Best Night Guard for Teeth Clenching

Cleaning your teeth is important, but maintaining them is even more significant. To prevent damage from occurring, your tooth might need to be protected with a night guard. This is true if you have unusually worn teeth because of clenching. A periodontist will fit you with a mouth guard; then, you can use it nightly to keep the decay away and avoid shifting and loosening your dental work.

There are several types of mouth guards you can wear while you sleep. Your dentist should be able to explain the differences between all of them and recommend the best solution based on your teeth grinding habits and teeth grinding causes. This article will focus on one type of night guard, the custom made plastic mouth guard.

Top Picks: 5 Best Night Guard for Teeth Clenching

Top 7 Best Night Guard for Teeth Clenching Reviews- 2022

1. Encore Custom Dental Night Guard

Encore Guards - Custom Dental Night Guard/Mouth Guard for Protection Against Teeth Grinding/Clenching/Bruxism and TMJ Relief - One (1) Guard
  • EASY AND CONVENIENT AT HOME IMPRESSION KIT - you'll receive a DIY impression kit with everything required to take your own upper or lower dental impression. You pick whether your guard will be made to either your upper or lower teeth. Once you send in your completed dental impression to enCore, our technicians will fabricate a night guard specific to your teeth.
  • 4 DIFFERENT GUARDS TO CHOOSE FROM - for different degrees of bruxism, enCore offers 4 different types of mouth guards to best protect your teeth (see our catalog in images below). 1: Hard 2: Soft 3: Hybrid 4: Daytime Hard
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY - buy direct from a dental lab and save hundreds when compared to an equivalent guard from your dentist.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - we'll cover all shipping costs to adjust as necessary until your mouth guard is 100% perfect! enCore is a professional dental laboratory with over 20 years of experience manufacturing dental appliances.
  • DENTAL INDUSTRY APPROVED - Materials from the US and Germany; BPA and Latex Free

Encore Custom Dental Night Guard is the ultimate in mouthguard technology. Here at Encore, we’re pushing out the boundaries of what it means to be a dentistry provider, and that means offering teeth grinding solutions that fit perfectly with your lifestyle.

enCore Guards Sends You a Personal Impression Kit

With your order, enCore sends you a personal take-home impression kit with your order. Taking your impression takes just 5 minutes! Once completed, you can email a photo of your impression for our review.

Choose Your Desired Guard Type

enCore has 3 different guard materials available to treat and protect your teeth from all levels of bruxism. See our helpful guidance chart below to help you select the appropriate guard type based on the level of protection and comfort desired.

Return Your Impression to enCore Guards

Place your approved impression + completed order return form into the pre-paid mailer and drop it off in your mailbox! We’ll notify you once we receive your impression, and our expert dental technicians will begin crafting your custom night guard.

Start Protecting Your Teeth

enCore Guards completes all orders within a week of receiving a good impression. We’ll provide a tracking number once your order is completed. Once your guard is delivered, just rinse and wear it!

2. ProDental Professional Mouth Guard

Professional Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth - 6 Customizable Dental Guards - 2 Sizes, USA Made, BPA Free | Eliminate Bruxism, Teeth Clenching | Also for Sports & Teeth Whitening
  • DENTIST PROFESSIONAL DESIGN & SUPPORT - The only moldable guards on the market that have direct dentist support. If you need help with the molding or fitting process a dentist is on staff providing email, phone and free dental lab support.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FIT FOR PROTECTION AGAINST TEETH GRINDING & BRUXISM - Set of 6 mouth guards can be trimmed and customized to fit for any size mouth (age 12+) for optimal comfort and retention.
  • BUILT TO LAST – Mouth guards are made in the USA from high quality long-lasting, hygienic, soft, odor free and taste free polyvinyl material … each dental guard lasts 12 months or longer when used as a night guard, or as an athletic protector or as teeth whitening trays
  • OPTIMAL RETENTION – Each of the 6 multi-use mouth guards are moldable to ensure a precise fit for guaranteed retention and comfort
  • MAXIMUM VERSATILITY – Multi-use functionality and durable design of each occlusal guard gives you the most cost effective solution. Order now with peace of mind due to our free replacement, 30 day “better than money-back” guarantee. See product description below for more info.

When it comes to dental health, you have to get it right. With numerous dental health products available on the market, choosing the right one might be challenging. But ProDental is different. It is an easy-to-use and moldable mouth guard that has been made after years of research in collaboration with dentists.

Perfect for Athletes of All Ages

The premium quality of our athletic mouth guard ensures shock-absorbing protection and lasting durability. The tensile strength and design help protect against sport-related impacts on the teeth and lips. The 3-in-1 mouth guards protect your teeth by working as a barrier between your upper and lower teeth to cushion the physical impacts that can occur in all sports.

Perfect to Use as a Teeth Whitening Tray

If you have a small mouth or are used to wearing a thinner dentist-made mouth guard for teeth whitening, the smaller size 3-in-1 mouth guards are ideal for teeth whitening trays. And if you need teeth whitening gel, the ProDental Teeth Whitening Gel Syringe Refill will give you a younger, more attractive dazzling bright smile!

ProDental Mouth Guards – Created by a Dentist

ProDental 3-in-1 Professional Mouth Guards for grinding teeth, sports, and teeth whitening are designed by a dentist so they can be easily adapted to precisely fit a variety of teeth alignments, tooth sizes, and mouth shapes. The thick 3mm durable base provides extra cushion and shock absorption, prevents wear and tear, and can be worn on either upper or lower teeth.

Moldable and Multi-use

ProDental’s professional dental night guard is designed to be flexible and easily molded to accommodate the shape of your teeth. It ensures a precise fit for perfect retention and comfort.

3. SMARTGUARD ELITE Night Guard for Clenching

Dental Guard SMARTGUARD ELITE (2 Guards 1 Travel case) Front tooth Custom Anti Teeth Grinding Night Guard for Clenching - TMJ Dentist Designed - Bruxing Splint Mouth Protector For Relief of Symptoms
  • + DESIGNED TO LAST: We GUARANTEE you will not grind through this highly effective dental guard for 3 years. The unique design of this dental guard prevents the back teeth from making contact.
  • + MOST EFFECTIVE DENTAL GUARD FOR BRUXISM RELIEF: Designed by TMJ Dr. Spainhower to reduce nighttime clenching pains.
  • + BEST VALUE DENTAL PROTECTOR: Contains Two (2) Guards and 1 Storage Case! Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • + MAXIMUM NIGHT TIME TEETH PROTECTION: Protect your teeth with a mouth guard for grinding and clenching with a guard designed to relieve symptoms of bruxism and save hundreds.
  • + COMFORT AND FIT: This night guard is designed to adapt to any arch shape and size. The easy molding instructions will help you get a custom, comfortable fit.

Mouth guards for teeth grinding come in various sizes, shapes, and materials. It’s important to choose a mouth guard that is not only the right size but also comfortable to wear while helping minimize damage to your teeth. Since you will be wearing this guard every night, clearly knowing what you need is essential.

SmartGuard is the Most Comfortable OTC Dental Guard Available

SmartGuard’s dental guards are explicitly designed to be the most comfortable night guard ever. SmartGuard is less bulky, with an average of 43% less material than the full tray mouth guard. SmartGuard only covers the front 6-8 teeth, a much more natural design, and easier to fall asleep with than the full-mouth tray. SmartGuard can also be molded to any mouth to get the perfect fit for you. With less material, custom fit, and less “real estate” in your mouth, it makes sense why SmartGuard Dental Guards are so comfortable. Try SmartGuard for a more natural, less bulky, and more restful night’s rest.

SmartGuard is the Proudly Recognized by the Women’s Choice Award for Quality and Effectiveness!

We’re proud to be the 2017 Women’s Choice Award winner! SmartGuard is proudly made in the USA. All of our products are recognized for their quality and effectiveness. SmartGuard isn’t just another label; each product is unique from the other generic choices available. SmartGuard focus’ on being the best value to our customers – with products that really do what they claim to do, at an investment people can actually afford.

Why is SmartGuard so effective?

The SmartGuard Elite Dental Guard was designed by a practicing dentist who’s been treating TMJ for over 20 years. This unique design is unlike any other over-the-counter guard on the market. It covers only the front 6-8 teeth (similar to an NTI Professional guard), so your back teeth don’t even touch. It sits comfortably on the top teeth and slightly keeps the back teeth separated. This separation is the secret to SmartGuard’s design. The separation prevents clenching and grinding throughout the night (the things that cause pain!). Dr. Spainhower is proud to bring 20+ years of TMJ treatment and professional experience to you with an OTC design that imitates the custom dental guard designs he makes for his patients right out of his dental office. Choose SmartGuard for a smarter, affordable solution to clenching and grinding.

4. Bright Guard 2.0 Night Sleep Aid Mouth Guard

Bright Guard 2.0 Adjustable Night Sleep Aid Bruxism Mouthpiece Mouth Guard
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY - AFFORDABLE PRICING Customers are raving about a mouthguard that works without breaking the bank. Has all the features of a product ten times the price. Custom mold to your teeth, then utilize ten adjustable settings. Small, thin, and comfortable.
  • THE SLEEP SOLUTION If you or your partner are loosing sleep due to breathing issues, or if you grind and clench your teeth at night and suffer the resulting pain and discomfort, our dental mouth guard may be the solution you have been looking for. Effective and Affordable.
  • 10 ADJUSTMENT SETTINGS The upper and lower trays work together to hold the jaw slightly forward using this dental device. These adjustments to the jaw help clear the airway to improve nighttime breathing and sleep.
  • PRECISION LOCK TECHNOLOGY With 10 one mm adjustments available, you can lock the mouthpiece at your desired setting, and change it at anytime. Perfect for satisfying individual needs. Once setting is made, no slipping or readjustment needed until you decide on a different setting for yourself.
  • EASY TO USE INSTRUCTIONS With our added guide, you can easily mold your Brightgaurd 2.0 to your teeth for a completely custom fit. Our small, thin, comfortable, gel mouthpiece can then be adjusted for your comfort and to fit your needs. Affordable & easy to use, yet extremely effective.

Bright Guard 2.0 is a custom-molded mouth guard that protects your teeth, lips, and gums from grinding. Its thin design makes it comfortable to wear as you sleep or to take care of your teeth during the day for an extra shield against trauma and pain caused by grinding.

Breathe Deeply & Stop Clenching

The upper and lower trays work together to hold the jaw slightly forward using this dental device. These adjustments to the jaw help clear the airway to improve nighttime breathing and reduce teeth grinding and clenching.

Enjoy a Satisfying Night’s Sleep

Sleep is a vital part of your overall well-being. Sleep deprivation can leave you feeling grumpy and unmotivated. But a lack of deep, restful sleep has been associated with profound consequences to your health, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Let Bright Guard help give you what you need to feel refreshed and lead an active lifestyle.

Lightweight & Comfortable

Our small, thin, and comfortable gel mouthpiece can be adjusted for your comfort and to fit your needs. Many mouth guards are big and feel bulky in your mouth, but Bright Guard promotes comfort, which increases wearability.

5. Remi At-Home Custom Night Guard Kit

Remi At-Home Custom Night Guard Kit - Create The Best Fitting Dental Grade Top And Bottom (2) Mouth Guards for Grinding Teeth (Bruxism) & TMJ Relief Night Guard
  • SIMPLE, AT HOME KIT | A custom, moldable kit to create a dental mouth guard for grinding teeth. Simply use the at-home dental impression trays, return to our labs with the included postage-free envelope, & within 2 weeks, receive custom top and bottom night guards (2 guards) that fit perfectly.
  • SAY GOODNIGHT TO PAIN WITH A TAILOR FITTED MOUTH GUARD | Bulky mouth night guards are a thing of the past. We provide you with both a top and bottom guard that are just 1-mm thick, made from a hard-soft plastic material giving you the protection of a hard guard and comfort of a soft night guard so you can sleep comfortably.
  • TEETH GRINDING MOUTH GUARD FOR SLEEP | Get nighttime tooth pain relief with our protective bite guard for teeth clenching. Our night guards for teeth grinding also help with jaw pain. Make sore jaws and sensitive teeth a case of the past!
  • DENTAL-GRADE AT A FRACTION OF THE COST | Don't pay hundreds for grinding and TMJ pain relief products. Receive the same, made in the USA, personalized sleeping mouth guard for grinding and clenching for hundreds of dollars less. Dentist quality without visiting the dentist!
  • A DENTAL GRADE, BPA FREE MOUTHGUARD | Best of all you can feel safe knowing the kit and guard are Made in America. A Remi guarantee, if your sleep mouth guard for grinding isn't perfect, return it no-risk within 30 days.

Create your own custom dental mouth guard for grinding your teeth with Remi’s At-Home Custom Night Guard Kit. This moldable kit is designed to fit over your top and bottom teeth and features a foam backer, making it easy to assemble!

Listen to the Experts

Find Remi custom night guards in The Journal of Professional Excellence, 2020. Remi night guards are manufactured by hand with attention to detail; you can rest easy knowing a trained dental technician – with an average of 15 years of experience making night guards – will work hard to ensure you have the perfect fit.

We Stand Behind Our Products

At Remi, we stand behind our products. We use only the highest quality materials and the latest technology – and our customer reviews reflect this!

Critically Acclaimed

Remi night guards have been featured on BuzzFeed’s “Incredibly Cool Gadgets” list (August 2020) and across news networks, including KUTV, KMYU, and KJZZ.

6. SleepRight Ultra-Comfort Dental Guard

SleepRight Ultra-Comfort Dental Guard
  • EASY TO USE. This dental guard requires no boiling or microwaving. Its exclusive patented design with body-heat activated self-adjust technology provides a comfortable custom fit.
  • STRONGER THAN COMPETITION. A mouth guard to stop teeth grinding has to be strong. These SleepRight Select dental guards have a 5,700 psi bite pad tensile strength and fully articulate to match the bite angle.
  • SAFE TO USE. SleepRight Dental Guards have the best FDA safety record in their class with no FDA adverse events in 19 years. They are non-leaching and non-toxic with no BPA, latex, silicone, or phthalate.
  • FOUR POSITIONS. SleepRight Slim-Comfort Dental Guards bite pads are designed to adjust forward and backward into four positions for a custom fit.
  • You can be confident it will provide the durability and protection you need.

Take your dental protection to the next level with SleepRight Ultra-Comfort Dental Guards. Their exclusive patented design with body-heat activated self-adjust technology provides a comfortable custom fit that molds and adapts to your teeth for a more natural night’s sleep.

No-Boil Dental Guard

The SleepRight No-Boil Dental Guard helps protect teeth and dental work from the harmful effects of teeth grinding. Patented self-adjusting bite pads allow you to create a custom fit without having to boil water to fit and mold a custom dental guard.

Ultra-Comfort Dental Guard

Low-profile design for extra comfort. Made with less material to reduce gum interference (especially on upper/side gum tissue). Bite pads adjust and swivel to provide additional comfort.

Great Fit

The bite pads fit comfortably between the molars and are held in place by the soft tissue of the cheeks and lower lip.

The Smart Choice

The SleepRight Dental Guard does not contain BPA, silicone, latex, phthalates, or any harmful toxins and will not leach any chemicals into your mouth. It is manufactured in an FDA inspected facility.

7. Sparkling White Smiles Dental Lab Custom Teeth Night Guard

Sparkling White Smiles Dental Lab Custom Teeth Night Guard is a comfortable, custom-fit appliance that can help relieve the pain caused by teeth grinding and clenching. Made with zirconia ceramic, this night guard is completely safe and durable. It’s easy to clean and will not crack, chip or stain.

Durability and Comfort

Medium Density custom made dental guard that is not Too Hard or Too Soft; very durable like a hard guard yet comfortable like a soft guard.

Protect teeth from the harmful effects of teeth grinding and clenching. Help alleviate jaw, facial pain, and headaches. Dentist quality and custom made to fit perfectly

Extra durable, stronger laminate material made specifically for heavier teeth grinding and clenching cases. Features an abrasion-resistant characteristic that will withstand teeth grinding better than traditional soft night guards.

Stronger and more durable, outlasting store bought dental guards. Not bulky and unstable like store bought dental guards. Convenient and cost effective.


Sleep great and get immediate relief! Help alleviate jaw, facial pain, and headaches. Protect teeth from the harmful effects of teeth grinding and teeth clenching.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA by skilled dental technicians. Dentist quality and custom made to fit perfectly. BPA and Latex Free.

Buying Guide

teeth guard for whitening


Comfort is subjective; however, it can be influenced by the mouthguard’s fit, materials, and aesthetics. Custom fits are generally the most comfortable because they are tailored to the individual’s mouth. Soft mouthguards may appeal to some sleepers, while stiff mouthguards may appeal to others. The feel of the mouthguard is also affected by the design and shape of the mouthguard, as some are thicker than others. Some models may be designed to be more comfortable, with changes to take up less space in the mouth.


Fit is one of the most important factors influencing a mouthguard’s comfort and usability. An overly thick mouthguard may feel heavy in the mouth, while a mouthguard that is too loose may be difficult to maintain all night. While one-size-fits-all mouthguards are available, many sleepers prefer custom-fit options to ensure the mouthguard stays in place without taking up too much room.


Mouthguards are made to withstand grinding and clenching, but their durability will determine how long they survive. Those designed for heavy or severe grinding will generally last the longest, whereas those designed for light grinding may wear out faster, especially when subjected to moderate to severe grinding.

Heavy teeth grinders may need to update their mouthguards more frequently in order to maintain their protection. Many bespoke mouthguard manufacturers consider this and maintain the customer’s teeth impressions on file for quick replacement. In addition, these providers usually charge less for a successive mouthguard.


The majority of mouthguards are constructed of heat-cured plastic however, others are made of acrylic. Reputable labs should employ components that are safe and withstand testing. Customers who are allergic to latex should read the product description carefully to confirm that the mouthguard is latex-free, and some buyers may prefer a BPA-free choice.


Mouthguards come in a variety of forms and types to meet a variety of demands and preferences. The most noticeable difference is the way the mouthguard is fitted to the teeth, which can be boil-and-bite, bespoke, or one-size-fits-all.


A mouth guard for teeth grinding purchased online is frequently less expensive than one purchased at your dentist’s office. Many mouthguards cost between $100 and $200, but durability may be just as essential as pricing when considering overall value. A less durable choice may need to be changed every few months, resulting in a greater total over time, whereas more durable ones may be more expensive initially but require less frequent replacement.


Do night guards help with clenching?

Dental night guards protect the teeth from damage by cushioning the effects of clenching while sleeping. In addition to preventing chipped teeth and worn-down teeth, this cushion barrier also prevents wear and tear on the teeth.

Should I get a hard or soft night guard?

The night guard must be hard. Hard nightguards allow the teeth to slide freely when the lower jaw is in motion. Soft night guards, commonly available at local drug stores, increase bruxism by tempting the jaw to chew soft things.

Is a top or bottom night guard better?

The reason for recommending upper guards is that they are harder to remove than lower teeth guards. Dentists usually recommend lower guards, considering they are comfortable and easy to use. While protecting your teeth, your night guard should also not affect your natural bite.

Do I have to wear a night guard forever?

Once sleep apnea has been addressed, grinding will often stop, and a night guard no longer needs to be worn. As well as helping sleep apnea patients grind their teeth, some devices address the problem of sleep apnea dental devices.

Final Words

The best night guards will fit comfortably, offer superior bite protection, and be easy to clean. It is important to note that night guards cannot cure bruxism, but they can help relieve many of the associated symptoms!

There are many reasons to find the best night guard for teeth clenching. You may be very sick and want relief. We hope this article is helpful and informative. A good night guard will stop your teeth from grinding at night while you sleep; hopefully you can get a good night’s sleep!

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