Best Denture Repair Kit

Dentures are those replacements for lost teeth. It is true that they provide a good solution, but they remain costly and may take a long time to implement. Fortunately, you can repair your broken dentures on your own while waiting for a replacement pair. Although you should only do this for a short period of time. This is a case of trying to find fixes where there are none. These words have different meanings and they do not mean the same thing. Repairs can help correct a problem, like fixing broken dentures. It can help bring back something that was old or broken. On the other hand, there are situations where you need to replace something that is no longer useful. If you need to replace your entire set of best dentures repair kit simply because one part if it’s broken, that would be called replacement.

Our 5 Favorite Denture Repair Kit

10 Best Denture Repair Kit Reviews

1. D.O.C. Repair-It Advanced Formula Denture Repair Kit

Dentemp Repair Kit - Repair-It Advanced Formula Denture Repair Kit - Denture Repair Kit Repairs Broken Dentures - Denture Repair to Mend Cracks & Replace Loose Teeth

Our denture repair kit is a complete repair solution designed with your dental emergency in mind. It provides fast, safe, and easy repairs right on the spot. The safe, fast, and easy process will give you the confidence to fix minor dents at any time, anywhere.

The Denteband is the world’s finest all-in-one stainless steel kit for fixing broken dentures. It features a patented, universal repair system that works on both acrylic and plastic dentures, and it’s also safe for use with metal bases.

Replace or secure loose dentures with help from Premier Kit for Denture Repair. The kit includes everything you’d need for a DIY repair job, including five metal clips and ten rubber bands, which can be used to replace missing teeth.

Mend cracks in your dentures easily with Fixodent Complete Denture Adhesive Cream, the number one recommended brand – recommended by dentists and pharmacists. Its unique cream form makes it easier to apply. Use it with dentures that aren’t loose yet, like well-fitting temporary or permanent mouthpieces.

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2. Instant Smile Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit

Instant Smile Complete Your Smile Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit - Replace a Missing Tooth in Minutes - Patented

A realistic solution to improving your smile! This temporary tooth replacement kit offers 4 enhanced shades of teeth to choose from and fits perfectly inside your mouth. They offer a more affordable alternative to the dental process, can be worn comfortably even through meals, and are visible in photos that you want to share.

No more worries about broken, chipped or missing teeth, thanks to the instant smile tooth replacement kit. This mildly adhesive device will enable you to replace missing or broken teeth without the need for any dentistry work. Customizable teeth provide a realistic look, feel and function and can be attached anywhere in your mouth. You will have the confidence to show your great smile without worrying about any dental problems.

Instant Smile helps restore that confident smile when you have missing teeth and can’t wear a dental appliance. It’s so easy! Just boil your water, add the packet and make a mold of your teeth. The results are amazing! It’s perfect for that quick touch-up before that big interview, party, or special event.

Enjoy the benefits of natural-looking teeth when you don’t have time to get a dental appointment. These Instant Smile Tooth replacements are made from slight, flexible thermoplastic alloy, allowing for easy shaping and sizing by using the included shaping tool. Get back to having a great smile in minutes with Instant Smile!

Replace a missing upper or lower tooth. Instant Smile is a self-adhesive temporary replacement tooth designed to give your mouth the natural look of a real tooth. It uses a special two-part hydrocolloid material to create a lifelike, gum-colored tooth that adheres over your existing teeth.

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3. D.O.C. Repair-It Advanced Formula Denture Repair Kit

D.O.C. Repair-It Advanced Formula Denture Repair Kit 3 ea

Tired of throwing money out the window leaving your broken denture at the denture repair office? Now you can Fix a broken denture at half the cost of a repairman and denture service. Repair loose dentures in minutes. D.O.C. Denture Repair Kit contains everything needed to repair your missed teeth and broken dentures at home in just minutes, including instructions. No more waiting days or weeks for an appointment to fix your dentures.

D.O.C. is Majestic Drug’s leading brand for home drug products. D.O.C.’s Repair-It Denture Repair Kit is just one of the many available items under this brand name. Repair-It Advanced Formula Denture Repair Kit helps to stop denture pain from developing into major problems such as loose or ill-fitting dentures, along with gum and mouth sores that often accompany ill-fitting dentures.

Fix breaks and get back to eating, smiling, and laughing with the Repair-It Advanced Denture Repair Kit. This convenient 2-step kit includes a proven repair resin for fixing broken dentures overnight as well as acid etches for smoothing rough edges. With its easy-to-use application and removal process and non-toxic formula, you can quickly repair your dentures even when you are on the go. Say goodbye to embarrassing moments and say hello to a new lease on life!

Replace worn dentures with the versatile Repair It. This adhesive gel instantly turns loose teeth into a sturdy new dental appliance. If a crack in your denture hinders your chewing, apply this super-bonder to seal the crack and turn your ill-fitting dentures into a comfortable tongue fit again!

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4. Instant Smile Multi Purpose Denture Repair Kit

Instant Smile Multi Purpose Denture Repair Kit

Our instant Smile Multi Purpose Denture Repair Kit is the most versatile repair kit on the market. This product can be used to fix or replace broken or lost plastic parts on Invisalign, Acrylic, Full and Partial Dentures. It can also be used as a temporary protective measure if you have a loose piece while cleaning or waiting to get your permanent still in the mail.

Help your family, friends and patients with this one simple solution for loose-fitting dentures. The Instant Smile takes 10-30 seconds to apply with simple instructions on use. Designed to be discreet yet effective and comfortable. Your patients will be smiling wider in no time!

The Instant Smile Dentures Repair Kit works to fix and repair broken, cracked, or fractured plastic dentures. This kit is specially designed to be a quick and easy temporary fix when you’re a long way from home. Some people don’t have time to wait for their denture adhesive or repair kits from the manufacturer, so we created our own Dentures Fixing Kit that gets the job done quickly, easy, and is extremely portable! This kit even comes with extra oops mini glue sticks that are perfect for repairing minor glue-related goofs.

Instant Smile gives you the power to fix a missing tooth, chip or crack in just minutes! Just mix, match and bond the specially formulated micro-monomer material that’s included. Each repair kit contains everything needed to permanently restore your missing teeth.

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5. PERK Denture Repair Kit with 28 Denture Teeth

PERK Denture Repair Kit with 28 Denture Teeth

PERK is the fast and easy way to repair any denture-even on the go! With 28 durable teeth that pop right in you’ll get rid of gaps, cracks, and other issues-so your smile will look its best. Lightweight and compact so you can fit it in your purse or pack easily for travel – PERK Denture Repair Kit is ideal for those with missing teeth or dentures.

PERK emergency denture repair kit is a convenient and portable fix for loose, sliding or broken dentures. It is a simple do-it-yourself repair kit that includes 28 natural teeth shaped plastic denture teeth, a remover tweezer to remove loose dentures, and a stimulating tissue adhesive.

If your denture teeth no longer fit, you probably need replacement removable denture teeth. This Denture Repair Kit allows you to fix broken or loose denture teeth without leaving home. It has all the parts needed to replace worn-out or damaged denture teeth with 28 new interchangeable teeth in amounts of 6, 9, or 12 depending on the size required.

The Denture Repair Kit is a compact collection of 28 assorted color-coded replacement teeth to help you salvage your broken dentures or temporarily fill in the gaps until you can see a dentist.

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6. Dentemp Repair-it Denture Repair Kit

Dentemp Repair-it Denture Repair Kit & Reline-it Denture Reliner - Denture Kit (Multi-Pack) - Refit and Tighten Dentures for Both Upper & Lower Denture - Repair Broken Dentures & Loose Teeth

Don’t be caught without a replacement denture repair kit on hand. The Dentemp Repair-It Kit is an easy and effective way to mend cracks, replace loose teeth, and reline dentures in minutes. This multi-pack contains everything you need to fix, replace, or reline your current dentures. One kit contains 1 tube of Lime-a-way, 2 tubes of Regular-it, 1 tube of Reline-it, and 1 shaping clay for use with the Regular-it.

We all know the struggle of dental problems. Whether it’s an uncomfortable tooth that needs a temporary fix or you’re looking to restore your smile; our denture repair kit offers an instant solution. Repair-it denture repair kit fixes broken dentures and loose teeth permanently while the Reline-it denture recliner works great for permanent and instant use.

Dentemp Repair-It Denture Repair Kit makes it simple to permanently repair your damaged or broken dentures, without having to buy a new set. Just use the easy-to-follow solution to permanently bond and reshape your dentures using UV light and gentle heat from an everyday hairdryer. No more denture repair kits with messy epoxies, no special tooling, and no expertise required, Dentemp Repair-it Denture Repair Kit is perfect for folks on the go.

Reline-it is an easy-to-use formula for your dentures. With Reline-it, you won’t have to live with uncomfortable or ill-fitting dentures. It offers the denture wearer a clean and secure fit, without clumping, shrinkage, slippage or messy adhesives. Just rinse the denture and apply the liner; it’s that easy! No special appliances, no messy water, and no high heat cycles required. It’s durable, easy to use and affordable.

Emergency denture repair is simple and affordable with Dentemp Repair-It Denture Repair Kit. If a tooth has been broken off, caps or veneers are loose, or you’ve lost a filling—it can all be fixed with our kit. You’ll even receive tools to clean your dentures in between cleanings.

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7. SmileFix Color Matching Dental Repair Kit

SmileFix Color Matching Deluxe Dental Repair Kit - Missing or broken tooth. Gaps, broken teeth filled space temporary quick & safe. Regain your confidence and beautiful smile in minutes at home!

You can fix your teeth in minutes when you need a quick repair, or create a long-lasting smile by using the matching dental adhesive. Each kit includes three sets of natural bonding resin to perfect your smile. Available in a variety of colors so your smile is guaranteed to match your own unique style. Your Smile directly impacts life’s BRIGHT Sides!

Smile again with every bite you take. Don’t let chips, cracks, or stains bring you down. Feel happier, healthier and sexier with the ultimate way to match your teeth! SmileFix Color Matching Dental Repair Kit allows for professional quality color matching inside the box – no more waiting for dental offices to make colors.

SmileFix Tooth Repair Repair Kit – It is the best false tooth cap on the market! You can now eat with your SmileFix caps. It is meant to be used in dental situations where caps are applied to broken teeth. These rubber caps are made using a proprietary technique for a perfect fit and incomparable durability with good flavor and the chewing ability for up to 6 months, thus making your lost tooth more presentable. It is lightweight, invisible and comfortable too!

SmileFix is a dental repair kit designed to match your teeth and mouth to the closest possible degree, making your smile look natural again. A breakthrough dental technology, SmileFix uses a thermoplastic blend specific to your smile for that perfect balance. Not only does it bond quickly and easily to natural healthy teeth, but it also resists alcohol and most oral chemicals without damaging the tooth structure.

SmileFix is a patented, color matching dental repair kit for children and seniors. Because it’s removable, it can be replaced at any time without having to replace the whole retainer. And it’s made of flexible and translucent material that they won’t mind wearing day in and day out.

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8. Brige Tooth Repair Filling Kit

This traditional filling kit allows you to repair your existing filling at home, or quickly return your tooth to normal oral health if you have sustained a small chip or crack to the enamel. It comes with the thermoplastic powder required for molding and casting, as well as 2 different types of colored modeling material and a sufficient quantity of each to use while repairing teeth.

Make you smile with beauty and confidence by filling in gaps of a broken or missing tooth with our all-in-one tooth repair filling kit, which can be directly bonded onto broken teeth and provide great adhesion, is easy to use, and convenient to handle; Can be custom fitted according to individual teeth depth for practicality; The kit is widely used for repairing broken teeth and has a long service life.

Say goodbye to gaps with this instant tooth repair filling kit. This easy-to-use kit has everything you need for your temporary replacement teeth and is designed to fit your mouth perfectly thanks to its moldable material. This temporary tooth, which is available in two colors, white and natural, is a realistic replacement for missing upper or lower teeth to improve your smile.

Thermal adhesive is a material that can be cured with heat, which makes it fully compatible with the air flowing during breathing. This product has been widely used in the orthodontic filling treatment and tooth repair. With it, you can use the thermal adhesive beads to fill the gaps or to make a different temporary tooth shape in different sizes for the missing ones according to your needs, then apply the veneer for a nice appearance.

9. Plate Weld Temporary Emergency Denture Repair Kit

Plate Weld Temporary Emergency Denture Repair Kit, 1 Count

If you have a broken or cracked partial or full denture, this Plate Weld Temporary Emergency denture repair kit will help hold it temporarily in place until you can get to your dentist. This convenient product is easy to use, with simple directions for how to put your denture back together again. Repairs cracks and breaks in acrylic and plastic plates.
Plate Weld lightweight temporary emergency denture repair kits are easy to use. Just trim to fit, apply the special combination of adhesives, allow it to dry and put your teeth back in place. The adhesive will hold up to 4 teeth but will not damage gums or teeth.

No one wants to be without their teeth. If you are ever without your dentures for a few days, do not worry about how to repair them. This PlateWeld Denture Repair kit includes all the materials you need for a speedy repair of your partial or full denture. This is a perfect option if you are traveling and have forgotten your full set of teeth at home!

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10. D.O.C. Repair-It Advanced Formula Denture Repair Kit

D.O.C. Repair-It Advanced Formula Denture Repair Kit 3 ea (Pack of 6)

With Repair-It Advanced Formula Denture Repair Kit, even damaged and loose dentures can be repaired and remade to look like new. This repair kit includes everything needed including: Denture Cleaning Tablets with built-in brush.

Denture Bonding Powder for improved durability, Denture Adhesive for reattaching loose teeth including canines, Denture Glue for anchoring gums in place securely when using with denture adhesive, and Lash Refill Adhesive for securing eyelashes to the denture base. This package contains enough materials to repair one full set of dental work. Repairing your dentures

We’ve all got those family members with groaning smiles and embarrassing gaps, but repairing dentures doesn’t have to mean a trip to the dentist. The Repair-It kit is designed to be used at home in a straightforward and safe way. It’s great for filling cracks, mending breaks and replacing loose teeth too, so you can fill gaps that have stretched over time.

Repair your dentures at home with Repair-it Advanced Formula. This kit is ideal for people wishing to repair their own dentures and includes everything you need to complete the job. This pack of 6 repair kits gives you extra supplies to share with friends and family, so you can all smile again.

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The team at Denture Repair Kits has already done all of the research, which is why we compiled a comprehensive list of the best Denture Repair Kits on the market at this time. As well as the questions we’ve put together, here are some of yours.

Best Denture Repair Kit Buying Guide

Best Denture Repair Kit
Denture Repair Kit

Brand Value

Each denture repair kit brand has its own unique value. There are usually some unique selling propositions that brands may have that make them distinguish themselves from their competitors.


The best denture repair kit comes with a lot of bells and whistles. It makes sense then to investigate the features for yourself. Proven technology along with a money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty are features of a good denture repair kit!

Price range

Denture Care – Repair Kits products can be found in a variety of price ranges. An inexpensive product can’t come close to matching the quality of the more expensive items. When buying a daily item, you will want something that will last for a long time and that is also of good quality. If you do not expect to use the item frequently, it is fine to invest in a midrange item.


A specification is a document that explains to someone reading it how something should work. Specifications can be clearer or leaner, longer or more detailed, but every specification has at least one thing in common: a specification describes to someone else how some of the things he already knows should relate to each other.

Product Value

When buying your next denture repair kit, you might want to consider value instead of just price. You see, denture repair kits can vary in quality from the ones that only cost a few dollars to those that cost almost $50. Some are better than others.

Customer Ratings

A lot of denture repair kits come with their own customer rating. Such a rating is always subjective rather than objective. You see, most customers are not familiar with the detailed features and applications of such a variety of denture repair kits, completely rely on others’ evaluation without further understanding, and do not have comprehensive experience.

Product Quality

Dentures are often purchased with the thought that when they wear out they can just be replaced with another pair. This idea is incorrect in some cases and mostly correct in others. While dentures can be purchased at a very low price, the value received is sometimes less than the cost of the product. In other cases, more value is received than what was paid for. Dentures should always be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Product Reliability

If you’re looking for a denture repair kit that’s going to last you for a long, then the first thing to consider is how reliable it is. This is an essential factor because it’s not enough that your kid doesn’t break right away. It mustn’t break at all. The only way to be sure of that is to choose a well-made one.

Things You Need to Know

In most cases, dentures that are broken can be repaired to look as good as new. Under the guidance of a dentist, skilled technicians carry out denture repairs in dental laboratories. The dentist should examine the denture carefully before it is sent to a laboratory and provide detailed instructions to the technician to ensure a smooth repair process.

What type of glue can be used on dentures?

Ordinary household glue is not effective in repairing broken or split dentures. When chewing forces are applied to the dentures, the glue will not hold and the denture will break again. Second breaks are often more severe than the first, and a denture could be rendered unusable altogether. Denture emergencies can occur at any time, so you should keep a spare set or an old set on hand.

Is it safe to use super glue to fix dentures?

Not at all. Superglue or other adhesives commonly found in your home should never be used to repair your dentures. It is not recommended to use super glue on any appliance that enters the mouth because it contains toxic chemicals that may cause gum inflammation.

The second problem is that the residue from the superglue can damage the surrounding area of the fractured denture and make the process of removing it more difficult. This may also cause the fit of the denture to change, the dentures to be susceptible to further damage, or to become unrepairable altogether. Due to its water-soluble nature, super glue dissolves gradually in the mouth over time when it comes in contact with saliva. Dental appliances should never be coated with super glue.


We sincerely hope you could find the best denture repair kit that fits your needs. Choosing the best denture repair kit will be reflected in its durability, cost, quality, and ability to meet your requirements. And if you are now seeking a high-quality denture repair kit at an affordable price, then this product can surely be relied upon. you should choose that item which is strongly durable, good quality and quick delivery. The price is affordable which makes the product additionally acceptable. These qualities may be the ones you’d like to consider most significantly.

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