Best Mouth Guard for Clenching

Ever heard of or considered using a mouth guard for clenching treatment? You’re not alone. Clenching and grinding is common, especially as people age. Unfortunately, it can lead to serious problems with your oral health. Fortunately, there are many potential treatment options. Among these is the use of a special mouth guard worn at night to protect against teeth grinding and clenching during sleep.

Finding the right mouth guard for clenching can be tricky. You have many things to consider before deciding on just one. Choose the wrong one and it could cost you your health.

Our Favorite Best Mouth Guard for Clenching

1. The ConfiDental – Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding Clenching Bruxism

The ConfiDental - Pack of 5 Moldable Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding Clenching Bruxism, Sport Athletic, Whitening Tray, Including 3 Regular and 2 Heavy Duty Guard (3 (lll) Regular 2 (II) Heavy Duty)

The ConfiDental mouth guard is designed to prevent teeth grinding, clenching and bruxism for both professional athletes and sportsmen. It has been proven to work well for teeth grinding in individuals with severe grinding habits, children and senior citizens. The ConfidentaI mouth guard is a one-piece custom fit and boil-and-bite custom moldable mouth guard designed to prevent teeth grinding, clenching, bruxism and TMJ pain.

Why Choose it?

Perfect Solution: The ConfiDental is our mouth guard for teeth grinding and clenching bruxism. If you clench or grind your teeth and want to protect them, our bite guards are right for you. It takes the place of your upper and lower teeth which allows you to move your jaw muscles through their natural, relaxed range of motion, so that when the jaw muscles are relaxed mouth guard will remain still in your mouth.

Materials: The ConfiDental – Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding Clenching Bruxism is made with BPA free and Phthalates-free premium grade materials that are easy to clean and can be reused. It has a set of screw adjustment systems, flexible and soft design; it fits the tooth grinding bruxism mouth guard with less pressure, is simple to wear, and is highly durable. Using Confidential helps you make your life better, healthier and happier!

Custom Fit: The ConfiDental guards against grinding, clenching and bruxism by providing a barrier between the upper and lower teeth. An easily moldable material is used to custom fit this shield to any mouth size. It also has an elastic band to hold it in place when grinding happens.

Regular and Heavy-duty Protection: The ConfiDental is a set of 5 mouth guards for teeth grinding. Included you will find 3 regular protection ones ( 3mm thick ) and 2 heavy-duty protection ones ( 6mm thick ). Enjoy your teeth grinding whether you are a night owl or an early bird. Choose either the standard or the heavy-duty one depending on how often you grind your teeth and if they have given up on you!

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2. Reazeal Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth and Clenching

Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth and Clenching Anti Grinding Teeth Custom Moldable Dental Night Guard Dental Night Guards to Prevent Bruxism - 8 Packs

Avoid teeth grinding and clenching with Reazeal’s Dental Night Guard. By preventing your teeth from touching when you sleep, this night guard can relieve the pain caused by bruxism. Different nighttime habits, such as bruxism (teeth grinding) and clenching can cause multiple issues with your teeth. Using our unique and easy-to-use online custom impression kit, you will be able to take an impression of your upper and lower teeth. After the impression is taken, you will return the same impression to us and wait for us to create a night guard that fits perfectly into your mouth. This perfect fit can prevent many complications from developing in your mouth by allowing your teeth to breathe room at night.

Why Choose it?

Great Design: Reazeal is a dental guard specially designed by a team of experts to prevent teeth grinding and clenching. Within no time it will eliminate jaw pain, headaches, tooth wear and tooth loss. Easy to use and virtually invisible, the Reazeal is comfortable, effective and made with high quality materials. It comes in four sizes to comfortably fit all adult jaws. It’s a simple solution for preventing destructive jaw habits.

Comfort: Concerned about your teeth grinding, clenching, or grinding (teeth-grinding) at night? This Reazeal Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth and Clenching protects the teeth from grinding and clenching. The ultra-comfort guard can be used as a dental protector, teeth whitening tray and sports mouthguard. Can be adapted to fit a wide variety of teeth alignments, tooth sizes & mouth shapes for optimal comfort.

Safety: Reazeal’s two-panel mouth guard is made of a soft, comfortable, medical grade material that won’t put pressure on your teeth or gums and won’t cause jaw pain like other products. Our patented design features a unique fit system that makes the guard an exact fit to your teeth using boil and bite technology.

Multi-use: Durable and Comfortable, this white mouth guard combines three different functions into one and protects your teeth while you grind them, play sports or teethe. The special flexible moldable material is the perfect solution for protecting against the abuse of grinding or clenching your teeth during sleep, exercising, or when your little one is teething. This custom product is ready within 10 minutes of opening and has a no-slip fit. It also has a pre-molded soft cover to protect sensitive gums and is simple to clean.

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3. M3 Naturals Mouth Guard for Grinding & Clenching Teeth

M3 Naturals Mouth Guard for Grinding & Clenching Teeth - BPA Free - 4 Guards for Adults & Kids - Dental Guards, Bite Guards, Night Guards for Teeth Grinding - Teeth Grinding Mouth Guard for Sleep

M3 Naturals Mouth Guard for Grinding & Clenching Teeth is made from high quality medical grade thermoplastic that’s BPA Free, FDA Approved, and even used by dentists and dental labs. Whether you grind your teeth while sleeping or while you’re awake, this dental guard will protect your teeth, gums and jaw when grinding and clenching. Unlike other mouth guards on the market today, the patented M3 Naturals formula is specially designed to withstand those with braces or sensitive teeth.

Why Choose it?

Eliminates Clenching: This mouth guard is the ideal solution for nightly teeth grinding, clenching, allowing you to sleep continuously through the night uninterrupted by clenching or grinding. They are made from a patented material that molds to shape, keeping them more comfortable than other models on the market. Get your nights back and stop grinding!

Versatile and Heavy Duty: The M3 Naturals Mouth Guard for Grinding & Clenching Teeth is specially designed to give you an edge over your competition. With 4 different types of guards and 3 different sizes, you’re sure to find a size that works best for any purpose you see fit. It can be used as a teeth whitening tray, teeth grinding protection, teeth clenching protection, for protection that strengthens teeth while exercising or participating in sports, and for snoring prevention. It is made of high quality material and can be used while sleeping, working out (many workout programs require you to wear a mouthguard), protecting and strengthening teeth while exercising or participating in sports, and for anti-snoring purposes.

Customize Your Fit: M3 Naturals are Beech Wood mouth guards that protect your teeth. Each freshly trimmed mouth guard is easily adapted to fit any size so you can meet the needs of your individual mouth. What makes M3 Naturals unique is their ability to keep moving with you during strenuous physical activity and they are breathable to make sure your mouth stays fresh, preventing dryness and bad breath.

Moldable Fit to prevent Bruxism and Clenching: The M3 Naturals mouth guard for grinding and clenching teeth is designed for patients who grind or clench their teeth during sleep. Made of ultra-light, BPA-free thermoplastic material, the guard molds to your teeth to fit your mouth perfectly while gently massaging and relaxing your jaw muscles during sleep. Preventing the potential dental injury that can result when trauma is applied to the delicate jaw tissue.

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4. Neomen Mouth Guard for Tmj & Eliminates Teeth Clenching

Neomen Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth- 2 Sizes, Pack of 4 - New Upgraded Dental Night Guard for Clenching Teeth, Stops Bruxism, Tmj & Eliminates Teeth Clenching, 100% Satisfaction

Our Neomen Mouth Guard for Tmj & Eliminates Teeth Grinding is an all-night dental night guard that is specially designed to relieve symptoms of symptoms of Tmj, Tmj syndrome and teeth grinding. This innovative new anti grinding dental guard fits over the upper teeth, offering protection against grinding and clenching at night. The soft material makes it easy to get used to wearing it, and ensures that you won’t wake up sore if you wear it for a long time. Best of all, it’s affordable. Designed by a dentist, these high-quality Neomen guards are 100% guaranteed with a satisfaction guarantee that extends for 365 days.

Why Choose it?

Safe & Comfortable: Neomen TMJ mouthguard protects your teeth and gums while you sleep, relax, eat, or even work. The sports mouth guards designed by Neomen are all made in the United States and feature 100% FDA food grade materials. This ensures that our products are made of safe materials, are well-built, and are comfortable to wear every day.

Perfect Custom Fit: Neomen Mouth Guard Tmj & Eliminates Teeth Clenching.   A soft, comfortable and discreet dental guard that molds to fit your mouth .  Neomen custom-fit dental guards eliminate teeth grinding and clenching for a whiter, straighter smile.  This unique product is ideal for both men and women and is easily cleaned. No boiling or water necessary.

High Quality: Neomen dental mouth guards are perfect for eliminating teeth clenching and grinding during sleeping. They fit comfortably around the teeth and are virtually invisible under most types of headgear. Simple to mold, they can be reused tons of times before needing to be replaced. If you suffer from teeth clenching and grinding or TMJ disorder and are looking for an effective solution to reduce jaw pain, grinding and clenching, Neomen is what you need. They are BPA free with a case that makes it easy to clean and reuse.

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5. ASRL Mouth Guard for Clenching Teeth at Night

ASRL Mouth Guard for Clenching Teeth at Night, Night Guards for Teeth Grinding (4 Pack, 2 Sizes)

Don’t let the fear of your dentist scare you away from getting a full night’s sleep. Help fight sleep-related problems like snoring, sleep apnea, teeth grinding and TMJ disorders with our Health Professional Mouth Guard. Made of BPA-free, phthalates-free medical grade materials, this mouth guard is designed by experts in the field of oral health to alleviate pressure and stress on your jaw. It protects your teeth from chipping and enamel erosion while you sleep.

Why Choose it?

Problem Solving

Safe Materials: This Mouth Guard for Tmj and teeth clenching is one of the best-selling Tmj mouth guards that you can rely on. This 100% customized high-quality stainless steel mouth guard for teeth grinding is made of BPA-free and phthalates-free medical grade materials to ensure your health. It was specially designed to relieve temporomandibular joint disorder and other related TMJ problems. It also stops bruxism, night teeth grinding, jaw clenching and headaches.

Comfortable & Moldable: Sleep more soundly while reducing stress symptoms and minimizing noises at night. This mouth guard is not only a great solution for snoring, grinding and teeth clenching, but also for users with TMJ. All our mouth guards are made of heat sensitive material that can easily be formed by your dentist or yourself in hot water.

Perfect Effect: Do you wear a mouth guard at night? Teeth grinding and clenching, or bruxism is a condition accompanied by discomfort and harm. The right night guard can reduce that discomfort and protect you from harm. In the process of grinding your teeth at night, your teeth make contact with your jaw bone and gum tissue instead of impacting one another.

Multi-Purpose: Multi-function dental guards from Dental Guard not only prevent your teeth from grinding, they are also designed to be used as a teeth whitening tray when necessary. Among the top custom guards on the market, Dental Guard’s athlete shield is the most popular set, protecting the athlete’s teeth from sports-related impacts. An athlete can use this guard as a mouth guard to prevent impact injuries during sport. A dental guard to prevent teeth grinding and clenching during sleep, a teeth whitening tray to whiten your teeth, or just an everyday mouth guard.

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6. Plackers Grind No More Dental Night Guard

Plackers Grind No More Night Guard, Nighttime Protection for Teeth, BPA Free, Sleep Well, Ready to Wear, Disposable, One Size Fits All, 16 Count

Anytime you clench or grind your teeth, you risk damaging your teeth and gums. This Guard can be placed in the mouth behind the upper front teeth when you go to sleep. The dental night guard pad will prevent and stop grinding and clenching but can be easily removed from the mouth during the day and replaced each night. An excellent alternative to expensive custom-fitted night guards, This Guard is an ideal disposable and ready-to-use solution for protecting teeth from grinding damage.

Why Choose it?

One Size Fits: This Guard is the only mouth guard that can prevent the same grinding habits commonly found in dental guards, ensuring better sleep and a more comfortable dentist visit. The streamlined one-size-fits-most design made for upper or lower teeth is attractive and more comfortable than other bulky dental guards on the market, making it easier to wear at night.

Protect Clenching: If you’re a “clencher,” your teeth come together with such force that it can create long term damage to your teeth, bite, and even cause TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint disorders). If you’re a “grinder,” the excessive pressure from your teeth against each other causes enamel wear and pain. Plackers Grind No More™ is scientifically proven to protect the teeth of clenchers or grinders alike.

BPA-free: Save money and time on expensive night guards and get better results with Plackers Grind No More Dental Night Guards. These high-quality BPA-free disposable dental night guards are hygienic, affordable, and last for up to three nights of use. Made from an FDA-approved material, these night guards protect sensitive teeth and gums when grinding or clenching is an issue at night.

Instant Fit: There’s no boiling, cutting or molding required with this night guard instead you just pop it into your mouth and it snaps into place in seconds.  This Dental Night Guard is an instant fit for your teeth every time. It is an inexpensive way to effectively reduce grinding. They are durable and comfortable and made with no boil, cut or mold requirements. It’s proven to protect against bruxism-induced tooth wear, tooth sensitivity, TMJ and migraines.

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7. GRINDSHIELD Mouth Guard for Teeth Clenching

GRINDSHIELD Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth – Moldable, Trimmable, Custom Fit – (8) Mouth Guards with 2 Sizes & Case – Nightguard, Clenching Night Guard, Bruxism Mouth Guard, Dental Guard, Mouthguard

The GrinShield night guard, also known as a Grinding Mouth Guard or Clenching mouth guard, is a unique breakthrough in dental treatment that’s ideal for anyone suffering from teeth clenching (Bruxism), teeth grinding and other jaw related pain. The GrinShield Night Guard, made with medical grade thermoplastic, is designed to relieve pressure and even out tooth wear caused by frequent teeth grinding or clenching. Unlike a traditional night guard, the GrinShield Night Guard can be trimmed and molded specifically to each individual’s mouth in order to provide maximum comfort and relief.

Why Choose it?

Safe Materials: This product protects your teeth and gums from damage caused by teeth clenching or grinding, a habit that millions of people struggle with on a daily basis. GRINDSHIELD is made from low odor, no latex, and BPA free premium dental grade materials. Trimmable, moldable, and re-moldable if needed, they ensure a comfortable fit night after night and help you avoid costly dental bills.

Moldable Fit to prevent Bruxism and Clenching: With the TMJ night guard, you won’t have to take any sleep aids to relieve jaw and tooth pain. Boil in the bag is a convenient delivery method, and although this item may seem trivial, relieving jaw pain and teeth clenching with the help of this item is absolutely necessary for a good night’s sleep. In addition to relieving possible dental discomfort, the TMJ nightguard relaxes jaw muscles, and prevents teeth from grinding, clenching, and biting down during sleep. Grinderguard is designed to provide restful sleep during the day, as well as peace of mind at night.

Thin: The GrinShield is a dental mouth guard tray that covers your teeth and gums. It has soft & thin, flexible sides that conform to your teeth while letting you speak clearly. The bottom of the dental tray features a semi-hard, durable layer that makes it long lasting while the soft & thin sides ensure a soft feel and secure fit.

Comfortable: Sleep with total confidence. If you suffer from teeth grinding during your sleep, the Grinshield night guard for teeth grinding is just what you need. It’s been developed using the latest technology, and designed with all the necessary features for your comfort and protection. Available in several colors, it can be custom made to fit your specific mouth and teeth. Because it is made from high-quality plastic, it is as strong as metal yet comfortable enough to use overnight.

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8. Encore Guards – Custom Dental Night Guard

Encore Guards - Custom Dental Night Guard/Mouth Guard for Protection Against Teeth Grinding/Clenching/Bruxism and TMJ Relief - One (1) Guard

Stop grinding your teeth and stop the pain! A Custom Night Guard has been proven to eliminate the causes of tooth grinding and jaw clenching related headaches. Night guards are proven to be effective if you wake up with headaches or have recurrent trouble with your TMJ joint, Encore Guards are designed to fit in the palm of your hand so you can easily transport it to your dentist! This mouthguard is uniquely created for the prevention of damage to gums, teeth and jaw joints during common dental problems like bruxism (teeth grinding), TMJ and teeth grinding/clenching. Because these devices are custom-made, patients enjoy a comfortable fit and the ability to wear them day or night for maximum protection.

Why Choose it?

4 Different Guards: Encore Guards offers high-quality custom protective mouth guards tailored to meet your unique needs, eliminating the possibility of future injury while you sleep. At enCore, we only make medical-grade mouth guards, because ordinary plastics won’t do. Choose from a selection of different products–from night guards that guard against clenching during sleep, to sports mouth guards that protect against contact and impact injuries–and find a treatment that works for you.

Custom Fit: Having an Encore customized dental night guard can help! No sore teeth, jaw, or residual effects from teeth grinding. This dentist-grade mouth guard will aid in helping you look and feel your best while asleep, and avoid further damage to your teeth. Designed and manufactured specifically to fit the upper or lower teeth, Encore guards offer a high level of protection.

Save Time and Money: This dental night guard is designed to defend your smile with the best materials from the US and Germany. We have sourced a custom grade of acrylic that is extremely high quality, BPA, and Latex Free. All of our dental devices are safe and effective while being comfortable to wear. Once you get your custom dental night guard created and in-hand, you will notice the difference right away and wonder why you waited so long.

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9. SMARTGUARD ELITE Mouth Guard for Clenching

Dental Guard SMARTGUARD ELITE (2 Guards 1 Travel case) Front tooth Custom Anti Teeth Grinding Night Guard for Clenching - TMJ Dentist Designed - Bruxing Splint Mouth Protector For Relief of Symptoms

The dental guard is thin and lightweight, with a patented design that prevents damaging (back tooth) clenching. This unique design allows you to breathe, talk, and drink while resting your biting surface on the dental guard. The dental guard promotes wakeful contact, provided you are not grinding your teeth at night. Decreasing your grinding habit will decrease the amount of discomfort you experience every day and provide relief from pain.

Why Choose it?

Most Effective: The revolutionary, new Biotensegrite material was designed by TMJ dentist Dr. Spainhower to alleviate nighttime clenching pains. This means you can have a more relaxed sleep and a better day when you awake. Plus, because the material is so strong, this mouth guard can be worn during any activity that does not involve contact with another person or another person’s property.

Maximum Protection: Protect your teeth with a mouth guard designed to relieve symptoms of bruxism and save hundreds. This is the most advanced mouthguard, proven effective at reducing clenching, grinding, and the severity of headaches. It’s discreet and comfortable — you’ll hardly know you’re wearing it. A patented night clasp allows for a smooth split at the back of the mouth, so you can talk and be heard during the day.

Comfort and Fit: This night guard is designed to adapt to any arch shape and size. The easy molding instructions will help you get a custom, comfortable fit. Teeth grinding or clenching during sleep such as bruxism can be a natural response to stress and anxiety, but repetitive jaw movement can lead to increased tooth wear and enamel erosion, headaches and jaw pain, TMJD as well as other more invasive procedures such as jaw surgery.

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10. Remi At-Home Custom Night Guard Kit

Remi At-Home Custom Night Guard Kit - Create The Best Fitting Dental Grade Top And Bottom (2) Mouth Guards for Grinding Teeth (Bruxism) & TMJ Relief Night Guard

Remi At-Home Custom Night Guard Kit is designed to be the best fitting mouth guard for bruxism and TMJ relief. The kit enables you to fabricate your own custom dental grade top and bottom custom night guard. You’ll get a comfortable mouthguard that provides lasting protection and doesn’t cause jaw pain or headaches, unlike the off-the-shelf devices available on the market. Customize your very own nightguard for grinding teeth at home. No worry of ordering the wrong size since our custom kit lets you get it right the first time. Includes teeth guard top and bottom, easy molding products. Get the best night sleep while protecting your teeth and jaw joints.

Why Choose it?

dentist, dental, professional, top and bottom, bpa, bpa-free, bpa free, made in the USA, American

Fits Perfectly: Don’t put up with a night of grinding anymore. With the Remi at-home custom night guard, you can create a dental mouth guard for grinding teeth that fits your mouth perfectly. Simply use the at-home dental impression trays to make a highly precise impression of your teeth, then place the mold in the included custom color mix and boil. When cool, remove and wear.

Material & Comfort: You no longer have to deal with a bulky night guard that has to be worn all day, every day. With smart technology you can get the best of both worlds: all-day comfort from softer plastic, and overnight protection from hard plastic. Custom Night Guards are custom made by your dental lab from a 1-mm thick material providing protection from teeth grinding and clenching with the comfort of a soft night guard. Uniquely designed for your teeth, we will take impressions at our office and fabricate a custom mouthguard just for you.

Adjustable: Rest easy with Remi At Home custom night guard. Made to fit right into your existing smile – no plastic mouthpiece splints needed. You can easily adjust this custom night guard in or out to accommodate your own teeth and bite. This night guard’s soft, conforming material comfortably seals the teeth while providing relief from the pain and discomfort of bruxism. Get the anti-grinding treatment you need without a nightly trip to the dentist!

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Things to Know

What Are Mouthguards Made of?

The material used for a mouth guard for teeth clenching is usually softer, flexible rubber. It provides a cushioning effect that helps absorb the force exerted when clenching.

There are two types of mouth guards that are commonly used for teeth grinding: dual laminates (e.g. soft on the inside and hard acrylic on the outside) or entire acrylic mouth guards. Despite habitual teeth grinding, the acrylic material’s hard surface can withstand the wear and tear.

In addition to preventing tooth-to-tooth contact, mouth guards made of either of these materials will minimize the wear and tear caused by grinding.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mouth Guard

mouth guard for clenching

Here are some additional factors to consider when purchasing the perfect dental night guard:

Comfortable Fit

A good night’s sleep is highly dependent on the comfort of your night guard. There should be no additional pressure placed on any of your teeth when wearing your mouthguard. In order to use it, you have to wear it throughout the entire night without feeling sore or uncomfortable in the morning. Moreover, it needs to remain in place while you sleep so it does not disturb you. Mouth guards must be comfortable to wear all night long, and they must be easy to put on and take off.


It is important that the mouth guards you choose for clenching fit comfortably in your mouth, but also be thick enough to prevent significant tooth and gum damage. A typical mouth guard ranges in thickness from 1 mm to 3 mm. Night guards that are too thin may not last as long depending on your level of bruxing. It may also difficulty resting comfortably in your mouth if it is too thick. As a result, your bite may change. There are several different sizes of impression trays included in these kits, so you can select the one that’s right for you.

Material is another important factor to consider when choosing a custom nightguard along with thickness and comfort.  Material that requires heat or chemical curing, such as thermoset, is not as flexible and comfortable as thermoplastic materials.


Mouth guards are a great investment for anyone who wants to reduce the risk of losing their teeth. Many people choose to get a custom guard made, but they can be very expensive. For those who don’t want to spend several hundred dollars on an acrylic guard, there are generic dental mouth guards available at any local drug store. It’s important to know what kind of material you want in your guard, so here are the rules for choosing your top and bottom teeth:

Top teeth: If you grind, you can choose a hard acrylic guard. Due to the sharp edges, these devices could potentially cause damage to your teeth. For this reason, it is recommended that they be used with a top-on design that clamps down over the top of your teeth and is secured by a band.

Bottom teeth: A soft material like silicone or gum rubber is best for clenching. It will prevent damage from clenching and will last much longer than the acrylic materials.

Safe materials 

Many of these mouth guards are made with chemicals that can be harmful to your health, and they tend to be uncomfortable or even painful to wear at night. If you have issues with teeth grinding and clenching, a good mouth guard can be instrumental in helping you get through the night without harming your teeth.

It is important to ensure the night guard is free of chemicals or materials that you are sensitive to since you will be putting it into your mouth. You may, for instance, look for a mouth guard that is BPA free. You also want something that is soft enough so it’s comfortable in your mouth but still firm enough so it does its job protecting your teeth from grinding and clenching.


Custom night guards that are well-made should last for a very long time. If you can find a night guard that comes with a warranty period, then that might be the one for you.


Do Mouth guards help clenching?

The purpose of a dental night guard is to cushion the effects of clenching while sleeping as a means of protecting the teeth. Chipped and worn-down teeth are two of the most common problems associated with teeth clenching. By using this cushion barrier, these problems can be prevented.

What type of mouth guard is best for clenching?

Soft mouth Guard is best for clenching. The most commonly used teeth guard for bruxism is the acrylic night guard, which is typically used for mild to occasional cases rather than severe teeth grinding.

What is jaw clenching a symptom of?

Anxiety and stress commonly cause jaw clenching. A common symptom of these emotions is muscle tension, which is associated with clenching your jaws repeatedly, the result of which may lead to the conditions.

What is the difference between hard and soft night guard?

Night guards that are hard allow the lower teeth to move around freely when the lower jaw is moving. The problem with soft night guards, which are readily available at local drug stores, is that they exacerbate bruxism by naturally encouraging the jaw to bite into soft objects.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has given you some food for thought in a few areas. If you’re looking to pursue any of the ideas that we discussed above, it’s important to give them your full consideration. There are no quick fixes or easy ways out—only long-term solutions that might need a little bit of work to get right. But the end result will be worth it, and you can always look back on your progress with pleasure. No matter what course of action you decide to take, remember to always keep an open mind. You never know when a new idea or development could help you reach your goals quicker than expected!

In the end, we hope that this guide has helped you to better understand your options for treating muscle tension headaches and that you find the perfect mouth guard for clenching. Be sure to check out our in-depth, top picks for additional information on these products.

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