Ann Taylor Concept National

4,000 Square Feet

This national retail concept introduces a fresh and exciting new direction for Ann Taylor that maintains the brand’s core values of modern femininity, beauty, style and function.

The challenge was to create a forward-looking, yet welcoming, retail identity to attract a broader patron base, while still retaining the brand’s core customer. From the store’s façade to its fitting rooms, the design invokes a sense of modernity, excitement and ease.

The total experience begins at the exterior, where seamless oversized windows reveal the light-colored interior and beckon customers into an exciting environment. A central, dramatic runway of mannequins greets shoppers and guides them through the entire depth of the store. Mannequin groups carefully correspond to subtly defined merchandise bays that allow different collections to be displayed in comprehensible zones without obstructing sightlines or the overall expanse. Within these zones, clothing collections are housed in individual bays lined with softly gleaming creamy-white lacquer, satin brushed nickel trim and backed with pearlescent frosted glass.

The result of the zoned layout is a stimulating yet easy experience that presents the clothing in an innovative manner that both leads and informs the customer on a sensory journey.

The path continues to the accessory and cash-wrap area, the centrally-located heart of the space, adorned with elegant furniture and area rugs to underscore a luxurious residential tone. This warm atmosphere is enhanced by an intimate boudoir-like antechamber, replete with a three-way mirror, lounge seating and a glamorous chandelier. It acts as both a semi-private try-on area and an opportunity to merchandise intimate apparel.

The store, with its warm, welcoming design and elegant details, is stylishly tailored to today’s American woman and is a beautiful reflection of the Ann Taylor brand.

Ann Taylor Concept National