affect your teeth’s health. Your gums and tooth enamel are at risk when using hard-bristled toothbrushes. People who smoke might find these bristles more effective at removing plaque from their teeth.

Bristles on some toothbrushes can even be colored, which was originally meant to serve as a safety indicator. By the time the color of the toothbrush fades, it means the toothbrush has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced.

Bristles or brush heads of some brushes have the same length, while those of others vary. The pattern can be wavy or crisscrossed.


The most common types of handles are ergonomic grips, non-slip grips, and flexible necks. Handling a smaller toothbrush becomes uncomfortable, as it becomes uncomfortable to hold. It is certainly better to get a toothbrush with a longer handle. To prevent germs from accumulating on your hands while brushing, the brush should be made to fit right into your hand and have a non-slip grip. It is possible to use some toothbrushes at different angles because they have ergonomic grips. It also allows you to reach all your teeth since it lets you brush across the entire mouth easily.


The price is among the most important factors to consider when buying a toothbrush. Budget must be taken into account when choosing something to fit your mouth and within your budget. They usually cost between $1 and $5 per brush. When you replace the current toothbrush with a new one, you can save a lot of money by buying manual toothbrushes in packs.

In the following section of our detailed review of the best manual toothbrush, you will find instructions on how to use the brush to prevent disease in your mouth.

How to Use It Efficiently?

Take a look at the following steps to learn how the process works.

Step 1

  • Brush your teeth after you have washed your hands and gargled your mouth.

Step 2

  • Brush your teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste to effectively clean them without covering them like in the past.

Step 3

  • Rotate your toothbrush in circular motions so that it reaches all the teeth in your mouth. When cleaning your teeth, do not be overly forceful, as this can cause your gums to bleed. The enamel on your teeth could also be damaged.

Step 4

  • Brushing your teeth should take 3 to 4 minutes. Make sure to clean both the front and back of your teeth.

Step 5

  • When you brush your teeth, massage your gums from the backside to promote blood circulation.

Step 6

  • Spit out the fluid and clean your mouth after you are done.

Step 7

  • Make sure all toothpaste is removed from your toothbrush so that it can be reused. Cover the brush head and the bristles of the brush with a plastic cap to keep it clean and free from germs.

Ensure that you brush your teeth at least twice a day, if not more, preferably every night at the very least, as our mouths remain closed for hours at night, allowing bacteria to accumulate on them and cause damage. If you are unsure of the procedure, ask your dentist to demonstrate it to you, which they will happily do for you. Are you still feeling worried and unsure? Do not worry, we are here to help! We carefully planned our FAQ on manual toothbrushes to answer your questions. Scroll down to find out more.


What Is a Non Electric Toothbrush?

A non electric toothbrush consists of a hand-held brush made from hard plastic and does not have a rechargeable battery. It is also called a manual toothbrush. Plastic bristles are used to clean between and around the teeth and gum line on the toothbrush. Plaque, food, and debris are removed from teeth and gums by using a manual toothbrush, which is moved up and down by the person using it.

Is a Manual Toothbrush Good Enough?

Taking care of your teeth and preventing dental problems begins with brushing. Both manual and electric toothbrushes effectively remove plaque, which is a cause of tooth decay and gum disease, according to the American Dental Association (ADA).

Which Toothbrush Is Better Electric or Non-electric?

Of Course, electric toothbrush. A review of studies showed that, in general, electric toothbrushes do remove more plaque and decrease gingivitis (gum disease) than non-electric toothbrushes over time compared with a regular manual toothbrush.

Are Charcoal Toothbrushes Safe?

Experts say you can safely use activated charcoal blended with a specially formulated product when you use it in a finely ground and controlled amount. It may, however, destroy the enamel on your teeth if you use activated charcoal as your toothpaste or use it long-term.

What’s the Benefit of a Manual Toothbrush?

They are lightweight, almost indestructible, and easy to transport. It is affordable – Manual toothbrushes can be purchased at almost any grocery store at a price that is considerably more affordable than conventional models. It is simple to maintain – unlike electric brushes that require charging and batteries, they don’t require any other accessories.


If you’ve been trying to fulfill your expectations of an electric toothbrush, but can’t afford or justify spending the money on one, then it’s time to consider what’s available in the non-electric category. Having used both I can tell you the best non-electric toothbrush will definitely be worth whatever investment you might have to make at first. There is no reason for you to continue using a manual toothbrush if you don’t want to.

In the end, your choice will likely come down to personal preference. Finding the ideal toothbrush is a matter of weighing your options, and going with the model that you feel most comfortable using. Different brushes will have different features and benefits, and each consumer will have their own desires as well. In other words, don’t be afraid to try out multiple options if you can. There’s no guarantee that one particular model won’t have a feature or two that appeals to you.

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