6 Best Acupuncture Pen In 2022

Acupuncture is known as an ancient Chinese treatment that’s been around for thousands of years. It’s also used in a number of different countries, so it’s not just a Chinese method. Treating health problems using needles is called acupressure, which people use to relieve headaches, among other things. Acupuncture and acupressure are similar, but the needles are used differently. In this article, we tell you what to look for in the best acupuncture pen so you could find the right one for your needs and preferences.

Best Acupuncture Pen Reviews

1. Melonsun Acupuncture Pen

Acupuncture Pen, Stainless Steel Deep Tissue Massage Tool- Manual Acupuncture Massage Pen for Full Body Meridian Pain Relief
  • ✅ ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Cool shape design like a pen, easy to grip, non-slip. Protect your fingers from injuries while performing effective massage.
  • ✅ EASY to USE: 2 ways to use the massage tool, sliding, and pressing. Gently sliding around the eyes or cheeks etc to tighten the skin. Two round massage heads are perfect for effective pressure points to relieve tension headache and muscle aches in your hand, back, neck, shoulders, legs, and feet, etc. A large head is suitable for large muscle massage and a small head for facial muscle pulling and those hard to reach a small spot.
  • ✅ DURABLE and SAFE: Made of premium stainless steel, no plating, no oxidation. 360-degree all-round fine polishing, the massage tool surface is really smooth to touch and cares for your skin. Easy to wash and dry to keep the tool clean and sanitary.
  • ✅ WIDELY USED: Suitable for people with excessive using eyes or eyestrain, massage to reduce dark circles; face scraping, massage, and lifting; people who are sedentary, sub-healthy, fitness, etc., to massaging hands, feet, and whole body to relieve soreness and pain. Physical therapists can use it to provide professional services for their customers and reduce the burden on their fingers. It can also be used by all muscle ache and fatigue people and athletes to massage and relax their muscles.
  • 😊 SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Our #1 priority is your happiness. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our products, our customer support service will be available 24/7, and we will respond to any questions or concerns promptly, and make things right. Just send us a message.

Melonsun Acupuncture Pen is cool shape design like a pen, easy to grip, non-slip. Protect your fingers from injuries while performing effective massage. Benefit: This tool can work in 8 different ways of course, and they are all good for body care. It is suitable for the family or home use, easy to use and long lifespan, face pulling, wrinkle removal, massage for the relief treatment for neck pain and the fast relief for muscle soreness.

What are the benefits of pulling tendons on the face?

Face tendon pulling is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment method. The operation method is to clean the face first, then give a moisturizing mask, and finally perform facial acupoint massage, including acupoints such as the back of the ball, Yuyao, and Tinggong. By pulling tendons, it can unblock the qi and blood, dredge the meridians, promote the excretion of deep toxins, accelerate the metabolism of the skin, thereby making the skin firmer, enhance facial contours, and be more elastic and shiny. What’s more, it can also eliminate fatigue and improve the function of the spleen and stomach.

Facial Tendon Technique

Use the “Z” shape technique

  1. Move from the chin to the earlobe
  2. From the corner of the mouth to the ear
  3. From (Yingxiang Point) Nose to Temple
  4. Move from the inner corner of the eye to the temple
  5. From (Cuanzhu) eyebrows through (Yuyao) eyebrows to (Sizhu) eyebrows, and finally to temples
  6. From Yintang (between the two eyebrows) to the front hairline

Precautions for tendons:

  • Do not pulling tendons when you are hungry or overeat.
  • After pulling the tendons, drink warm water to add moisture to facilitate detoxification, and excretion through urine or sweat.
  • Skin allergies, skin diseases, cancer patients, diabetics, and pregnant women should avoid pulling tendons.
  • Observe the state of the skin and adjust the strength of the operation. The normal strength is as the strength of a painter holding a brush to draw a sketch.

2. Zeerkeer Electronic Acupuncture Pen for Pain Relief

Acupuncture Pen 3-in-1 Electronic Acupuncture Pen for Pain Relief, Powerful Meridian Energy Pulse Massage Pen, Includes Massaging Gel
  • ★【Three Massage Heads】: Our 3-in-1 Electronic Acupuncture Massage Pen comes with 3 unique head. Dome Type Head for facial muscle rejuvention and health care; Node Type Head for partial body pains; Spheroidal Type Head for for quickly alleviating pain.
  • ★【Nine Power Levels】: Our laser acupuncture pen contains nine different power levels. You can adjust to the proper level of energy based on different treatment need, when you feel a strong pulse by tipping the acupuncture pen around your body, that means you have found the acupuncture points.
  • ★【Heals through Massage】: Meridian Energy Pen works based on the principles of magnets therapy as well as on acupuncture points. Phenomenon like "Electrical Stimulation" "Acupuncture Sensation", it is how electronic Meridian Pen works, please do not worry.
  • ★【User Friendly】: It is aportable hand held device, which is exceptionally easy to use and carry. It has a digital display that simply press the start button to increase or decrease the strength of the electric pulse. It will be very helpful for pain relief and muscle relaxation.
  • ★【Safe and Portable】: Operated by one 2 AA battery (Not Included). Safe and effective, with no side effects. Suitable for family use. Please contact with us if there has any problems or questions.

Zeerkeer Electronic Acupuncture Massage Pen for Pain Relief is the most versatile and handiest massager for helping you with your various aches and pains. With 3 dome-shaped, node and spheroidal massage heads, it will relieve tension or constant pain from joints, muscles, and sore skin. You can use it to treat muscle fatigue or tightness in your neck, shoulder, or back. It is perfect for those who often suffer from stiff neck, shoulder pain, numb shoulders, or achy backs.

Nine different power levels

Our laser acupuncture pen contains nine different power levels. You can adjust to the proper level of energy based on different treatment needs.

Includes Massaging Gel

Put a small amount of contact gel on your skin. (Using the contact gel during use can reduce discomfort, you can also use the massage oil or lotion instead)

Three Massage Heads bring you different feelings

  • Dome Massage Head—–This massage head can helps in resolving health issues and in skin beautification.
  • Node Massage Head—–This massage head can helps in alleviating the partial body pains.
  • Spheroidal Massage Head—–This massage head can helps in alleviating the pain quickly from any body part.

3. Extguds 5-Head Electronic Acupuncture Pen

Acupuncture Super Set: 5-Head Electronic Acupuncture Pen + Gua Sha Tool + 600 Ear Seeds + Retractable Acupuncture Pen + 4 x Extra Massaging Gel + Tweezers + Chart + Batteries (Acupuncture SuperSet)
  • 【Super Set INCLUDES】: 5-head Electronic Acupuncture Pen + 4 x Massaging Gel + Gua Sha + Jade Roller + 600 Counts Ear Seeds + Extra Retractable Acupuncture Pen + Tweezers + Acupressure Chart + User Manual + 2 x AA Batteries
  • 【SUPER SET】:- Contains all the acupuncture and Chinese acupoint massage products you need. Electronic acupuncture pens can quickly relieve pain and relax muscles.And you can use ear seeds to treat your body and improve your health
  • 【ELECTRONIC ACUPUNCTURE PEN】:- Comes with 4 additional replaceable acupuncture heads,contains 9 different power levels to reduce pain, boost your mood, relax, improve your skin condition, and prevent premature aging.4 gels are included in the package.The device power by one AA battery (2 AA batteries included)
  • 【GUA SHA KIT】:- Made of 100% natural premium jade stone.By applying pressure to specific areas of the body or face and scraping the stone up or down on the skin,you can increase lymphatic drainage,move stagnant energy
  • 【EAR SEEDS KIT】:- Includes 600 counts ear seeds,retractable copper probe and stainless steel tweezer.Contains one clearly illustrated graphic 31-in chart detailing auriculotherapy points

The Extguds 5-Head Electronic Acupuncture Pen is the first choice for an acupressure-controlled device. The 5 heads (2 large round needles, 2 short needles, and 1 spike needle) can be used to improve deep and mild acupressure according to your condition. The 2 large round and 2 small needles at the top are able to stimulate nerve endings in the skin and penetrate into muscles effectively.

In addition, the acupuncture pen can be used with ear seeds as a direct attachment. The tweezers will help you remove them when they’re in pain. Additionally, the gua sha and jade roller with bristles can help improve the microcirculation of blood through the skin so that it can recover better. Happy customers are our best advertisers! We hope you will share your experience with us!

Get Immediate Pain Relief

Sends stim impulses through the skin that stimulate the nerve in the acupoints, acting as an electric massager, and calming the nerve.

Needleless Acupuncture

No needles are involved, so there is no skin piercing. Suitable for novices, simple and safe.

Alternative Treatment

The Electronic Acupuncture Pen has no side effects, great for treating acute and chronic physical pain caused by sciatica, migraine, rheumatism, arthritis, osteoporosis, sports injuries, and muscle, joint and back pains.

4. Xtreme Electric Acupuncture Magnet Therapy Massage Energy Pen

Xtreme Electric MERIDIANS Laser Acupuncture Magnet Therapy Massage Energy Pen Massager 1AA Battery(not Included)
  • When using the pen you will feel the EFFECT in your HAND (there are many acupoints in the hand) as it uses it as a ground pole to complete the circuit. SIMPLY you have to change your grip slightly or grip the device with more of your hand surface to disperse the effect.
  • With frequent use of this electronic back massager you will be able to reduce pain, boost your mood, relax, improve your skin condition, and prevent premature aging. A fusion of modern high-quality massage pen, good for health promotion. Simple operation, easy to carry. Safe and effective, with no side effects.
  • Dome-shaped head, mainly used for facial muscle repair and health care, node-shaped head is specially used for node treatment, can be applied to local parts of the body, spherical head can quickly relieve pain, and work effectively relieve pressure.
  • Safe and effective, with no side effects. It works on partial body parts, and spheroidal type head applicable for quickly alleviating pain, work efficiently to relieve the tension.
  • Cases of gel (NOT INCLUDED ) The role of the gel is to relieve the irritation of the machine and skin contact, no special effect. You can use your home massage cream, lotion, aloe Vera cream, etc. instead of gel, the same effect.

Xtreme Electric Back Massager provides a four in one effect. It is an electronic acupoint device for self-use and a magnet-dynamic massage shiatsu professional back massager at the same time. The massager pen can be used to massage almost all areas of the body and relieve stiffness, lumbar pain, shoulder pain, neck tension and other related diseases. Great accessory for office workers, teachers, singers and dancers, drivers, gymnasts and people who are at desk jobs or on their feet all day.

5. Better Angel Electronic Acupuncture Pen Massager Machine

Electronic Acupuncture Pen Massager Machine - Acupuncture Massage Pen Tools for Back Pain Ache Relief, Meridian Energy Acupuncture Pen Rechargeable Facial Ear, Acupoint Massage Pen Deep Tissue
  • 【Rechargeable Needleless Acupuncture Pen】- There are no needles involved, so there is no skin piercing. Simply press the pen to the affected areas and it will release an electric pulse to massage the meridian and acupuncture points in your body for pain relief
  • 【Alternative Meridian Energy】- The Electronic Acupuncture Pen has no side effects. With frequent use of this electronic back massager pen you will be able to reduce pain, boost your mood, relax, improve your skin condition, and prevent premature aging.
  • 【Smart Search Points】- The electric acupuncture pen trigger point massager is a proven method for the pain relife, Auto-detection of meridian energy points, adjustable sensitivity, intensity and frequency controls. The effectiveness is back by both Chinese traditional medicine and western science. Acupuncture pen with 2 massage head: Electronic acupuncture pen use 2 probe,1.Big for body or Beauty probe for face.2.Small for ear & head.
  • 【Portable Massage Pen】- The Electronic Acupuncture Pen is lightweight and fits easily in your pocket, bag, or pouch. Use it while traveling or just for a long day at work, where you'll need relief from your pain. A fusion of modern high-quality massage pen, good for health promotion. Simple operation, easy to carry. Safe and effective, with no side effects.
  • 【After-Sale Service】- We are a factory focusing on researching acupuncture products for 20 years. Our products have a lot of sales, but we pay more attention to the effects and feelings that products bring to customers. The quality of the product is at the price. I believe that our products will satisfy you. If you have Any dissatisfaction, you can contact us at any time, we have a 24-hour customer Returns and exchanges, etc service for you.

Better Angel Electronic Acupuncture Pen Massager Machine is a state of the art, multi-functional device designed to relieve pain. When you’re in doubt about what’s causing low back pain, upper back and neck pain, headache, joint pain or muscle stiffness and soreness, try the electronic acupuncture pen first. Though there are no proven effective treatments for fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis, many patients have found success with this pain relief massager.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent acupoint detection.
  • Star treatment by one button.
  • Have sound signal and the display screen when locating acupuncture point
  • Easy to carry, easy to operate.Pocket doctor, portable meridian experts.
  • Buzzer and high NUMERICAL for successful acupuncture point location.

6. Winnes Electronic Acupuncture Pen

Acupuncture Pen Electronic Accupressure Pen, USB Rechargeable Pain Relief Electric Meridians Energy Pen Massager Pen Pain Relief Massage Tool with 3 Massage Heads & 2 Massage Gel
  • ♥【3 in 1 Acupuncture Pen】--- Dome type head for facial muscle rejuvenation and health care mainly, Node Type Head-specializes in node and works on partial body parts, and spheroidal type head for quickly alleviating muscle pain, work efficiently to relieve the tension.
  • ♥【Nine Intensity Mode】--- You can adjust to the proper level of energy based on different need, when you feel a strong pulse by tipping the acupuncture pen around your body, that means you find the acupuncture points.
  • ♥【USB Rechargeable Electric Massage Pen】--- Built-in rechargeable 450 mAh Li-ion battery, no need to replace battery. Can work continuously for 3-4 hours when fully charged. Ergonomic handle design, simple operation, easy to carry.
  • ♥【 Acupuncture pen for Pain Relief】--- Massage pen works based on the meridian dredging as well as on acupuncture points, simple massage on your muscles will be very helpful when it comes to constant muscle tension, chronic physical pain.
  • ♥【Safe and effective】--- Safe and effective, with no side effects. Great gift for families and friends. It works on partial body parts, and spheroidal type head for quickly alleviating pain, work efficiently to relieve the muscle tension.
MaterialMetal, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Power SourceBattery Powered

The Winnes Electronic Acupuncture Pen is carefully designed for facial muscle rejuvenation, body shaping and health care. The dome and node are clinically used for facial muscle rejuvenation and neck shoulder, chest abdomen, and hip fat waste; the spheroidal is mainly used for pain relief, especially in the back and neck. The multi-mode design provides nine different modes, which can meet different needs effectively.

Electric acupuncture pointer therapy without piercing the skin to do acupuncture!

The meridian pen is a high-tech electronic product based on the combination of TCM meridian theory and modern bioengineering technology.

It can stimulate the skin flexibly, activate the skin tissue, prevent skin to be sagging and aging, loosens frozen muscles, and relieve muscle pain. Makes you look young and refreshed.

It is a great product for our daily beauty and health care.

Warm Tips:

The electric acupuncture pen trigger point massager stimulates the skin flexibly by electrical pulses.

These feelings like “Electrical Stimulation” and “Acupuncture Sensation”, it is how the electronic Meridian Pen works, please do not worry. Please start the lowest level on the body and facial area so that you can gradually get used to it from a lower level. Use 1-2 times a day, 10-15 minutes each time, 10 days a cycle.

When holding the pen, different people feel different level, people with tender hands or wet hands will feel stronger. And according to the proportion of holding the pen with the hand, the level you find will be different.

Buying Guide For Best Acupuncture Pen

Acupuncture vs. acupressure: which is better?

Though they both derive from Eastern medicine, it’s crucial to know the difference between acupuncture and acupressure, as well as the instruments needed for each.

Acupuncture is a technique for stimulating energy pathways, also known as meridians, by putting needles into certain regions of the body. Your central nervous system is then stimulated, releasing chemicals into your muscles, spinal cord, and brain. This procedure can aid in the restoration of balance in your body’s mental and physical healing capacities.

Acupuncture is used to treat a wide range of health concerns in addition to muscle pain. Migraines, headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, infertility, anxiety, and depression sufferers have experimented with this approach of pain relief. You’ll need to conduct some study and possibly find a licensed practitioner to help you with your unique needs to get the most out of acupuncture treatment.


Because it works on your body’s energy pathways, it’s comparable to acupuncture. There are no needles involved in this treatment, unlike acupuncture. Massage therapists and bodyworkers, on the other hand, apply pressure to specific sections of the body in order to release endorphins and increase circulation to troublesome areas. In contrast to acupuncture, acupressure items are readily available to the general public. Acupressure mats, for example, can help with pain and stress in the body and are a good place to start if you’re interested in learning more about this practice.

Treatment at home vs. treatment by a professional

If you’re new to acupuncture and acupressure, it’s a good idea to seek the advice of a trained practitioner before attempting to utilize these techniques on your own. The hazards of acupuncture treatment are relatively low if you schedule an appointment with a certified acupuncturist, and the same is true for acupressure therapists. Once you understand what’s causing your pain and where to focus your attention, you’ll be better prepared to use these techniques in the comfort of your own home.

What are the uses of acupuncture pens?

Acupressure and acupuncture are combined in a hybrid gadget called an acupuncture pen. Acupuncture pens, unlike traditional acupuncture, do not use needles. Instead, it stimulates acupressure points with electrical impulses. It’s a fantastic choice for anyone who is frightened of needles but still wants to learn about acupuncture’s benefits.

While some people feel that different acupuncture pens are more effective for certain problems, the majority of high-quality acupuncture pens promise to offer all-encompassing treatment alternatives. As a result, finding a pen made exclusively for neck and shoulder pain can be difficult. Acupuncture pens aren’t a one-size-fits-all tool because of the complexity of our bodies.

Features of an acupuncture pen for neck and shoulder discomfort

Wireless, rechargeable, and portable

The majority of acupuncture pens are compact and light, making them easy to carry along when you’re on the go. Most pens don’t require any wiring and can be used without being plugged in. Some acupuncture pens run on batteries, while others use a USB charger.

Various levels of intensity

Most acupuncture pens have multiple intensity levels, and depending on your condition or injury, you may experience varying levels of comfort. Users can select low, medium, or high pressure depending on their preferences, creating a unique experience.

Heads for massaging

The majority of acupuncture pens feature a variety of massage functions. Dome type, node type, spheroidal, tapping, and pulsating are a few examples.

Bottom Line

Why do people choose the best acupuncture Pen for removing back pain? There are some major reasons for this. Firstly, the pen is good for pain relief. The mechanism of the Acupuncture Pen is to stimulate the pressure points so that it can relax your muscle and tendon which are sore after a period of exercise at work or in sports. And, it’s also convenient in usage. Secondly, as we all know that when you get hurt or have muscle pain, you don’t want to be bothered by anyone around you, but Acupuncture Pen will make you feel comfortable because nobody can tell you’re using it if they don’t look at you. If you want to relieve muscle pain in privacy, an electrical Acupuncture Pain Relief Pen should be a good choice.

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