Best Denture Whitener In the Market

Some people tend to think that a smile makeover might cost them an arm and a leg. Well, they are really wrong. You can achieve a dazzling smile without breaking your bank. But if you want to beat restorations, then denture whitener seems like an ideal solution. It is easy to use and gives you the perfect smile in no time. Just imagine what a positive impression it can do on your life!

Finding the best denture whitener doesn’t have to be an ordeal. There are some really great products on the market that can help you get a brighter and whiter smile. But before we jump into the top three, we need to make sure you do your homework.

Looking to whiten your dentures and fillings? We review which is the best denture whitener in the market and recommend one that we like.

Our Favorite Best Denture Whitener

Top 7 Best Denture Whitener Reviews- 2022

1. Sparkle Dent Denture Whitener and Cleaner

Sparkle Dent

Sparkle-Dent denture whitener and cleaner is a patented product that is safe, effective and easy to use in the privacy of your home. Sparkle-dent is especially effective on stubborn stains resulting from smoking, coffee, tea, etc. Sparkle-Dent brightens false teeth like natural teeth, helping you look younger and feel good about your smile again

Great for both upper and lower dentures. Helps remove stains from teeth and from the pink part of your dentures. Helps to remove food particles – No more gaps in front of teeth.


Whiten Dentures

The Sparkle-Dent Denture Whitener gives you a white and clean denture in as little as 15 minutes. Sparkle-Dent will remove tough stains like Coffee, Tea, and Tobacco Stains. Sparkle-Dent also removes Tough Tartar Build Up and Calculus. Use daily to prevent new stains and tartar buildup. Keep your dentures bright with the Sparkle-Dent Safely Whitens Dentures.

Dissolve in Water

Refreshing and cleaning using Sparkle-Dent will make them look new again. Just dissolve a capful in water, soak, and rinse clean. Sparkle-Dent’s advanced formula brightens and removes plaque without damaging the material. Your dentures will look and feel brand new, ready to confidently support your smile!

Safe for Soft Liners

Sparkle-Dent is a denture cleaning solution, specially formulated so that even full dentures with soft liners can be safely cleaned. Easy to use and safe to your mouth, Sparkle-Dent is great for all types of dentures, including metal and partial dentures.

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2. Efferdent PM Overnight Whitening Denture Cleanser

Efferdent Denture & Retainer Cleanser Tablets, Overnight Whitening, 126 Tablets

Experience an overnight whitening, deep clean for brighter retainers, dentures and other dental appliances with Efferdent PM Denture Overnight Whitening. It provides 50% more brightening boosters (as compared to Efferdent Complete Clean) and kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria. Insert and soak your oral appliance in this cleansing solution to remove stains and plaque while freshening your breath.

This formula is specially formulated with a 50% more powerful brightening booster than our complete cleaning formula to remove stains and discoloration on your retainers, dentures, or partial dentures. For improved cleaning and a brighter smile, use Efferdent Denture Cleanser.


Kills 99.9% Bacteria

A powerful antibacterial agent that kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria overnight, it works to remove tough stains and clean your dentures better than brushing alone. Use it as part of your daily oral hygiene routine to freshen your breath and get the clean mouth feeling you want.

Kills 99.9% Bacteria
Remove Tough Stains

Remove Tough Stains

Efferdent PM Denture Overnight Whitening cleans 10X better than brushing alone. It’s specially formulated to gently clean and remove tough stains with a thick foam that gets deep into hard-to-reach places. This multi-benefit formula provides overnight whitening, extra cleaning power, and kills germs in just 5 minutes.

Dental Appliances

Efferdent PM Denture Overnight Whitening cleans your denture or partial overnight, helping it stay in tip-top shape for years to come. Plus, it makes dentures more comfortable and breath freshening. It also removes tobacco, food, and plaque stains from full and partial plate dentures, retainers, and other dental appliances.

Overnight Whitening

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3. Sparkle-Dent Denture Whitener and Cleaner


Sparkle-Dent is a five-minute denture cleaner that removes built-up tartar and stains. Simply dissolve one capful in water and soak your dentures. Sparkle-Dent makes all dentures brand-new again. Safe for soft liners and anti-microbial rinsing for better oral health. One ounce of Sparkle-Dent will provide 30 to 40 cleanings on average.


Whiten Denture

Sparkle-Dent is the first on-the-go denture whitening and cleansing solution in a convenient, easy-to-use, spill proof bottle. Sparkle-Dent’s powerful concentrated formula cleans and deodorizes dentures, retainers, clear appliances, Invisalign, night guards, mouth guards and other oral devices.

Removes Built Up Tartar and Stains

Sparkle-Dent removes built-up tartar and stains, giving your dog the sparkle they’ve been missing while freshening their breath and naturally whitening their denture. It can be used daily to improve dog dental health, with no messy foams or sprays.

Dissolve in Water

Sparkle-Dent is a fast-acting denture cleaner that reaches deep into tiny crevices to clean your dentures, even in hard-to-reach areas where toothbrushes can’t reach.  Unlike toothpaste, Sparkle-Dent is specially formulated for dentures and won’t scratch or dull denture surfaces. Just soak your full or partial dentures in Sparkle-Dent for 15 minutes a day, and you’ll have whiter, brighter dentures in just three days!

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4. Polident Overnight Whitening Denture

Polident Overnight Whitening Denture Cleanser Effervescent Tablets, 3x84 count

Experience the power of a cleaning overnight. These effervescent denture cleanser tablets can effectively remove stains to help you experience a whiter and brighter smile. The best part is that you can have the results you’re looking for without disrupting your nightly routines. All it takes is dropping one tablet into just three ounces of water, soaking dentures for one hour, and rinsing them in the morning.


Kills 99.99% Bacteria

Polident Overnight Whitening Cleanser kills 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria while it goes to work keeping your dentures clean, white and bright. For optimum performance, the cleaning crystals dissolve fast and help reduce plaque build-up on your dentures (when used as directed). Polident is an expert in delivering the ultimate cleaning experience for both full and partial dentures.

Reduce Plaque Build Up

Polident Overnight Whitening Denture Cleanser helps reduce plaque build-up on your dentures (when used as directed). The powerful multi-clean formula provides all-day clean, fresh breath, and help to whiten in a single day. Each convenient pouch of Polident’s creamy, fast-foaming cleanser features a built-in soaking cup.

Dissolve Quickly

Polident Overnight Whitening Cleanser gives you a visibly whiter denture when used regularly.

It whitens your denture as it cleans, killing 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria, so your denture will look fresh and clean in the morning. Polident Overnight Whitening tablets are specially designed to dissolve quickly, getting to work right away so that you can enjoy a visibly whiter denture.

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5. Lumineux Teeth Whitening Strips

Lumineux Teeth Whitening Strips 21 Treatments - Enamel Safe for Whiter Teeth - Whitening Without the Harm - Dentist Formulated and Certified Non-Toxic - Sensitivity Free

Brighten and whiten teeth using Lumineux’s teeth whitening strips for your best smile. Formulated with the finest natural ingredients to deliver amazing results without compromising safety or quality, the advanced formula of these whitening strips allow them to remove even the most difficult stains like coffee and wine, leaving you with a bright, white smile. 

Easy to use tooth whitening strips conform to any size of teeth and can be worn while performing daily tasks such as running errands, working out, or even reading a book. These ingredients are all natural, fluoride free and alcohol free with no harsh chemicals resulting in fresh breath and healthy gums. 

Guaranteed to make your smile 5 shades whiter after 7 days of 21 treatments. This product is manufactured in a GMP certified facility under strict dental standards for safety and quality.


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6. Sparkle-Dent Denture Whitener and Cleaner

Sparkle-Dent Denture Whitener and Cleaner

Easy-to-use denture cleaner cleans and whitens false teeth in just minutes a day. Dissolve capful in water and soak, and discolored dentures will look like new. Sparkle-Dent Denture Whitener and Cleaner–a fast, safe and effective way to clean, whiten and brighten your dentures. Sparkle-Dent dissolves built-up tartar and stains making even discolored dentures look like new! Simply soak your appliance in Sparkle-Dent, twice daily for 10 minutes. Within a few days, Sparkle-Dent will have your dentures sparkling like new again.


Safe for soft liners

Sparkle-Dent instantly whitens dentures with the bleaching power of hydrogen peroxide. A unique foam action cleans your dentures quickly and easily for a clean, healthy smile. Safe for soft liners.

Removes Stains

Keep your dentures looking bright, clean and white with Sparkle-Dent Denture Whitener and Cleaner. Dentures can get stained from coffee, tea, berries, cigarettes and more. The Denture Whitener makes them look good as new! Using a unique patented formula based on effervescent technology, Sparkle-Dent removes stains from dentures in just five minutes per day! Simply soak dentures overnight in one of the cups for up to seven nights.

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7. Foam Bright Cleaner & Teeth Whitening Formula

FoamBright 2-in-1 Aligner/Retainer Cleaner Stain Remover & Teeth Whitening Foam Toothpaste Great for Invisalign, ClearCorrect, SmileDirectClub, Candid, Byte, Essix, Vivera, Hawley, Dentures & Braces

Restore your smile to its natural brightness with our advanced two-in-one formula. FoamBright’s gentle and effective blend of cleaning agents quickly removes stains that have built up over time, leaving teeth whiter and brighter. It’s the safe, effective cleaning and whitening solution for Clear Retainers, Mouth Guards, Retainers, Aligners, Braces and much more.


Prevents Tooth Decay

Fight tooth decay with our revolutionary whitening foam! Powered by oxygen, this foam penetrates deep between your teeth and under your gum line to prevent tooth decay like no traditional toothpaste can. Add in organic ingredients and a peppermint flavor, and you’ve got the ultimate cleaner & whitener. It prevents tooth decay and penetrates between your teeth and under your gum line like no traditional toothpaste can. Best of all, it’s vegan, cruelty-free and made without parabens!

Easy to Use

Ditch your messy gels, powders, and strips. Foam Bright is a quick, simple and effective foam tooth whitener you can use conveniently anytime and anywhere! Simply apply one pump onto your toothbrush or clear trays, then brush your teeth like normal to effectively remove surface stains. Our convenient 2-pack keeps you stocked for months to come–no refills needed!

Completely Safe

You don’t need harmful chemicals to get whiter, brighter teeth. Our advanced formula works like an exfoliator to gently clean and polishes your enamel, without any pain or discomfort. And unlike other chemical-based brands, no peroxide aftertaste and no harmful chemicals — just healthier, brighter teeth.

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Buying Guide for Best Denture Whitener

Best Denture Whitener


The type of ingredients used in the manufacturing of denture whiteners should be considered when you go shopping. Avoid using harsh whitening products like strong whiteners and toothpaste (in fact, don’t use toothpaste at all). Ingredients such as these can affect the performance of your dentures. 

Chemical Component 

If you use a denture cleanser that contains bleaching chemicals, your dentures might become weaker, and their color may change. As a result, your dentures may not last very long. It is important not to place dentures with metal attachments in chlorinated solutions because chlorine can also corrode the metal.


In order to make the most informed decision, the budget plays an important role. Without the budget, would everyone buy the most expensive option? However, I suggest that you identify the key features that you need to consider before you make a budget decision. If a certain feature does not fit within your budget, then it makes no sense to purchase it, right?

Ensure that a product has all the features you need before determining how much you want to spend. When you choose a product that does not have all the features you need, you may have to adjust your budget.


Best denture whiteners may sometimes be available that are designed to meet all your needs. However, there will be a difference in price. To avoid overpaying for a feature you will not use, it is imperative to evaluate each feature before deciding what to purchase.

Warranty, Support, & Brand

It is important to consider the brand when purchasing a product. Additionally, you can expect superior customer service from the company in addition to a high-quality build.

Furthermore, you should make sure that the product is backed by a decent warranty, which can prove extremely useful in the event of a defect during production. In addition, repairs are generally free during warranty periods (depending on the service plan).

Product Reviews

It is not necessary to view individual reviews on this list of best denture whiteners, unlike other lists. Depending on your usage needs, however, you should choose three or four options. Ensure you give the product a good rating by checking out customer reviews and videos on YouTube and Amazon once you’ve finished the product.

Things to Know Before Buying the Best Denture Whitener

Can Dentures Be Whitened?

Yes, however, it is important to remember that the process of whitening false teeth due to stains is quite different from whitening dentures that are free of stains. The reason for this is that dentures cannot be changed from their natural color.

Whether or not new dentures can be made whiter after being constructed may be something you are wondering. Sadly, it is not possible to brighten the colored base of constructed dentures (or bonding for that matter).

The story is different when it comes to stained dentures. By whitening dentures, stains that build up over time are eliminated, and the original false tooth color is restored. You will have a difficult time removing the surface stains if you do not address them right away.

Infections and diseases associated with dentures may be caused by irregular and poor denture hygiene. These factors cause dentures to yellow or stain since they are made of acrylic.

What to Avoid When Whitening Dentures?

Dentures can be damaged by certain products and may threaten your health. There are several products that you should never use to whiten your dentures or clean them.


In spite of its benefits for cleaning clothes and surfaces, household bleach should never be used to clean dentures. Bleach should never be used on dentures or on your teeth.

When bleach is used to whiten teeth, it will not only damage your dentures if swallowed but also cause them to deteriorate. Your pink dentures will be stained by the bleach in a way that cannot be removed.

Boiling water

Dentures should never be cleaned in hot water. If you have a difficult time brushing or cleaning with tabs, saltwater, or even cleaning tabs is a better option. Warm water can cause warping of your dentures, which results in a poor fit. So, always store your dentures in cool or room-temperature water.


Can You Whiten Dentures With Household Bleach?

Bleach can be hazardous to your health and can damage your dentures if used to clean them. Instead, you might consider using baking soda or salt to clean them. But it is recommended to use denture whitener, which is best for whitening your dentures. It has no harmful ingredients to hazard your dentures.

How Do I Whiten Dentures Fast?

The majority of denture cleaning solutions require you to soak your dentures overnight even if you’d rather rinse and clean them right away. Make sure your dentures last as long as possible by maintaining them properly.

Can Any Dentist Whiten Teeth?

If a dentist is registered with the General Dental Council, he or she can whiten teeth. A registered dental therapist or dental hygienist can also perform denture whitening under the supervision of a dentist.

Is Denture Whitening Permanent?

Denture whitening is temporary. Depending on the person, it can last anywhere from a few months to three years.

When you smoke or drink red wine, tea, or coffee, which can all stain your teeth, the whitening effect won’t last as long.


With the tips you just learned, you can remove surface stains from dentures and avoid harmful products now that you know how to whiten false teeth safely.

Consult a dental lab or your dentist if you can’t get white dentures no matter what you do. In some cases, they may be able to suggest alternative options that would be more appropriate for you. Whenever you are not sure about the authenticity of a denture whitening method you have heard about, you should consult an expert.

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