5 Best Mouth Ulcer Gel Of 2022

Mouth ulcers are those awful and unsightly sores that can appear in your mouth at any time. Like a canker sore, which is an open area on the mucous membrane of the mouth. A canker sore is also known as an aphthous ulcer, an oral ulcer, and many other names also. The cause of a mouth ulcer is unknown, but most doctors believe they are caused by infection from bacteria or yeast.

One of the best ways to provide relief from painful mouth sores or ulcers is to use a good quality pain reliever. There are several over-the-counter oral medications available that can be used to effectively treat mouth sores. If you want to find the best mouth ulcer gel products then check our list of top mouth ulcer gels containing relevant information so that you can make an informed choice.

Best Mouth Ulcer Gel Reviews:

1. Oralmedic Mouth Ulcer and Canker Sore Treatment

Oralmedic Mouth Ulcer and Canker Sore Treatment, Instant Pain Relief (2 Treatments swabs)
Item FormStick
Age Range (Description)Adult
Unit Count2 Count
Item Weight11 Grams

Oralmedic is a mouth ulcer treatment that stops the pain and discomfort of mouth ulcers in seconds. It works by forming a protective barrier and promoting natural healing. The Oralmedic swab is impregnated with a medical grade anesthetic and contains hyaluronate, a natural extract that has the ability to hold large amounts of water. This helps relieve but also aids the healing process. Once applied Oralmedic forms an invisible protective gel over the sore, and once removed it will re-dissolve into your saliva.

Mouth ulcers and canker sore pain are one of the most painful oral afflictions. This product works by forming a protective barrier over the ulcers and promoting natural healing. The mouth sores pain and discomfort are stopped in seconds, so it is a fast acting ulcer treatment.

Why Choose It?

One-time ulcer relief

Oralmedic is effective over the counter treatment that provides immediate, long-lasting relief from painful mouth ulcers and canker sores. This one-time use applicator releases a medicated gel that gets right to the source to provide fast, soothing relief.

Instant Pain Relief

A breakthrough in the treatment of mouth ulcers, Oralmedic stops pain and discomfort in seconds. An advanced hydrocolloid wafer forms an invisible gel that soothes the area, protects it from further damage or rubbing, and remained firmly in place to encourage the healing of canker sores, cold sores, and abrasions. Oralmedic has been shown to reduce healing time by up to 50% and is the only product clinically proven to show such a rapid result.

Protect and Heal Canker Sores

Promote the natural healing of mouth ulcers and canker sores with Oralmedic by MEDICOM. The patented, dual-action formula works by forming a protective barrier over the wound that promotes natural healing and relieves pain immediately. Preservative-free and sugar-free, it’s safe for adults and children, safe to ingest, and even safe for diabetics (consult a doctor before treating diabetes-related mouth ulcers).

Immediate and lasting relief

The unique two step formulation in Oralmedic is a medical device clinically proven to provide immediate and lasting relief from the pain and discomfort of mouth ulcers and canker sores. 

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2. Dr. A’s Canker Elimin-X Natural Canker Sore & Mouth Ulcer Treatment 

Dr. A's Canker Elimin-X Natural Canker Sore & Mouth Ulcer Treatment | Organic Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera & Essential Oils of Clove, Lemon & Tea Tree | Immediate Pain Relief & Complete, Lasting Repair
BrandDr. Angela Walk Guardian
Item FormLiquid
Age Range (Description)Adult
Unit Count1.00 Fl Oz
Package TypeBottle

Dr. A’s Canker Elimin-X is a natural canker sore and mouth ulcer treatment that harnesses the healing power of plant elements to deliver an effective, yet gentle remedy for canker sores. This all-natural formula does not contain any synthetics or toxic ingredients. All of our products are free of parabens, allergens, sulfates, and contain no artificial fragrances or colors. Experience the clean, green, skin nourishing botanicals found in all of our Nashville Organix products.

Traditional treatment for canker sores typically include over-the-counter products that can be toxic to the skin and mouth. This can cause you to unneccesarily suffer from the pain and discomfort of these mouth lesions while they are healing. Our Canker Elimin-X Natural Mouth Ulcer Treatment is now available in an alcohol-free formulation, and relies on the power of non-toxic plant elements that directly target canker and mouth ulcer healing by increasing blood flow to aid in repair, preventing bacteria growth, and helping sooth irritation while strengthening tissue.

Why Choose It?


Dr. A's Canker Elimin
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Experience the most immediate comfort available for canker sore pain with Canker Elimin-X. This proprietary organic blend of 8 active, natural ingredients is expertly designed to provide intense, lasting relief, even for the most serious of sores or ulcers. It uses plant based ingredients to neutralize the pH in your mouth, creating a natural antiseptic that helps promote healing and defend against future outbreaks.

Get relief fast

Eliminate the discomfort of Canker sores and mouth ulcers.  Receive immediate relief and prevent future outbreaks.  Formulated by a dentist with all natural ingredients to soothe and remove pain from mouth sores quickly, allowing for faster healing and helping you get back to your normal routine!


If you are tired of dealing with mouth ulcers and canker sores, our formula can resolve your issue naturally. The Canker Elimin-X blend uses three powerful acids derived from plants – Lactic Acid, Citric Acid and Malic Acid – that help reduce oral discomfort. These acids encourage the healthy growth of tissue by gently exfoliating the area and washing away unhealthy bacteria. In addition, our formula offers an attempt to address the underlying causes of this condition, like lack of vitamins (vitamin B12 deficiency), low immunity, stress, GI issues such as celiac disease or Crohn’s disease, and others. Our specialist has put together a comprehensive formula that works in harmony with the other components to offer you total repair in a few days time.

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3. Ulcer Ease – Mouth Ulcers and Throat Irritations

Ulcer Ease - Anesthetic Mouth Rinse, Pain Relief for Mouth Sores, Mouth Ulcers and Throat Irritations - 6 oz Bottle
Product BenefitsPain Relief
Active IngredientsSodium
Liquid Volume6 Fluid Ounces
Active IngredientsSodium

Why Choose It?

Fast and effective relief

Best Mouth Ulcer Gel

These specialized mouth ulcer cough drops provide fast-acting pain relief for mouth ulcers, canker sores, and other irritations in the mouth and upper throat. Not only do they have a delicious mint taste, but their 25% menthol content provides fast and effective relief of the pain caused by these ulcers. Carry this product with you around the clock to give hassle-free relief no matter what life throws your way.


Ulcer Ease provides immediate, temporary relief from sore mouth and sore throat pain. It also temporarily relieves discomfort associated with canker sores and minor irritation of the mouth and gums caused by dentures or orthodontic appliances. Besides containing benzocaine, Ulcer Ease is formulated with glycerin which is a soothing agent that adheres to the affected area to relieve pain and discomfort. Please read all label information carefully before using this product.

Soothe and Prevent Ulcers

Ulcer Ease is a professional strength mouthwash that helps to prevent oral ulcers and soothes the pain of existing ones. It also helps reduce gum redness, swelling, and tenderness by soothing irritated gums caused by dentures, braces, or inadequate oral hygiene.


Soothe mouth and throat irritations quickly and effectively with UlcerEase: Mouth Ulcer & Throat Irritation Relief Rinse. The rinse temporarily alters the mouth’s pH level to foster a healing environment for oral irritations from braces, lesions, and dental appliances.

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4. Anbesol Gel Maximum Strength

Anbesol Gel Maximum Strength, 0.33 Ounce
Active IngredientsAllantoin, Benzocaine, Camphor
Specific Uses For ProductUnflavored
Use forFace
Item FormLiquid

Anbesol Gel provides instant pain relief for toothache, gum pain, canker sore, and denture pain. The instant pain relief gel contains 20% benzocaine to offer maximum relief and instantly soothes mouth pain and dental irritation. This oral anesthetic is intended for adults and children 2 years old and over. Can be applied to the affected area up to 4 times daily. 

Relieve toothaches caused by a variety of dental problems with the Anbesol Maximum Strength Gel. Designed to provide powerful and fast-acting relief for gum pain, denture irritation, and canker sores, this dental pain gel is an oral anesthetic that’s intended for adults and children 2 years old and over.

Why Choose It?


Get instant oral pain relief with Anbesol Liquid. It provides fast, temporary relief of mouth and gum irritation due to toothaches, canker sores, sore gums, denture pain, and minor dental procedures. Its powerful formula is specially designed to help relieve the discomfort of sensitive teeth when used as directed. It’s safe for use with dentures and braces.


Extreme pain and oral irritation can slow you down. Our Maximum Strength Anbesol Oral Pain Relieving Liquid provides maximum strength relief from toothaches and mouth pain fast with 20% Benzocaine. With just one application, our instant-acting formula will begin soothing your pain for long-lasting relief, so you can get back to the things you love to do.


Anbesol Gel provides instant relief from toothache, by numbing the pain. The unique formula of ingredients, soothes and cools gum pain with a maximum strength dose of Benzocaine. Anbesol Gel is easy to use and helps relieve the pain fast.

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5. Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel for Topical Arthritis Pain Relief

Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel for Powerful Topical Arthritis Pain Relief, No Prescription Needed - 3.5 oz/100 g (Pack of 2)
Active IngredientsDiclofenac sodium (NSAID†) 1% (equivalent to 0.93% diclofenac) – Arthritis pain reliever. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug.Diclofenac sodium (NSAID†) 1% (equivalent to 0.93% diclofenac) – Arthritis pain reliever. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. 
Specific Uses For ProductJoint Pain, Arthritis, Pain Relief
Use forWhole Body
Item FormGel

Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel helps you take on the day from first thing in the morning until you go to bed. Voltaren has a triple effect that relieves arthritis pain, improves mobility and reduces stiffness to provide prescription-strength arthritis joint pain relief over the counter. With a no-mess applicator, it’s easy to apply Voltaren directly to the site of pain. In addition to arthritis pain relief, Voltaren Gel is indicated for osteoarthritis of the knee and is available in both 2.32 oz (in 4 pumps of 0.57 oz each) and 3.53 oz (in 6 pumps of 0.58 oz each) bottles.

Take on arthritis pain from first thing in the morning until you go to bed. Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel has a triple effect that relieves pain, improves mobility and reduces stiffness to provide prescription-strength arthritis joint pain relief over-the-counter.

Why Choose It?

Arthritis Pain Relief

Best Mouth Ulcer Gel
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Fast Relief from Arthritis Pain Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel provides powerful, targeted relief from joint pain caused by osteoarthritis in the hands, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles and feet. Voltaren Gel is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that has the power to provide fast-acting arthritis pain relief with less risk of side effects.

Voltaren Emulgel

Voltaren Emulgel, with a no-mess applicator, makes it easy to massage the topical pain relief cream directly onto sore joints and muscles. The non-greasy gel is for arthritis relief and other forms of muscular pain. It’s also free of synthetic fragrances and dyes, as well as parabens and NSAIDs. Use daily for long-lasting arthritis pain relief in a formula that penetrates deeply into joints and muscles to deliver maximum relief.

Pain-Free Arthritis Relief

Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel is widely recommended by doctors and pharmacists for the temporary relief of minor arthritis pain. It provides significant arthritis pain relief within just 7 days of continuous use and lasts all day long when applied 4 times daily. Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel is scent-free, non-greasy and dries quickly without leaving a residue. No other topical arthritis pain reliever works as fast to relieve arthritis pain – a benefit you will feel with the first application.

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So, if you’ve been wondering whether Voltaren Gel is worth all the hype, we’re here to tell you that yes, it is. We gave you the background info about this gel, we told you what benefits it can bring to your day, and then we took a look at how it works and how you should use it. All in all, Voltaren Gel is an excellent product for people looking for topical arthritis pain relief.

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