Tiffany & Co. Manhassett New York

10,780 Square Feet

A variation of the successful rebranding of the Tiffany Flagship store executed in Shanghai, China, this project refines, and further broadens, the brand platform to address domestic mall locations.

The expanded footprint for Manhasset Plaza, the premier mall location and one the most profitable Tiffany stores in the United States, needed to create a luxurious shopping experience, while handling an incredibly large volume of customers, and appropriately showcasing all Tiffany merchandise categories—from lavish estate jewelry to charms and key chains.

Conceived as an enfilade of gracious rooms—each zone has its own character, yet reinforces the overarching brand language—the partii allows for a focus on each of the assortments, while providing the customer with shopping ease.

An exclusive, highly considered, customer service department, provides each customer unprecedented privacy to discuss individual needs within a setting of ease and comfort. Also included are lavish state-of-the-art VIP rooms replete with backlit, full-spectrum, chromatic mirrors that allow each jewel—diamonds, rubies and emeralds alike to shine at their finest brilliance.

Full of texture, pattern, whimsy—and an emphasis on the Tiffany blue palette, the design both cherishes the rich heritage of the Tiffany brand, while bringing a fresh, exciting and dynamic approach.

Tiffany & Co. Manhassett New York