7 Best Mastic Gum You Can Buy In 2022

With so much hype surrounding mastic gum supplements, it looks like they’re going to become more and more popular as time goes by. In fact, the demand for mastic gum supplements is already skyrocketing, which is making people look for the best products in this category. To help these consumers make an informed decision when shopping for mastic gum supplements, We’ve designed a list of the seven best mastic gum brands for you to consider when making a purchase in the future.

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Mastic Gum: A Brief Explanation

Mastic gum is a potent ingredient that has been used by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. It is a resin that is obtained from the mastic tree (Pistacia lentiscus). It has been used for thousands of years to heal wounds, fight infections and as a digestive aid.

Mastic gum is extracted using cold pressure or heat from the leaves of Pistacia lentiscus trees. The sap of this tree can be hardened into a type of resin that contains mastic gum. This resin has been used in many different ways throughout history including chewing it to relieve tooth pain. In addition to being used as an ingredient in toothpaste, mastic gum can be used as an ingredient in medicines and foods such as ice cream and yogurt.

Benefits And Utilization Of Mastic Gum

Mastic gum is a natural substance that comes from the sap of a Mediterranean tree known as Pistacia lentiscus. This tree has been used for thousands of years, and some research suggests it may have health benefits.

Reducing Abdominal Pain And Acid Reflux:

Mastic gum may help with certain digestive problems. For example, one study found that people who used mastic gum had an improvement in certain types of indigestion and stomach pain. They had less stomach pain in general and less stomach pain from anxiety. They also reported less heartburn.

Skin Care:

Mastic gum has been used to treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It can also help to remove dead skin cells as well as kill bacteria on your skin.

Helping With Digestive Problems:

Mastic gum may help people with digestive problems such as diarrhea, constipation, flatulence (gas), colic (painful gut spasms), and bloating. One study found that mastic gum had anti-diarrheal effects when used over the course of 2 weeks; another study found that it improved constipation symptoms within 3 days of use; and a third study found that it reduced the frequency of flatulence by 40% within 2 weeks.

Cough And Cold Relief:

Mastic gum may help soothe coughs and colds by loosening mucus in your throat and nasal passages. This allows you to breathe easier while you recover from your cold or flu symptoms. This benefit is especially important if you have allergies or asthma because these conditions can cause coughing fits that lead to difficulty breathing.

Cholesterol And Glucose Control:

Mastic Gum helps people to reduce their Cholesterol. It’s also used in some foods to control blood sugar levels and improve digestion. Mastic Gum also contains a substance called chlorogenic acid, which is known for its ability to lower cholesterol levels in the body.

Weight Loss:

Mastic Gum can help with weight loss because it’s high in fiber content, which makes you feel full faster so you don’t overeat! Also, it has been shown to help lower blood sugar levels, which can be especially helpful if you’re trying to lose weight but suffer from diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Dental Health:

Mastic Gum is antibacterial and antifungal which are beneficial for oral health. It prevents tooth decay, gum diseases and bad breath.

Top 7 Best Mastic Gum Reviews

1. Jarrow Formulas Mastic Gum 1000 mg

Jarrow Formulas Mastic Gum 1000 mg - 60 Veggie Caps - Natural Formula Supporting Stomach, Duodenal & Oral Health - 30 Servings

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Made from the naturally occurring gum of the Pistacia Lentiscus tree, Jarrow Formulas Mastic Gum delivers 100% geo-specific chewing gum mastic resin in a vegetarian capsule. Jarrow Formulas Mastic Gum is full spectrum, supporting gastrointestinal health and providing antioxidant support to cells. Jarrow Formulas Mastic Gum 1000 mg is made from the naturally occurring gum of the Pistacia Lentiscus tree. It contains 100% geo-specific chewing gum mastic resin in vegetarian capsules, which are easy to swallow.

Naturally Occurring Ingredients:

Mastic Gum consists of natural resin derived from the mastic tree, a plant native to Greece and Turkey; Mastic gum is a resinous exudate containing essential oils.

Supports Digestive Health:

Mastic Gum is a natural supplement that supports the health of the gastric and duodenal cells and tissues, as well as healthy levels of stomach acid production. The formula also provides antioxidants and additional beneficial nutrients known to have synergistic effects with mastic gum.


Mastic Gum helps support the health of the intestines, stomach, and liver. It also provides relief for sore throats, bad breath and oral health.

Veggie Capsules Are Convenient:

Take two veggie capsules per day with water or juice before breakfast with a full glass of water, or as directed by your qualified healthcare professional.

Nutrition and Formula:

Jarrow Formulas have been in the forefront of the world’s natural health care industry for more than 30 years, providing innovative and science-based nutritional supplements to millions of consumers worldwide. The goal of Jarrow Formulas is to promote optimal health with high-quality, effective, affordable, and superior formulation of dietary supplements.

2. Mastic Gum Capsules 1500mg

Mastic Gum Capsules 1500mg 100 Count | Non-GMO & Gluten Free | by Horbaach

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Mastic Gum is a natural substance that is not chemically altered, refined or bleached. It contains valuable minerals such as magnesium and calcium for bone health, iron for anemia and magnesium for reducing stress. Together these minerals help your body function better. This item is an easy way to add fiber, antioxidants and minerals to your diet. It is easy to swallow, efficient absorption and improved digestion. These capsules are Vegan, gluten free, soy free, sugar free and lactose free. The content is non-GMO and offers a convenient way to get your daily dosage of minerals in your diet.

Powerful Antioxidant:

Horbaach Mastic Gum 1500mg capsules are made from the gum (resin) of the mastic tree, which is a potent source of antioxidants.

Digestive System:

Mastic gum is a natural supplement that freshens breath, supports digestive health and provides many other health benefits.

Helps Breathing and Circulation:

Supports healthy respiratory function and blood circulation.

Features of Capsules:

Horbaach Mastic Gum Capsules are made from the finest and purest mastic gum extracts. No GMO’s, gluten free & lactose-free and easy to swallow. They are a good source of healthy fats & also have powerful antifungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Best Naturals Mastic Gum 500 mg 60 Capsules

Best Naturals Mastic Gum 500 mg 60 Capsules

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Best Naturals Mastic Gum 500 mg contains a natural gum resin that has been used as an herbal remedy for many centuries. Best Naturals Mastic Gum 500 mg is a chewable tablet that dissolves quickly and is easy to use. Mastic Gum contains a natural gum resin that is great for maintaining good dental health and promoting a healthy intestinal tract. The benefits of chewing mastic gum include increased saliva flow, which can help freshen breath, promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the mouth, aid in digestion and help maintain oral health. An added benefit of this product is its ability to soften the stool, which may help relieve constipation.

Supports Digestive:

Digestive Health and Gluten Free, Natural Whole Food. Supports gastrointestinal and oral health with a mouth watering tart cherry flavor.

Antioxidants And Nutrients:

This supplement provides antioxidants, as well as additional beneficial nutrients that can benefit your body and mind.

Comfortable And Healthy:

Helps to support the health and comfort of your stomach lining cells with its unique patented formulation.

Benefit Of Use:

Best Naturals Mastic Gum is traditionally used to support healthy digestion, relieve occasional gas and flatulence, stimulate appetite and reduce the severity of ulcers.

4. Chico Mastic Gum Herbal Supplement – 1200mg

Chico Mastic Gum Herbal Supplement - 1200mg Organic Capsules for Digestive Health and Gastrointestinal Support, Liver Function - Non-GMO Formula for Natural Wellness - 100 Vegetarian Caps Per Bottle

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Chico Mastic Gum Herbal Supplement is an all natural and organic supplement that supports healthy digestion, intestinal health and liver function. Made with only organic ingredients that are non-GMOs, each capsule provides 1200mg of natural mastic gum. Free of artificial sweeteners or flavors, this herbal supplement gives you the power to support your healthy lifestyle. A mastic gum supplement that helps to support the liver, intestinal health and general health. Made with only all natural ingredients, Chico Natural Herbals Mastic Gum Herbal Supplement is a high-quality and effective product that is excellent for anyone looking to promote healthy digestion, liver function and general wellbeing.

Beneficial To Health:

Chico mastic gum is beneficial to health. Mastic gum has helped improve gastrointestinal health, lower blood cholesterol, and support liver functions. When combined with a nutritious diet, taking Chico mastic gum herbal supplements can help you reach your wellness goals faster.

Natural Wellness:

Mastic gum is a completely natural gum that is formed from the resin of pistachio trees. It has been used for thousands of years for a variety of oral health benefits such as supporting the immune system and freshening breath. The natural ingredients in this supplement aid digestion and support overall wellness

Better Absorb Nutrients:

Mastic gum product is included in the health & wellness line of supplements and health products. It comes in vegetarian capsules, which are easier to swallow, and has high bioavailability, so your body soaks up the nutrients faster.

Buy With Certainty:

With Certainty, the guarantee is a reflection of confidence in the effectiveness of natural digestive support products. For any reason, if you don’t love it, 30-day money back guarantee.

5. HERBAMAMA Mastic Gum Capsules – 1400 mg

HERBAMAMA Mastic Gum Capsules - 1400 mg, 100 Caps - Pistacia Lentiscus Nutritional Supplement Promoting Circulation, Digestive Function & Liver Health - Vegan, Non-GMO Formula Resin Dietary Product

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HERBAMAMA Mastic gum capsules, 100 count, 1400mg is a nutritional supplement that promotes circulation, digestive function and liver health. This vegan, non-GMO formula is made from raw pistachio nuts that have been cold-pressed and dried into resin-rich powder.  The natural essential oil of mastic gum comes from the Pistachio nut left over as a byproduct of commercial pistachio production. Mastic gum contains all the essential nutrients required for optimal health. Mastic Gum is a natural way to help maintain the lining of the stomach and other digestive organs.

Develop Digestive Defense:

Organic food supplement promotes proper digestion and relief from abdominal discomfort. Mastic gum capsules help to protect your gut, 2 antioxidant-rich mastic gum capsules at a time!

Love The Liver:

These dietary capsules are designed to support liver wellness, too. The mastic tree resin has properties that may help reduce certain enzymes and fortify the organ’s defenses.

Get Blood Flowing:

Organic mastic gum is a natural remedy that helps the body’s circulatory system. It supports organs, blood vessels and nutrients to help the supply of oxygen-rich blood throughout the body.

Control Heart:

Do you suffer from heart problems? If so, you may want to add dietary supplements to your daily regimen. The product aids in normal functions of the digestive system and blood flow which can contribute to better overall health.

Care For Health First:

Care for your health first with nutritional supplements. Wild-harvested and made in the USA, products work with nature to support your health and wellness.

6. Supersmart – Mastic Gum 2000 mg

Supersmart - Mastic Gum 2000 mg Per Day - Standardized to 35% Masticonic Acids - Natural Treatment Against H. Pylory - Acid Reflux | Non-GMO & Gluten Free - 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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Supersmart Mastic Gum is a natural treatment against H. pylori (Helicobacter pylori) and acid reflux. It effectively reduces the number of bacteria, relieves heartburn and prevents further infection. Mastic gum has been used for thousands of years, as an aid in allaying both minor and major stomach upsets. Mastic gum contains only natural ingredients, making it suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

What Exactly Is It?

Mastic Gum is a type of resin that comes from the Pistacia lentiscus tree. In small doses, it may prove to be a natural antiseptic remedy that inhibits or eliminates H.Pylori, improving gastrointestinal problems. H.Pylori is associated with stomach diseases like ulcers and gastritis.

What Are The Advantages?

H.pylori is a stubborn bacteria that has taken a toll on millions of people across the globe. The only way to truly kill off this harmful infection is with Mastic Gum, which contains compounds that have been shown to kill H.pylori and improve stomach function. Using this natural remedy can help improve your quality of life in the time it takes for it to control your H.pylori and restore stomach epithelium naturally.


Take four capules per day.

Satisfaction 100%:

When you buy this product, It will guarantee satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, For any reason, if you don’t love it, 30-day money back guarantee– no questions asked!

7. Solaray Mastic Gum Extract

Solaray Mastic Gum Extract | Healthy Gastrointestinal and Digestive Function Support | 1000 Mg | 45 VegCaps, 22 Servings

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Mastic Gum Extract provides support to gastrointestinal and digestive function. It promotes healthy digestion by supporting the production of hydrochloric acid and enzymes in the body, which are necessary for proper stomach function. Solaray Mastic Gum Extract also helps to maintain healthy bowel function with its natural astringent properties.

A Long History:

Mastic gum is the hardened sap of a small Mediterranean tree commonly referred to as “mastic”. It has been traded since antiquity, and mastic gum has been used over generations for its many potential health benefits.

Strong GI Soothe:

This product is formulated with resins from the mastic tree, native to Greece & Turkey which have been used since ancient times for its soothing properties.

Digestive Wellness:

Digestive Wellness is a unique blend of herbs, including Ginger and Gentian, that supports a healthy gastrointestinal tract and overall stomach function.


The commitment to a cleaner planet is reflected in bottled water products. Each bottle is made from 100% PCR recycled plastic, providing lasting quality and a product that’s better for the environment.

Credible Brand:

Products are manufactured carefully and tested by independent labs for potency, purity and consistency. It uses only natural, food-grade ingredients.

Buying Guide: How To Choose the Best Mastic Gum

The best way to get the most out of your mastic gum is by choosing one that’s high quality and pure. When buying mastic gum online or offline, it’s important that you know what makes a good brand so you don’t end up spending money on something that doesn’t work well. Here are some things you should look out for when buying mastic gum:

Organic or non-organic:

The first thing to look for in a mastic gum is whether it is organic or not. Most of us would prefer to have an organic product because it will be healthier for us and our loved ones. A certified organic product means that no chemicals were used during production, packaging and transportation of this product.

Shelf Life

Shelf life means how long can you keep this product at room temperature before it expires? A good mastic gum must have a long shelf life so that you don’t need to use it immediately after buying it from a store. In addition, if your item has a long shelf life then there is no need for you to worry about spoilage while storing it at home or traveling with it while on vacation.

Gmo Free Or Not

If your product has been genetically modified then it may contain harmful substances such as pesticides or herbicides which may pose serious health risks to you and your family members. To avoid these substances look for the Non-GMO certified label on the package before making a purchase decision.


Your product purchasing journey becomes smooth if you can find out the best brands. We have shortlisted different brands of the best mastic gum brand so that you can make a quick purchase.


Price varies from brand, size, and other specific features. You may find some sellers who are offering the product at a very low price and of course, it will attract most of the customers. However, if you want to get real value for money then look for a high quality product which is made using pure ingredients. Such products will always cost more but they provide better results than cheaper ones.

Best Mastic Gum- FAQs

Does mastic gum actually work?

Mastic gum is a resin from the mastic tree. It’s called chewed mastic gum when it has been chewed and swallowed. Mastic gum has been used for many years to ease indigestion, including stomach pain, upper abdominal pain and heartburn caused by eating too quickly or with stress. It may also help improve healing of stomach ulcers.

Can you take mastic gum every day?

 Mastic Gum is a natural gum resin that contains essential nutrients and powerful antioxidants that help keep your body clean from cholesterol and harmful pathogens. Research has shown Mastic Gum to be a powerful aid for promoting good health and maintaining an active lifestyle. Take Mastic Gum in the amount of 1,000 mg two or three times a day (with meals), for 2 full months.

How long does it take for mastic gum to start working?

It may help prevent cavities and gingivitis. Chewing some mastic gum for at least 15 minutes may help reduce cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth. The longer people chew mastic gum, the bacteria levels are even lower.

Does mastic gum help gastritis?

Mastic gum can help gastritis by secreting mucus, stimulating bile secretion and improving the digestion process. It is also effective for curing ulcers caused by gastritis.

What is the function of mastic gum in the stomach?

Mastic gum is a natural resin derived from the mastic tree that’s been used as a medicine since ancient times to relieve digestive issues. The resin has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which may help reduce abdominal discomfort, pain and inflammation. It may help relieve digestive issues.


Hopefully, you’ll never need any of these products, but should the need arise to purchase one of these, We hope this article will help you make a better-informed decision. Ultimately, that’s what we’re here for. And whatever your choice may be, just do your research and make sure you’re comfortable with it before initiating any treatment plan. We wish you the best of luck!

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