Top 5 Best Chlorophyll Drops Reviews

Chlorophyll drops are harvested from the leaves of mulberry trees and are associated with numerous health benefits. Chlorophyll is closely related to hemoglobin, the molecule that transports oxygen in the blood. Chlorophyll helps your body get rid of toxins and regulate blood sugar levels. One of the most notable benefits of chlorophyll is its ability to help clean out your body without causing harmful side effects. Chlorophyll works by absorbing harmful substances and chemicals found in your body and then safely disposing of them through your digestive tract.

Our 5 Favorite Chlorophyll Drops

Best Chlorophyll Drops In 2022

1. Chlorophyll Liquid Drops 

Chlorophyll Liquid Drops – Energy Boost | Immune System Support | Internal Deodorant | Altitude Sickness. Premium Quality – 100% Natural, Potent, Minty Taste, 2X Absorption.
Dosage FormLiquid
Recommended Uses For ProductBoost Energy, Immune Support, Skin Health, Liver Support, Weight Loss
BrandBenevolent Nourishment
Age Range (Description)Adult
Unit Count2 Fl Oz

Boost your energy level and strengthen your immune system with Benevolent Nourishment’s Liquid Chlorophyll, a 2-in-1 formula! Our supplement contains Chlorophyllin for better body absorption, Copper to help your body absorb iron better, and Peppermint for that naturally flavorful taste. Peppermint also gives coolness to the mouth, and a refreshing feel. All these while supporting your well-being with a superb Chlorophyll formula.


  • A wide array of health benefits. This natural pigment that gives the plants its green color is known to have a wide range of health benefits to humans. From containing powerful antioxidants, promoting red and white blood cells, improving liver function, skin health, decreasing bad breath and body odor, and aiding in weight loss.* People have been using chlorophyll for its potential health benefits for many years.
  • Blood builder and liver cleanser. Chlorophyll is known to increase production and improve the quality of red blood cells and white blood cells. So what does that mean? Your white blood cells are empowered to defend you while your red blood cells efficiently carry oxygen to the rest of your body. Detoxification, on the other hand, takes place in the liver. Chlorophyll has been shown to enhance the liver’s function of eliminating bodily toxins.* A healthy liver is essential for your immune system.
  • Better absorbed by the body. Chlorophyllin, the water-soluble form derived from natural chlorophyll, is better absorbed by the body and has been observed to have consistent deodorizing effects, accelerating wound healing.
  • Common misspellings of Chlorophyll: chylorophyl, chrorophyll, clorophil, chloraphyll, cloriphyll, cholorphyll, cholorophyll, clorophyl, clorophyll

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2. Chlorophyll Liquid Drops for Immune Support

Chlorophyll Liquid Drops for Immune Support | Liquid Chlorophyll Drops | Energy Boost | Skin Care Supplement | Natural Deodorant | Vegan | Non-GMO | Gluten Free | 2 Fl Oz
Special IngredientsChlorophyll
Dosage FormLiquid
Recommended Uses For ProductSkin Health, Natural Deodorant, Liver Function, Immune Support
BrandMaryRuth Organics
Diet TypeVegan

MaryRuth’s was founded by chef, nutritional consultant and health educator MaryRuth Ghiyam. Owned and operated by MaryRuth and her mother Colleen. Based out of sunny California!

Support Overall Health With This Easy-to-Take Peppermint Flavored Liquid! It’s been found that Chlorophyll, as Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin, may help benefit the immune system and support cellular health.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


  • Overall Health: MaryRuth’s Vegan Chlorophyll Drops provide a wide array of health benefits. Formulated to promote red and white blood cells, improve liver function, skin health, decrease bad breath and body odor.
  • Liver Function & Immune Support: Chlorophyll has been shown to enhance the liver’s function, which is essential for your immune system. Unlike caffeine supplements and other stimulants, liquid chlorophyll increases energy on a cellular level for a clean, sustained energy boost from morning to night.
  • Easy-to-Take Liquid: Since our Liquid Chlorophyll Drops have a refreshing peppermint flavor, we love the way this tastes! You can dilute the entire recommended serving size (2 mL) in 16 ounces of water, or you can choose to adjust the water to chlorophyll ratio to better suit your taste buds (ex: ⅓ the recommended amount in 8 ounces of water). Some may choose to take the product directly, without diluting.
  • Enhanced Absorption: Better absorbed by the body. Chlorophyllin, the water-soluble form derived from natural chlorophyll, is better absorbed by the body and has been observed to have consistent deodorizing effects and protecting the liver from damage.
  • For Most Lifestyles: MaryRuth’s Chlorophyll Liquid Drops are Non-GMO, Vegan, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Gluten & Wheat Free, Soy Free, Nightshade Free, Sugar Free. Made in a GMP Facility. 30 servings per container.

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3. Chlorophyll Liquid Drops 

Chlorophyll Liquid Drops - Natural Concentrate – Energy Booster, Digestion and Immune System Supports, Internal Deodorant, Liver Function - 120 Servings
Dosage FormLiquid
BrandNew Age
Unit Count2 Fl Oz
Item FormDrops

After a long day at work, we could all use a healthy boost in energy. But caffeine and other supplements like dandelion root and milk thistle only cause short-term peaks that leave you feeling drained and jittery. Liquid chlorophyll is naturally powerful, energizing the body directly on the cellular level to impart a sustained sense of well-being, all while gently cleansing your system. Quite simply, it’s a healthy choice that leaves you full of light and ready to tackle the world again!


  • Chlorophyll Drops for Water – Combat the stresses of daily life and kick start your day the green way! Unlike caffeine supplements and liver cleanse supplements like dandelion root and milk thistle, liquid chlorophyll increases energy on a cellular level for a clean, sustained energy boost from morning to night.
  • Chlorophyll Liquid – Our convenient liquid drops mix easily with water to make a tasty, super concentrated “green juice” that won’t wreak havoc on your stomach. Most users report zero side effects. No bloating, nausea or stomach cramps. Your tummy will love it, and so will you!
  • Natural Deodorant – Eliminate bad odors from your body and breath. It neutralizes odor by detoxifying our blood and breaking down internal odor causing compounds. An effective body odor eliminator and bad breath treatment for men and women.
  • Detox Your Body – Keep your digestive and liver health in tip top shape. This dietary supplement helps flush out harmful toxins and gently detoxifies your intestines to help keep you regular. Relieves gas and constipation.
  • Made In The USA – We are very proud that our supplements are sourced and produced in the United States

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4. Chlorophyll Liquid Drops 6000 mg

Chlorophyll Liquid Drops 6000 mg - Premium Liquid Chlorophyll & Organic Supplement - All-in-One Antioxidant for Immune Boost, Energy Increase, Digestion Support & Fast Detox - Non-GMO, Vegan
Dosage FormLiquid
Recommended Uses For ProductBoost Energy
BrandAlpha Flow
Age Range (Description)Adult
Unit Count2.00 Fl Oz

The modern diet is not always full of greens, which are highly beneficial for your health. But we have a solution! Add a few drops of Chlorophyll into your morning water to achieve a healthier body and mind! Our green supplement is rich in antioxidants which are highly beneficial for overall well-being. It increases energy levels, boosts immunity, supports metabolic functions, and strengthens body defences. Get the essential nutrient your body needs first!

Our Chlorophyll supplement helps promote better metabolic functions and remove toxins from your body. The anti-oxidative properties of our supplement increase natural self-cleansing abilities while detoxifying the bloodstream and carrying the oxygen throughout the body. In addition to the cleanse and detox, our Chlorophyll drops aids in energy productions and helps fasten the metabolism.


  • Not all chlorophyll supplements encourage entire energy, but Alpha Flow is the one, which increases body energy levels and promotes higher metabolic functions. Instead of fast-ending caffeine drinks with an unpleasant jitter effect, try the nature power for your highest performance in and out of the gym!
  • These green drops are a great source of antioxidants, that help encourage your immunity. Our supplement works by increasing the cell defense levels, promoting strengthened responses for the outside stressors. It also protects your skin tissues from oxidation, lowering aging processes.
  • These liquid chlorophyll organic drops naturally promotes liver and lung self-cleansing abilities, as well as providing your digestive system with a gentle detox. It means, our supplement helps you eliminate all the toxins buildups from the body, allowing you to manage weight healthily.
  • Chlorophyll is a time-proven body odor eliminator for women and men of all ages! Working from the inside out, our chlorophyll supplement neutralizes unpleasant odors like body sweat and bad breath. It breaks down internal odor-causing compounds from the blood lightly detoxifying your body.
  • Alpha Flow organic chlorophyll drops help replenish all the essential nutrients and vitamins from greenery just in a dropper per day! The premium, highly BioAvailable formula promotes 6000mg of pure chlorophyll per serving, which means you get impressive benefits fast and in an easy-to-take way!

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5. Chlorophyll Liquid Drops

Chlorophyll Liquid Drops - 100% Natural Energy Booster and Immune Support - Internal Deodorant and Detox - Altitude Sickness Relief - Fast Absorption, Vegan & Non-GMO - 120 Servings(100mg)
Dosage FormLiquid
Unit Count2.00 Fl Oz

All healthy leafy greens such as spinach, kale, lettuce and more contain green pigmentation that gives plants their nourishment and life. This green pigmentation is known as chlorophyll and its antioxidant and detoxifying properties can be immensely beneficial for both plants and humans. But if you are looking to receive true benefits in just a quick few drops, you’ll need to get your hands on naturally extracted chlorophyll. But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to choose the right one. So what should you choose?


Packed with healthy antioxidants, intake of our chlorophyll extract supplement daily can be significantly beneficial for skin health and also take years of your appearance.

While presence of chlorophyll in the body reduces acne and stimulates anti-aging enzymes. It can also negate and absorb excess acidity from caffeinated beverages, metabolize alcohol faster or remove any other toxins from the body for improved vitality and longevity.


An increase in energy makes you feel active, high spirited, vibrant and motivates you to take back charge of your life and our daily dose of natural chlorophyll drops can definitely help in that regard.

Low numbers of ATP in the body can make you feel tired and drowsy. But worry not because studies show that people who consume chlorophyllin daily have increased number of chlorophyll in their cells, which cleanses the blood from toxins and accelerates the production of ATP. So what are you waiting for? Get back in control and win the day with our all natural and pure Chlorophyll drops.


Sourced from organic mulberry leaves which are grown without using harmful pesticides or modified genetically for mass food production. The chlorophyll obtained from our mulberry leaves is natural and jam-packed with beneficial nutrients and antioxidants.

Thoroughly tested and processed in USA to meet high quality GMP standards. Our pure chlorophyll drops are also Vegan, Non GMO and safe to consume.


  • Made in USA
  • Ingredients: 100mg chlorophyll (as sodium copper chlorophyllin). Other ingredients: vegetable glycerin, purified water(PH nemutral),MCT oil,natural mint extraction. Shake well before use. Take 15 drops 1 to 3 times per day, mix with water. 30 servings per container
  • Immune Support and Liver Cleanser: Liquid chlorophyll helps energy boost and has been shown to enhance liver function of detox and protect liver
  • Better Absorption and Mint Flavor: unlike capsules, tablet, powder, or pills, the water-soluble is faster absorbed and has been observed as natural deodorant that eliminates odors from your breath
  • Allergens Free: Our Chlorophyll drops are vegan, Non-GMO, sugar free, nut free, gluten free, soy free

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Benefits of Chlorophyll Drops  

As with any other nutritional supplement, chlorophyll drops are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure disease. However, those who take chlorophyll drops do so for several organic perceived benefits. 

Here are the top benefits associated with chlorophyll drops as reported by users: 

Weight Loss

After taking chlorophyll drops a significant number of users report a decrease in weight gain. Specifically, users noticed a decrease in hunger as well as improvements in their digestive regularity.  


Chlorophyll drops are often used to detox the body. It is believed that chlorophyll reduces the production of gas and toxins which occur during digestion. Mulberry leaves are also highly nutritious since they contain compounds such as calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, zinc, iron, potassium, and phosphorus. It is also believed that the powerful plant compounds that are naturally occurring in mulberry leaves offer digestive support which further detoxifies the body. 

Reduce Body Odors 

Many consumers have found chlorophyll drops to be useful for reducing body odors. 

Potential Side Effects  

In addition to the numerous benefits associated with chlorophyll drops, there are a few potentially negative side effects to keep in mind. After taking chlorophyll drops some report stomach cramps and diarrhea. Chlorophyll drops are also known to stain the teeth and tongue, especially if they are not diluted with water. Another common side effect that is often reported after using chlorophyll drops is dark green stools. 

Green Juice and Chlorophyll Drops 

Chlorophyll drops are a popular add-on to green juice. There is no official recipe for a green juice beverage. However green juices are typically made from the juices of green vegetables and are consumed for a variety of health benefits. Check out the BestReviews guide to the best juice cleanses to learn more about green juice. 

Coffee Replacement 

Many users report a boost in energy after taking chlorophyll drops. Proponents believe that chlorophyll drops are a useful replacement for coffee because they increase energy throughout the day. Unlike the energy boost some report after consuming caffeine, chlorophyll drops are thought to increase energy on a cellular level for sustained energy boosts throughout the day. 

Internal Deodorant

A few studies suggest chlorophyll may aid in alleviating body odor.

One 2004 study tested chlorophyllin in patients with trimethylaminuria (TMAU), a disorder in which the body cannot turn trimethylamine (a strong-smelling chemical in the gut) into a different chemical that doesn’t smell, resulting in a strong, fishy odor.

Patients treated with chlorophyllin had higher levels of non-smelling chemicals after treatment. Researchers concluded that chlorophyllin could be of “significant use in improving the quality of life of individuals suffering from TMAU.”

Other reports from the 1980s found that oral chlorophyllin seemed to reduce urinary and fecal odor in incontinent patients.

Wound Treatment

Doctors in the 1940s and 1950s found chlorophyllin had deodorizing effects on foul-smelling wounds when applied topically, according to the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University. Chlorophyllin was then later added to ointments used for debridement, or thorough cleaning, of wounds to reduce local inflammation and promote healing. Such ointments and sprays are available today in the U.S. by prescription.

Skin Healing

A small 2015 pilot study administered a topical gel with sodium copper chlorophyllin to 10 patients with acne and enlarged pores. After three weeks, the patients showed “statistically significant improvements” and tolerated the product well.

Another 2015 study experienced similar significant results after testing a sodium copper chlorophyllin gel on 10 patients with sun-damaged skin over the course of eight weeks.

Antioxidant and Anticancer Properties

Chlorophyll is known to hold antioxidant properties, meaning it prevents or delays oxidative cell damage. This property has been linked to potential anticancer effects, although human trials are still lacking.

A 2018 study found chlorophyll significantly reduced pancreatic cancer cells in in vivo experiments and in mice. The researchers concluded chlorophyll could “contribute to the decreased incidence of cancer among individuals who consume green vegetables.”

What to Look for in Quality Chlorophyll Drops 

Serving Size 

The recommended daily allowance for chlorophyll drops varies by manufacturer and should always be taken as directed. Typically 100mg of chlorophyll drops per serving is the recommended amount. While it is possible to take chlorophyll drops directly, many consumers prefer diluting them in a glass of water or adding them to juices or smoothies. Chlorophyll drops sold in bottles topped with a dropper that has measurement markings are especially useful for accurate serving size portions. 

Organic Chlorophyll Drops 

Typically the ingredients in a bottle of organic chlorophyll drops are grown on an organic farm. Chlorophyll can be ingested by eating plants or taking a chlorophyll supplement. Plants that are good sources of chlorophyll include green vegetables such as peas, leeks, arugula, spinach, and green beans. Wheatgrass is another plant that contains high levels of chlorophyll. In fact, organic wheatgrass shots are a popular complement to organic chlorophyll drops. To assure a brand of chlorophyll drops are 100% organic, look for manufacturers that have been certified by an accrediting agency, such as Quality Assurance International.


Flavoring is often added to chlorophyll drops to make the taste more palatable. Peppermint oil is a common flavoring for chlorophyll drops. While some do not mind the strong flavor of chlorophyll drops, others can only tolerate drops with added flavoring. Some users report an improved tolerance for the taste of chlorophyll drops as they get used to the flavors over time. 

Frequently Asking Question

What Is The Best Form Of Chlorophyll To Take?

Chlorophyllin is a water-soluble derivative of natural chlorophyll that is potentially better absorbed by the body than other forms of chlorophyll.

Are Chlorophyll Drops Really Good For You?

Is liquid chlorophyll safe? Researchers at Oregon State University’s Linus Pauling Institute found no toxic effects attributed to chlorophyllin in decades of human use. Czerwony says it appears safe when used in moderation.

Are Chlorophyll Drops Or Pills Better?

If you want to try chlorophyll, liquid supplements might be a better value because they are more easily absorbed by your body. But you should talk to your doctor before you start taking chlorophyll. “There’s no real risk of taking it, although some people report side effects like diarrhea or nausea,” says Wohlford.

How Many Drops Of Chlorophyll Should I Take A Day?

According to Oregon State University, the average dosage of chlorophyllin supplements is between 100 and 300 milligrams (mg) per day over three divided doses. Chlorophyll supplements aren’t regulated, and their doses vary. Consult with your doctor to decide whether you need them and what dosage is right for you.

How Fast Does Chlorophyll Work?

But a couple of drops of the liquid chlorophyll is more than enough to make a deliciously beneficial drink. Many people have reported a significant improvement in their skin quality within just seven days of consistently drinking this drink.


Chlorophyll supplements are excellent additions to any diet for many reasons. As a nutritional supplement, chlorophyll is full of nutrients and can impact your body in a lot of positive ways. It’s important to choose the best after checking all the factors that we see above. Look for a brand with natural sources, high potency, the lowest price, and one that comes from a reputable and trustworthy company.

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